And You Think You Have Problems

The Date

The first place Jacob took Lindsay was to a fancy resturant for a late supper. Jacob got a juicy, medium rare t-bone steak with poutine. Lindsay got chicken fettichini alfredo with a salad. They had wine and later shared a hot-fudge sundae.

Then later they went to Venus Video to get some movies. They got The Notebook, Superbad and Knocked Up. They had finally watched all three and it was now 2:30 AM. Jacob looked Lindsay right in the eye.

"Do you want to?"


Lindsay grabbed a condom out of her purse and handed it to Jacob. Jacob smirked.

"Im going to get changed."


Then five minutes later they started having sex. They were sweating bullets. After they were done they're twenty-seven minutes of pleasure. Then Jacob got out of bed and turned the hot shower on. Then before he jumped in he turned to Lindsay and said with the dorkiest voice ever...

"Hey Linds. Let's save water. Shower with me."

Lindsay giggled and jumped out of bed and got in the shower with him. They were in the middle of showering when Jacob jumped out and ran outside, still naked, to see the fresh, crystal white snow. He screamed..

"Haha bitches! Snow at last."

He picked up some snow and made two snowballs and carefully ran back in the house, and threw the snowballs at Lindsay. Lindsay laughed as she said..

"It's snowing?"

"Hell ya'."

Then Lindsay smirked as she pushed Jacob to the wall and kissed him passionatley.

"You make me so hot, you make me wanna drop, your so fabulous, your so good to me, baby, baby..."

Sang Lindsays cell phone. Chase had changed Lindsay's ringer again to Hot by Avril Lavigne, her least favorite song. She jumped out of the shower, grabbed her purse, unzipped it and reached in and got her cell. It was a text message from Clea. It said..

"Hey bitch. How are things going? I hope good. Call me soon. Maybe we can do something tomorrow. Anyways, have a splendid night. Oh, and by the way, use a condom. ; ) Night bitchy. xo."

Clea was Lindsay's bestfriend. She also had black hair, but she had brown highlights in it. She had hazel eyes and was also punk. Clea and Lindsay tell eachother everything so Clea knew all about the date with Jacob.

Then Lindsay crawled in bed with Jacob where he was waiting for her. He held her close. Then he wispered in her ear..

"I love you."

She kissed his nose and replied...

"I love you too baby!"

Then they went to sleep.
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