Everything I Ask For

Get boozled.

I folded my last shirt, which happened to be a Glamour Kills shirt, and stuffed it in my large suitcase. As I zipped the suitcase shut, I heard a knock on my door. “Come in!”

The door opened and in walked no other than Caleb Turman, my best friend since we met at a local coffee shop. I had actually met Jonathan first out of the band since we had attended the same school since kindergarten. I was the one who introduced Caleb and Jonathan, and then the three of us became friends, and then Caleb introduced Austin, and vice versa with Kyle, Marc, and Kent. Thus forming the talented band, Forever the Sickest Kids. I guess you could say I’m the reason these crazy guys met and formed. Anyways, back to Caleb. He smiled at me slightly and said, “Hey Gabs, you ready?”

He was referring to my suitcase packing. I was going with the band on the road during the Bamboozle tour. I was so excited because All Time Low, Boys Like Girls, The Maine, The Ready Set, and my good friend Cady Groves were joining the boys on the big stage.

I smiled brightly at him. “Yeah, I’m ready.” Caleb grabbed one of my suitcases and walked out the door and down the stairs. I looked out my bedroom window to see a large bus in my driveway, and a boy jumping up and down like a five year old. I giggled at the sight of my dear friend, Kent. I grabbed my last suitcase and ran out my door. I shut the door behind me, and I heard a group of yells.


I ran toward the boys and hugged them. “Are you ready to get boozled or what?” Kyle asked me, smiling like a maniac. I smiled back and nodded. “Let’s go! ATL is on the bus waiting for their bus to get here, come on!”

I stepped onto the bus, with all the boys behind me, and came face to face with the members of All Time Low. This was my first time meeting any of the ATL boys, so of course this was a little intimidating. My eyes locked on Alex. Gosh, he is so much hotter in person. I think he saw me staring, because he started smirking at me. I quickly looked away as the boys introduced me. “Guys, this is out best friend Gabrielle.” I smiled and said, “Hi, nice to meet you all.”

I kept seeing Alex staring at me, and I think Caleb noticed, because he grabbed my hand and pulled me over to the set of bunks in the middle of the bus. “Now, these are our bunks, and this-“ He stopped for a moment and pulled me over to the back of the bus, and I saw two doors. He motioned me to the right one, and when I opened it, I saw a nice bed, a set of drawers, and a small shelf. I sighed at the sight. It was nice. “This is your room.”

“Caleb, this is way too much. How about you take this room?” He smirked the same smirk that Alex had just given me.

“How about no?” I sighed, knowing we would never agree. I hugged him tightly and whispered in his ear, “This tour is going to be so much fun.”

He whispered back, “I know. A whole summer with the prettiest girl I know, what is better than that?” I smirked. Caleb always said cute little comments like that.

I always had a tiny crush on Caleb. I mean, who wouldn’t? He was adorable, sweet, super talented, and a great listener. But I never planned on telling him how I felt. He could have anyone, why have me? After getting settled in my room, Caleb and I walked out to find all the boys sitting on the couch watching Jack and Jonathan go against each other in Guitar Hero. “Are you all ready?” Marc asked, putting his arm around my shoulder. I nodded, and then I went back to look at my house one more time. “I’ll see you in two weeks, home.” We would be stopping back in Dallas in just two weeks for a show.

After locking my door and locking my car one last time, I walked back to the bus, and as I walked up the couple small steps, I bumped into someone. I looked up to see no other than Alex Gaskarth. I gulped, and said, “I’m sorry, my bad.” I was about to walk around him when he grabbed my arm and said, “No, my bad. See you around, beautiful.” After that, he walked off and went to his own bus, which I noticed was now right next to the FTSK bus. He turned around and winked at me with a big smirk before walking into his bus. I felt the blush on my cheeks as I walked into the bus. All six FTSK boys were sitting and looking at me. I noticed Caleb was looking at me with sadness and hurt, while the rest had smirks on there faces. I guess they had watched what had just gone on with Alex and I. I decided to play it cool. “What?” Kyle looked at me. “Alex totally just flirted with you!”

I laughed. “No he didn’t!” Caleb got up and walked into the back lounge. All the boys noticed like me and sighed. Now they all looked sad. I scrunched my nose in confusion and asked, “What’s wrong?”

I saw all the boys look at each other, as if they were trying to decide something. Finally, Marc sighed and said, “Caleb is like, in love with you Gabs.” My stomach was filled with butterflies as he said that. “And to see Alex flirting with you kind of makes him think he doesn’t have a chance.”

“How do you know that he thinks he doesn’t stand a chance?” I asked.

This time, Kyle answered. “We saw the look on his face when Alex first saw you, when he flirted with you, and when he got up and walked away. He’s jealous, Gab.”

Caleb Turman, who is usually the most cocky person ever, is jealous? This can’t be right. I mean, I always knew Caleb and I had feelings for each other, but I always thought they were supposed to just stay to ourselves, never told to anyone.

I had just one question left to ask. But it wasn’t for the five boys in front of me, it was for a jealous red head who I knew I had some feelings for. I walked towards the back of the bus, and stopped at the two doors. The right was my bedroom, and the left was what we all deciced to call ‘the chillout’. I opened the door and saw Caleb sitting on the floor, his guitar in hand, strumming notes slightly. When I shut the door behind me he looked up and his eyes widened, and he set his guitar down to the couch on the side. I walked over to him and saw down next to him, and the silence was about to kill me. Finally he spoke, “So, what’s up?”

I rolled my eyes and turned to face him. “’What’s up?’ Let’s see, I’ve got a whole bus of guys thinking someone I just met likes me, my best friend looks sadder than ever, and I’m just…so confused. What’s going on with you, Caleb?”

Caleb just sighed and said, “Great, they told you, huh?”

I sighed and nodded. “Yeah, they did.” I knew what he meant. He looked down and sighed. “Sorry I ruined our friendship.” I looked at him shocked. “What are you talking about, Caleb?”

“I like you, and you don’t. Our whole friendship is completely awkward now. I just lost my best friend, I’m so-“ Before Caleb could finish his sentence, my lips connected with his. It took him a while, but he started kissing back. I smiled into the kiss. I’ve always wanted to know what it was like to kiss Caleb, and now I know. It felt amazing.

We finally released, and he smiled. “That was nice.”

I smiled back, “I like you too, Caleb. For a long time now, actually.”

He smiled and pressed his forehead against mine. “So.”


I frowned. This was pretty awkward. Caleb noticed, and he moved away from me and said, “Maybe that wasn’t a good idea.”

I sighed and nodded in agreement. “Maybe it wasn’t.”

Even thought deep down I knew it was right, I just agreed with him. He got up and took out his hand so he could help me up. I got up and I smiled at him. He smiled back and said, “Friends?”

I faked a smile and said, “Best friends.”

This was going to be a long summer.
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BTW, I know The Maine ISN'T on this year's Bamboozle tour, but in this story they are :)

Oh, and expect more Alex in the next chapter! and some yummy John Ohhh ;)