Everything I Ask For

Don't be stupid.

Caleb slammed his head against his pillow as he sat in his bunk. He didn't want John around Gabby. She was his girl, and no one else was going to take her away. Sure, right now things were a little awkward, but he didn't care. He loved Gabby, he needed her. Kissing her felt amazing, despite the awkwardness afterwards. It was only so awkward because they'd been friends for so long they didn't know what to do. He screwed up, bad.

He heard someone open and close the bus door and when he poked his head out, he saw Jonathan. He smiled at his best friend, and said, "Hey, who was at the door?"

"Alex, he was looking for Gab."

Anger rose in Caleb. Not my girl, he thought. "Why can't everyone just back off her?" Caleb asked, "She's my girl, she always has been."

But I knew her first, Jonathan thought, she was mine first. Of course Jonathan couldn't say it out loud, not to Caleb. Gabby did mean a lot to them both. 

Caleb sighed. "I just need to sleep it off, wake me up before the show."

Jonathan nodded and left his friend in peace. He loved Gabby just as much as Caleb did, he just wanted to hold her and kiss her, and say how much he really did love her. 

But there was always going to be something in the way. Caleb. Even if John and even Alex weren't in the picture, Caleb would never give up. He would always try to win her over. Which is why everyday Jonathan lost more and more faith in him and Gab being together. 

At least he still had some faith, still. It was enough to keep him going. Enough to get him to never give up or stop believing.


"Hello?" Kenny said again, before closing the bus door and turning back to John and Jared. "It was no one,"

"Someone probably accidentally knocked on the wrong bus," Jared said, looking down at his phone. John was staring at the wall, thinking. 

Gabby was the only thing on his mind. Her pretty brown eyes, wavy brunette hair, and that smile. God did that smile kill him. Then his mind went to Caleb, and he frowned. How could she be friends with him? He was such a jerk two years ago, and he still was.

"John, John, JOHN!"


Jared spoke softer when he said, "We're going to eat, you coming?"

John nodded. "Yeah, sure," He needed to get his mind off Gabby for a while, and just relax, and enjoy tour.

As the three boys walked to where a snack table was set up, he saw them. Gabrielle and Alex, side by side, laughing and smiling like idiots. So much for getting her off his mind. It was almost impossible now that they were walking this way. When Alex and John made eye contact, John gave him the typical head nod. They were friends, pretty good friends too. Alex, however, quickly started walking the other way with Gabby on his side. Why would he not say hello? Did he do something wrong?

"What's up with Gaskarth?" He asked his friends, grabbing one of the sandwiches that were laid out. 

Kenny looked in the direction Alex had gone and said, "I think Jack said something about Alex liking her,"

John's eyes widened. Alex too? This was all becoming ridiculous. 

John threw the sandwich that was in his hand in the trash and started walking in the direction Alex and Gabby went. "John, where are you going?"

"I'm going to have a little talk with Gaskarth,"

"Don't do anything you'll regret, John," Jared said, "Don't be stupid."

"I won't," 

It was John, though. If anyone knew him, they knew he was bound to say something he'll regret.
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I decided to do a Johnish chapter instead because his birthday (even though it was yesterday)

Next chapter will have Caleb :3