Of Confidence


She could feel the pain radiating throughout her bones, making her whole being tremble from agony. "Where the hell is he, Kennedy?" Melanie asked, not even bothering to hide her hostile tone.

"He, uh, there was an interview he had to do," he replied, and Melanie could tell that it was just another poor excuse.

"Oh," she replied shortly. She couldn't hide that she was upset, and even if she did Kennedy would see through the facade.

Melanie felt detached. She wasn't being herself, and she knew it; Kennedy knew it. She needed John. She needed to see his smile and feel his warm embrace around her. She needed to know that she still had him as her best friend. But, when Kennedy Brock walked through her door, her entire world crashed down on her head.

Every hope she had in love fell out the window, and all she could think of now was trying to escape the cage that John had her trapped in for so long. She wanted to escape him so that she could forget him.

Melanie looked at Kennedy, giving him a counterfeit grin, "Well, good, now I get to see you."

She wrapped her arms tightly around his waist as she stood up from her bed. His arms held her securely, somehow calming her thoughts. Maybe Kennedy was exactly what she needed.

He pulled away from her, took a step away, and looked into her eyes. His smile was small, showing his worry and disappointment from Melanie's reaction to him. She watched as his eyes traveled every curve of her body, all the way from her manicured toes to her perfectly placed hair. "You, gorgeous, Melanie," he said softly, his eyes never stopping the way they were looking at her body. It was as if he was lost in a city that held three billion people, and her body was the map. Kennedy finally turned his eyes to her baby blues and he gave her an awed grin. "I mean, absolutely amazing. Just, wow, Melanie."

She couldn't help the blush that was creeping its way up the back of her neck and onto her sun kissed cheeks. She nervously turned her gaze away from him, before letting her eyes flicker back. "You look very handsome as well, Kennedy."

She smiled a real smile as she realized the truth of this. He wore black dress pants that his purely white dress shirt was tucked into. His vest was a dark blue that flawlessly matched her dress, and he wore a black and blue striped tie. His hair was pushed up messily on the top of his head, to look as if he hadn't even cared to do it when Melanie knew he spent at least twenty minutes on the style, and a small blush permanently rested on his cheeks. "Well, I try." He smiled while holding out his arm, "Shall we?"

She hooked her arm with his. "We shall."

They walked down the stairs arm in arm, and Melanie watched as her mother had a minor heart attack. She gushed for at least twenty minutes about how gorgeous they looked together, and took over three dozen pictures before letting them exit the house and go to their limo.

"So, how have you been, Melanie?" Kennedy asked, as he sat down next to her on the sparkling black leather of the limo's seats.

"I've been good. How's the tour going?"

"It's so amazing! I mean the energy..and we have fans, Melanie! Fans! It's so awesome..." he began rambling. "We all wish you could be there."

"Me too, you have no idea."

If she was with them now none of this would have happened. She wouldn't have had sex with John. She wouldn't constantly stare out her bedroom window into his empty room, or stare at her phone waiting for her 'best friend' to call. She wouldn't feel totally alone.

"I have a surprise for you," Kennedy said, smiling.

"I swear if you got a room key!" Melanie joked. Being here with Kennedy made her relax. He made her feel comfortable again, even though she was still an emotional mess.

Kennedy laughed and his smile widened as he pulled one plane ticket out of his pocket. It was to fly her to London for the last week of the boy's tour the day she graduated.

"Awe! Kennedy, you didn't have to!" she said excitedly.

"I didn't..." He started, "John did."

He watched her hesitantly, not knowing what her emotions would show. Kennedy knew John hadn't called her since he'd left, and he knew she wasn't taking it well.

"Oh," Melanie said, her face free of any emotions. "How far is away is this again?"

"You graduate in a month," Kennedy replied.

Melanie tried to be mad at John, but she couldn't. She appreciated the step he had taken, maybe he just needed another month until he could face her. "Yay," she smiled. "I miss you boys!"

Kennedy smiled and she followed his eyes to see the prom venue waiting just outside the vehicle's doors.

"Want to go inside?" Kennedy asked her.

"Not really," she replied with a chuckle.

"Oh come on, Miss Prom Queen," he smiled.

"I'm not the prom queen!"

"You don't know that yet!" Kennedy laughed, grabbing her hand. He pulled her out of the car and led her inside the beautiful building.

The theme this year was Paris. The floor was a grey cobble stone and marble benches were placed on either sides of the walkway. A model, black Eiffel Tower sat in the corner of the room, small white lights scattered on it, bringing the structure to life. The room had a blue and purple haze and black balloons were placed on light poles that were meant to look as if they were from France.

Melanie smiled as she saw Bryan standing by a table with his date and a group of her friends from school, and she led Kennedy over to where he was.

Bryan smiled as he let go of Kristin Tyler's hand and walked over to Melanie. He gave her a friendly hug and a smile. "You look ravishing."

"Use words like that in one your papers and maybe Mr. Schwartz will actually give you an A," Melanie laughed. She introduced Kennedy and Bryan and soon enough they were talking as if they had known each other for years.

They talked about the band, compared senior years, made a little fun of Melanie, and discussed life after graduation. Melanie smiled as she realized that two hours had already passed, and she hadn't once thought about how she wished John was here instead of Kennedy; she was actually thankful that he wasn't.

A voice that came over the loud speakers interrupted the group of friends. "Will all the nominees for King and Queen please make their way to the stage?"

The group of eight walked onto the small makeshift stage that sat in the front of the venue, boys on the left and girls on the right. Principal Ashworth gave a small speech to all the student in the room before she began to start. “Now, the nominees for King are as listed: Justin Meyers, Braden Russell, Bryan Cook, and Christopher Baker. The nominees for Queen are: Melissa Renton, Shiloh Claremont, Kristen Tyler, and Melanie Hendricks. And now, your Prom Queen and King are..."

Melanie looked out into the crowd to see Kennedy's eyes on her, and her only. The way he was looking at her gave her butterflies. His eyes were focused, never leaving hers. His face showed so much emotion, it made her chest feel tight, but in a good way. Kennedy Brock was making her skin heat up and her face become flushed; she was definitely attracted to him, even if she had never realized it before.

"Melanie Hendricks and Justin Meyers!"

Melanie turned her eyes away from Kennedy as she felt surprise run over her skin. She let a smile make its way onto her lips but she couldn't help but to grimace when she felt Justin place his hand in the small of her back. She looked into the crowd to see Haley jumping up and down next to Kennedy in excitement for her boyfriend and her sister.

Principal Ashworth placed a plastic crown on Melanie's head and her and Justin posed for pictures before making their way to the dance floor. The crowd made a circle around them, congratulating them and watching them as they had a dance as Queen and King.

Justin placed his hands on either side of Melanie's hips as she wrapped her arms around his neck lightly. She felt revolted when she watched Justin smile and wink at Haley, and she became suddenly nervous as she remembered her sister wanting to sleep with this boy tonight. Sure, he was cute; his curly black hair accentuated his stunning blue eyes, and he had a flawless smile after three years of braces, but he was a complete tool.

"Melanie Hendricks," he smirked. "Why didn't I go after you?"

"Because I don't date boys who are just out to sleep with me," she said.

"Except John?" He said maliciously.

Melanie felt her heart drop; she couldn't believe her sister told Justin. She trusted Haley. "Excuse me?"

"He left you, but then again you never dated him. You just pathetically chased him for years. He knew it. He always knew it."

Melanie's eye threatened to pour over with tears, but she wouldn't let Justin get the best of her. "Shut up, Justin."

"Oh, hit a touchy subject? Sorry, but shoot. I would have at least been there in the morning. When you're there in the morning the girl actually thinks you care about her and is more likely to fu-"

"May I have this dance, miss?" Melanie heard from behind her, interrupting Justin. She turned to face Kennedy as she fiercely ripped her arms away from Justin's neck.

"Yes," she smiled at Kennedy. She quivered as he wrapped his arms comfortingly around her waist, and she interlaced her hands behind his neck lazily. She couldn't begin to believe how complacent she felt with Kennedy.

Melanie felt goose bumps up her back as Kennedy moved his thumb into a spot of exposed skin on her back that her backless dress let show. She placed her head on his chest as he rested his head on hers, and she couldn't help but to smile when she felt the quickened beating of his heart as she tightened her grip around his neck.

"I know I've already said this, but Melanie, you look absolutely...breath taking," Kennedy said again, for about the sixth time that night.

And, he still made her blush every single time. "Thanks...for everything. I've had a great time here tonight."

"Ah! But the night is still young. I could completely blow it! Don't jinx me!" Kennedy teased.

Melanie laughed and her firm grip on him never faltered. They danced for a few more songs before Kennedy took her hand and led her outside into the warming air.

"I hate proms," Melanie chuckled.

"Me too," He said. "Want to go to the park?" He nodded to the park across the street.

Melanie nodded as she once again grabbed his hand and walked over to the swings that sat in the park about a half a mile away. Melanie let the wet grass cool her toes, and she felt a small shiver come over her body with a chill from the air. She smiled as Kennedy shrugged out of his jacket and wrapped it around her shoulders. She sat down on the swing nearest to her as she placed her heels in the grass next to her.

Melanie felt Kennedy come up behind her and she watched as he grabbed the chains to her swing, pushing her slowly, catching her each time she came back to him. She felt like she was five again; back when boys still had cooties, and love was the feeling you felt for childhood toys. Everything was so much simpler then.

Kennedy soon was sitting in the swing next to her, and Melanie laughed as he began swinging sideways, wrapping their chains around each other. Their chains became tangled, and Melanie legs were rubbing against Kennedy's. Melanie giggled as he kept spinning them around in a circle, bringing them still closer together. She soon looked up into his eyes, and she realized just how close they were now; her left knee was rubbing lightly against the inside of his right thigh and their noses were a mere three inches apart.

Kennedy looked into her eyes and smiled, "Melanie, you are the most beautiful girl I've ever seen."

She couldn't help the butterflies that were in her stomach and felt herself lightly biting her bottom lip. She watched as Kennedy looked from her eyes to her lips nervously, before he placed his forehead against hers, and before she knew it, she was pushing herself onto his lips. They were soft, sweet, and warm.

They didn't move too quickly, they moved against hers calmly, slowly moving in perfect synchronization, but something was wrong...he wasn't John.

Melanie didn't know how she could possibly be thinking of John at a moment like this, and she hated herself for it.

...but still, sitting there kissing Kennedy felt oddly, amazing to her. His hands made their way to Melanie's hips and her hands tangled themselves in his hair. She sighed into his mouth as he gripped her closer, pulling on the soft material of her dress.

"So that's what kissing you is like," he said, pulling away from her lips, catching his breath.

"Is it bad?" Melanie asked, worriedly.

"Absolutely not," he said before lifting her off her swing, laying her down in the grass, kissing her again.
She smiled as Kennedy balanced his weight to where none of it rested on her, and he continued to kiss her more passionately, but his gentleness never wavering. He kissed her so sweetly and she could feel his emotion through his lips. Melanie knew that he had wanted this for a while.

That's when it really hit her. This wasn't even supposed to be Kennedy. This was supposed to be John. He was supposed to be here, not ditch her. He was supposed to be the one she was kissing in the grass right now; he was supposed to be the one making her feel so good.

Melanie pulled away from Kennedy, but as soon as their lips parted she wanted them back. She knew one thing for sure, Kennedy liked her. But did she like him as well?

"Everything okay?" Kennedy asked.

Melanie shook her head no. "I'm so sorry, Kennedy. I want this, I really do, it's just..."

"It's just what?" He questioned.

"I, I..." Melanie started crying.

"Melanie? What happened?" He asked, wiping away her tears with his thumbs.

She looked into his eyes. "I slept with John."
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