His Tongue Licks Your Palm


Title: His Tongue Licks Your Palm
Author: Quick Times Girls
Pairing: Whip/Cat – Kissing, and thumb sucking. Does that cout as ‘naughty’?
POV: None
Summary: “Good kid.” Bone raised his glass, he had quickly forgot about his ‘we’ll ruin his youth’ comment. “Let’s cheer for numbers!”
Disclaimer: So... maybe this really happened back then. Don’t ask me, ask them. It wouldn’t surprise me if it had. But anyway, since the rules is that way; FAKE! And yeah, I don’t remember who of them is the one that can’t take drinking so much (*cough*Nighmare*cough*), I know it is on “Ask The Deathstars”, but gah! I don’t have the time or will to go through all. So this is just getting classed as fake too. FAAAKE! (I got a sudden urgue to listen to ‘I’m A Fake’ now...)
Dedications: To Catt (no, it’s spelled the right way – I named her to that *looks innocent *), the only one of my friends that actually knew who Deathstars was before I forced them into listen to this magic band <3 And to Drink_The_Cyanide
Author Notes: Look at this picture, LOOK AT IT!! There is just something so magical between Cat and Whip. *sighs* This is my nr 1 favorite pic <3 (And this isn't even half as slashy as they normally is.)
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