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Tragic Romance


"Don't play with me, Baker, either you're coming tomorrow or you're not. But either way it has to be after four, I have plans for lunch tomorrow," I growled into the phone, waiting for the reply.
"Why? Can't you just leave him there for a little bit? It'd be better if I didn't have to see you any ways," He retorted.
I clenched my fists against the kitchen table, where I was seated, "No I am not leaving our six year old son home for a 'little bit', plus he has to be there to meet Carter's parents." I grumbled, contemplating banging my head on the hard wood table.
"Carter's parents?" He yelled, "I can't see my son until late because he is meeting Carter's parents? He doesn't even like Carter!"
"Shut up Baker, the only reason he doesn't care for him is because you tell him not too!"
"That's not true!" His enraged voice shouted through the phone, "Don't put words in my mouth, Maxx! He doesn't like him because he's a jack ass!"
I growled, "And you're not?"
"At least I have a personality!" Zack yelled.
"Mhm, and it's great too!"
He sighed angrilly over the phone, "Don't use sarcasm on me, Maxx. Been there, done that. I'll be there tomorrow."
Before I had a chance to reply he hung up and I was met with the sound of a dial tone. I screamed in annoyance before yelling for Zacky.
"Yeah Mom?" He asked as he came around the corner into the kitchen.
"You're Dad will be here tomorrow,"
I watched his familiar green eyes light up with excitement, "Am I going back with him this time or is he just going to hang out again?"
I sighed, rubbing my hand over my eyes and pulled my bangs from my face, "I don't know, you'll have to ask him after Carter's dinner," I mumbled, glancing at him from between my fingers.
"No! Mom, I said I wasn't going to that!" He shouted turning away and trying to make out to the stairs.
"Hold it," I growled, "You are going. And you're going to be nice to Carter when he comes to pick us up tomorrow."
He sighed before glaring at me, "Fine," He grumbled, "But I'm not dressing up." He took off towards the stairs, yanking his black skinny jeans up and ruffling his 'Metallica' t'shirt in the process.
I rolled my eyes as I heard his t.v flip on upstairs. I looked to the clock on the stove and noticed that it was just about time for Carter to be home from work. I grabbed my cell phone from the kitchen counter before taking a seat at the kitchen table again.
The phone rang twice before I heard Carter's voice on the other end.
"Hey Honey, how was your day?"
I smiled, "My day was alright. It was another Friday with Zacky, you know. Sorting things out for Zack's next visit."
I heard him mumbling on the other line, "That's great. Has Zacky made any decision about playing baseball with me after lunch tomorrow?" He asked, his voice pleasant.
I coughed, "Uh, Carter, about that..."
"Yes?" He asked from the other line.
I sighed once again, tugging on the ends on my white blonde hair, "Zack is flying in tomorrow. I told him to be here after dinner but you know him, Carter, he never listens."
"Maxx, Zack is a horrible influence on Zacky. His mind is still young he's going to pick up on every little word those men say!"
I groaned, "What do you want me to do, Carter? Not let Zacky see his own family. Those guys are like his uncles and Zack is his dad."
"I'm sorry," He murmured gently, "It's just every time he comes back from his fathers house, Zacky hates me even more,"
"Aww baby," I cooed, "He doesn't hate you..."
There was a harmonious laugh on the other end, "Yes he does, but it's all right. I'll grow on him,"
I nodded my head absent-mindedly forgetting that he couldn't see me. "Oh yeah, for sure. But I have to get dinner started alright? I'll see you tomorrow when you come to get us?"
There was a sound of approval from the other line, "Of course. Good Night, Honey. I love you."
"Good night," I murmured quietly before shutting my phone.
"Let the nightmare begin," I whispered under my breath.
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