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I had no go into work the next afternoon, something about 'catching up, since I've been slacking.' I usually work from home and just email, Jason, my boss, my articles and things. But today since I was supposed to have my newest piece in almost two days ago Jason decided that it would be best if I came in today instead. Earlier this morning I woke Zack from his spot in the guest room, begging him to behave with Zacky while I was at work the only reply I got was a smirk and a casual, "We'll be good, leave," And to that I just rolled my eyes and did as he said, left/
About an hour after I got there Carter came walking in, carrying a bunch of papers and a cup of coffee.
"Maxx!" He said surprised as he rushed over to place a sweet kiss on my lips, "I didn't know you were coming in today!"
I smiled and stole a sip from his cup, "Neither did I. I've got to get back to work, honey. Jase will have my head if I don't get something done today,"
"Oh alright," He grumbled pressing his lips to my cheek.

American Bang shows a shocking resemblance to Kings of Lion and yet this southern band has their own style that makes you want to sing right along even if you don't know the words. They've got great melodies, driving guitar, and fun lyrics. Their 'Move To The Music' EP is a great taste of what will surely be an awesome first Album now that they are signed to Reprise Records. Can't wait to see (and listen to) what these four men have to show for themselves.

I finished my last review almost three hours later, with a grin I turned up the sound on my computer as American Bang's "Whiskey Walk" started from my itunes play list.
I jumped up from my seat and started dancing around, glad that I had gotten caught up with everything that needed to be done for last week's deadline.

"All I need is a reason to let it go!"

I moved my body along with the beat, swaying my hips and closing my eyes as I flipped my hair around.
"Maxx! What are you doing?" Jason shouted from the door way of his office. I grinned at him, "The Whiskey Walk!" I cheered, continuing to dance.
"Finish your work!" He called back, rolling his eyes.
I didn't stop, "I'm done!"
He smiled, "Well then, continue," He motioned with his hand for me to keep on dancing as he leaned against the frame of his door.
"Gladly," I mumbled, raising my hands up and pulling my shirt up just the slightest, then pulling my hair up on top of my head and letting it drop. I teased him for a little bit longer until Carter came walking out of the break room and stopped dead in his tracks. "Hey man!" He yelled, "That's my girlfriend!"
I rolled my eyes playfully, "Oh come on, Carter, Dance honey,"
He groaned when I kept dancing to 'Wild and Young.' "Maxx, stop it,"
I shook my head 'no', with a smirk on my face, "Dance,"
"I can't," He said, his arms crossed. I wrapped my arms around his neck, still swaying to the music.
"Why not?"
He rolled his eyes, "I don't like rock music,"
"Oh," I mumbled and stopped dancing as the music stopped, "I forgot, sorry,"
"It's alright, honey. I just don't understand how you like that stuff,"
I smiled at him, "It's because I like all music. I know first hand what they are feeling when they pour their hearts out on stage and into each and every album. I respect them for that."
As soon as I stopped talking Jason was walking over to me, quickly. "How do you know first hand?" He questioned, pulling me away from Carter.
"You didn't tell him?" Carter questioned, studying me, puzzled.
Jason perked up, "Tell me what?"
I sighed, "I might know Avenged Sevenfold," I mumbled casually.
"You what?" Jason asked and I could tell he was getting angry.
I sighed, exasperated throwing my arms out in front of me, "I didn't want to get the job because I know them," I growled, "It's not how I am,"
Carter laughed sarcastically, "Oh you more then just know them! I know them, you.." He drifted off.
Jason gave me a confused look, "I hired you almost seven years ago! How long have you known - What do you mean she more then knows them?"
Carter laughed, for real this time, "You know Zachary her son?" He waited for Jason to nod, "That's the Little Zacky Vengeance," He said and I glared at him, feeling irate.
"What?" He questioned, angry turning to me.
"It's none of your business," I muttered, my arms crossed over my my chest and stern look on my face.
"They're music, they're my business," He told me quickly, "How did you even meet them?"
This time Carter looked at me, waiting as well for me to tell him the story of this part of my life. Some thing I rarely talked about, my life and my past. And this story included both.
"I met them growing up," I mumbled, wiping my hair from my face.
Both Carter and Jason gave me an intrigued yet confused look, "What were you a roadie?" Jason half joked, half asked.
I nodded, "For a little while, yeah. But I knew them before they got famous,"
Carter smiled, "Honey, start from the beginning," He told me and I growled under my breath, not wanting to talk about his with either of them.
"Guys," I whined, "I don't want to,"
"Maxx, as your friend, I understand. But as your boss, spill it," He hissed, pulling my chair out and motioning to it.
I clenched my jaw as I pulled out two more chairs, "Sit," I ordered them and once they did I sat down as well, crossing my legs and thinking back.
"I met Jimmy first, he was my best friend from the time I was 12 up until well, for forever now," I volunteered, biting my lip and begging for the tears not to fall. "He protected me from my family, he was like a brother to me. He was my neighbor in Huntington. He introduced me to the rest of the guys," I finished, only telling them the short version of it.
"When did you and Zacky Vengeance start dating?"
I bursted out in laugher at Jason's question, "We didn't. It just happened,"

I spent another hour at 'the office' working on somethings for this week before I decided 4:00 PM was a good time to go home and make sure that my boys hadn't broken anything or each other.
"Maxx?" Jason called softly from his office doorway.
I smiled at him, "Yeah Jay?"
"Do you think you could possibly have Avenged Sevenfold sign this next time you see them?" He held out his 'Nightmare' CD and I grinned at him, walking over to take the battered CD from him. I admired the cover of it, smiling sadly at the man who represented Jimmy on the cover, "Of course. Hey, would you like to meet them?"
His blue eyes lit up, "Yeah, totally!" He blurted, "That would be awesome!"
"Well," I bragged, "They're at my apartment this very moment, I'll see if they'll come down tomorrow and do a sighing or something, I'll call you," I concluded, handing him back his CD, "Talk to you later," I walked out of the building a smirk on my face while I thought about the look on the 35 year old's face when I told him that they were in town. In the same town as him.
I rode home listening to the memorized 'Nightmare' album. Thinking back to when I came back smiling at the fact that I was right when I said it was going to be the most bought album on Itunes because of the fact that it was the last piece of Jimmy anyone could ever have and I was right. I had gone platinum less then a week after it came out. It seemed like everyone bought it, it was one of the main factors of why Avenged had skyrocketed in fame in the last six years. A sad smile mad it's way to my face as I heard Jimmy's voice in the background of one of the songs. When I reached my house I pulled up and all sad thoughts immediately left my mind as I made my way inside. I rolled my eyes as music blared from my apartment and screaming could be heard, I unlocked the door and pushed it open. Little Zacky was just about to jump over the couch, his father hot on his heels. Matt stood on the other side of the couch, waiting for Zacky it seemed. Brian and Johnny were literally racing down the stairs. Everyone froze as I walked in, "What are you five doing?"
"Nothing!" They all beamed, rushing to pile onto the couch, turning to smile at me.
I giggled at their antics and rolled my eyes, "You boy now have plans tomorrow," I confessed, walking away.
"Hey, wait! What?" Matt sputtered as they chased after me into the kitchen.
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American Bang <-- I demand that you fall in love with them.

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