‹ Prequel: Accidents Happen

Tragic Romance


"Maxx! Are you crazy? We've been inconspicuous basically the while time we've been coming to visit, but if we go to a signing here they'll know where we live! They'll follow us back!" Zack shouted and the guys nodded right along with him.
"You make your fans sound like a pack of rabid dogs," I giggled, brushing them off.
He groaned, "They are! You don't understand some of them are obsessed!"
I smiled and pinched his cheek, turning around to face the guys who stood huddling behind me, "Relax, guys. Do it for me as a favor,"
I rolled my eyes then walked past them, into the living room where Little Zacky sat watching someone get slaughtered on the screen. I realized a long time ago that Zacky got his father's movie taste, and music. But his style was defiantly mine. "Zacky," I murmured, getting his attention, "You hungry?" I questioned leaning over the back of the couch, smiling at him as he drew his attention from the television.
"Yeah, Uncle Brian attempted to cook, he burned something, by the way," He told me subtly looking back.
"Did he now?" I murmured to myself, "Alright, I'll get on that, thanks baby," I pulled his head to me and placed a sloppy kiss on his temple. He never once looked at me.
"Hey Brian!" I called, walking back into the kitchen. The guys sat there at the table with a deck of cards out in front of them, "What did you burn?" I put my hand on his shoulder, showing him that I was serious.
"Nothing, don't worry about it, Maxx," He muttered, dealing out the cards.
"Stay out of my kitchen, away from the stove or anything that can burn this place down," I turned around again and pulled open the freezer, searching through the food there, I decided that there was nothing edible in there that wasn't expired. "Zacky!" I yelled for him, "Does chinese take out sound alright?"
Even though I wasn't talking to them, all the guys said 'yes,' excitedly.
"Okay then," I handed Johnny the phone, "Call it in," I walked out of the kitchen, and took a seat next to Zacky, getting engrossed in the horror film.
The girl on the screen looked back over her shoulder, her eyes growing wide as the bathroom door handle started to jingle. And with one final, (What I'm assuming was a kick) The door burst open and the girl screamed, flopping around on the floor, trying to make her way up and to what looked like the window.
"Boo!" Both Little Zacky and I wiped around with wide eyes, Brian was standing right behind us, the guys behind him. I smacked his arm, "You jerk!"
"Hey now, It's not my fault! You never face away from the door when it's dark, that's leaving yourself wide open!" He countered, pushing my face away.
Zacky laughed from beside me, "But Uncle Bri, it's light outside!"
He sighed, playfully, "Okay so maybe it was my fault! But!" Shouted before I could cut him off, "Your food is on it's way and I'll pay if you don't hit me!"
I laughed and them smacked him in the head, not hard but hard enough so he could actually feel it, "You're paying anyways!"
"Mhm, yeah. Because I'll pay for someone who abuses me! Zacky!" He cried, rushing over to hide behind the man.
"I don't want you!" Zacky shouted, taking a step to the side.
"Not even your Momma wants you!" Johnny joked, darting out of the way of Brian's fist.
"Knock it off, children," I told them, stretching as I stood up, "I wouldn't let you guys pay for me anyways. I have my own money,"
Obediently they all rolled their eyes, used to hearing the same speech in the past, "Yes yes, we know, you're a strong, independent woman," He all recited the last three words, mocking me in bored voices.
I stuck my noise in the air, "And I always will be," I walked off trying to hold back my laughter. Even as it exploded through them.
A little over 20 minutes later the buzzer rang from down stairs and I grabbed the cash off the kitchen counter. "Anyone want to go pay the Chinese Delivery guy?" I asked the five of them all crowded on the couch. "No, you can pay him, but I'll come with you," Matt said, standing up and smiling at me, his dimples shining through.
"Alright, come on Mattie," I took his hand and we conversed on our way down the stairs. "Hi there," I said to the guy, no older then 20, at the door. His eyes were wide when he saw Matt standing there.
"Y - you know who you are, r- right?" He stuttered.
I burst out laughing, "Uh, yeah," Matt said, "I -" He looked my me with wide eyes.
"You should've known that some one would recognize you, Matt!"
"W- what are you doing here?" The delivery guy questioned, handing me the bags, and murmuring a quiet thanks when I handed him $22.16.
"He's here for a signing tomorrow," I covered, Zack and I had decided that not letting the media know where we live would be best for Little Zacky growing up, "Yeah it's down at the Rollingstone building at one PM tomorrow, be there to get your Avenged Merch signed for free," I boasted, grinning at the memories of doing this many times before.
"Yeah," He said, "Yeah, I'll defiantly be there!" He cheered before walking off.
"Tell your friends!" I called after him.
I looked to Matt, grinning, and he gave me a blank look back. "Why did you just do that?" He asked, monotonous.
"Hey, it was you thank almost risked your nephew's safety, it was the only thing I could think of," I shrugged, smiling cockily as I walked past him. "Food!" I cheered as I shoved open the door. "Oh and Matt told the guy that you'd all be at the signing tomorrow, so I guess you have to, sorry," I hid my grin as I laid the food out on the table.
They all groaned and hit Matt as he came walking in. "Mhm, be there are 12:30 so you can sign some things for my boss,"
They sighed again.
"I'm coming!" Little Zacky called, grabbing his full plate from my hands, "It wouldn't be fair if I had to stay home!"
"Of course you're coming, you can't stay here by yourself, Zacky."
He smiled, "It's going to be so much fun!" He shouted before he stuffed a big piece of Sesame Chicken in his mouth.
♠ ♠ ♠
Haha, Maxx hustled Matt.