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Tragic Romance


"Jason, meet Avenged Sevenfold!" I introduced the next day outside of the Rollingstone building. When the band's name left my lips the crowd, a huge crowd, erupted in cheers and screams. And I smiled to myself thinking about how fast the word got around about this.
"This is amazing, it's so great to meet you guys. This is just... wow," Jason muttered and I laughed, shaking my head at the man.
"Jase, it's usually me sucking up to you. And now I get to see my almighty boss bow down to these fools!" I said as Johnny shoved my playfully.
"Maxx, I own you one! I owe you a hundred and one," He grinned back pulling his hat from his head and tugging his fingers through his messy black hair.
"Oh I know. But let me introduce you the right way. Jason that's M. Shadows, Johnny Christ, Synyster Gates and Zacky Vengeance. Guys this is my fantastic boss Jason Erlichman,"
"And I'm Zacky!" Little Zacky shouted, jumping around where he stood.
I nodded and ruffled his hair, "Yeah this is my son Zacky, I think you two met once a while back,"
Zack pulled his son to his side, wrapping his arms around the little boy's shoulders. He smiled nicely at Jason and nodded his head as a greeting. Jason did the same.
"Where should we go to sign shit?" Matt asked, his dimples showing again.
"Right this way!" Jason declared pivoting and marching his way closer to the screaming fans. There was a long table set up and each of the guys took a seat, Zack pulled Zacky down into his lap. I went over to the front of the line and laughed loudly when I saw that red velvet rope, I grinned over my shoulder at my boss who was standing at the end of the guy's table, his arms crossed and a some what victorious smile on his face.
"Are you guys ready to meet Avenged Sevenfold?" I screamed at loud as I could, and the crowd replied with cheers louder then ever. "Alright then," I mumbled happily to myself and moved the rope, "Go on ahead!" The people in the front rushed forward and then stopped as soon as they were standing in front of Johnny. The girl with short choppy red hair placed her CD on the table, others doing the same. I watched as she moved to Brian and then Zacky, stopping suddenly when she saw Little Zacky sitting in his lap.
"H- hi," She stuttered, waving mechanically.
"Hi!" He grinned back and I saw the red-headed girl automatically relax as Brian passed her case to Zacky.
When Zacky finished scribbling out his signature and the little smiley face 'V' she grabbed ahold of it before it was passed to Matt. "Could," She stuttered again. She gathered her nerves and looked straight at the due, "Could Little Zacky sign it too?"
Not only Little Zacky's but all four guys' faces light up as well, "Of course!" Zack said, taking the CD from her and handing that and the silver sharpie to his son. I walked over with a grin on my face and stood behind them, I smiled at the girl and rested my hand on Zack's shoulder as I peered over Zacky's head. He had scribbled 'Little Zacky' under his father's name so that both signatures shared the slightly larger, 'Vengeance' written. And then he passed it to M. Shadows like it was no big deal that he just got asked to sign his first autograph ever.
"Thanks!" I girl called as she walked away, hugging the CD to her chest. As time went on there were quite a few people who asked for Little Zacky's name to be written on their CD and some just asked who he was. In those cases Zack explained that he was his 'kickass son' and usually those people wanted him to write his name too.
About an hour into the signing I decided that they guys needed a break so they could rest their hands and not get overwhelmed with the still long line of teenagers (and some adults) standing behind the red velvet rope. I walked over and picked up the rope and the group that was standing right there took a giant step forward and I grinned and jerked my head towards the boys, telling them to just go on ahead. When I clicked the rope into place everyone behind it groaned and everyone in front snickered. I rolled my eyes, "They going to take a break," I said, "If you want to wait 20 minutes to a half an hour, go ahead if not? Get the hell out of here," I joked and I heard scattered laughter from the bunch, including the guys.
When the last few people were past the guys jumped up and I rushed them inside the air-conditioned building. I showed them the break room where they all plopped down onto the couches. "That was hectic," Brian groaned, leaning his head against the back of the couch.
"Mhm," I agreed, using the key that I 'borrowed' from Jason to open the vending machine. I tossed a barrage of snack to the guys. "Lunch,"
"Thanks, Maxx," Zack murmured, holding his open 'Cool Blue' Doritos to his son who snatched a handful and stuffed them into his mouth, trying hard not to grin with his mouth full. I sat myself next to Brian who wrapped his sweaty, tattooed arms around my torso and buried his face in my hair, "You smell good!" He said, randomly, pulling away so he could scarf down someone food. Jason came waltzing into the room and his smile left his face when he saw the wide open snack machine. He walked straight over to me and held out his hand. I sent him a confused look and he pushed his hand towards me more violently.
"Okay fine," I growled and shoved the key into his extended hand.
He dumped in into his pocket, "Don't take them from my desk again. It's a snack machine. If I wanted to give you free food I'd set up and snack table,"
"You know," I murmured, "That's not a bad idea. I'll tell everyone else,"
He gave me a look that said, 'not in the mood' and turned back to the chuckling boys of Avenged Sevenfold.
"That is so awesome," He rambled, "I mean, thank you guys for doing this on such short notice. I didn't even know you were here until Carter said Maxx knew you and she told me you were here. This is amazing," I placed my hand over his mouth and he got the hint, shutting it. "Sorry," He whispered and everyone laughed.
Awhile later we went back out into the heat and the guys took their place at the table again, signing and passing and even chatting with a few fans that were brave enough to start a conversation. And as the line was winding down I saw Matt jump up out of his seat, angrily and grab onto the guy in front of him. The rest of the guys were up too. Zack had one hand wrapped around Little Zacky's back and the other holding Little Zacky's head to his stomach. I rushed over just as Matt was about to raise his fist. "Matthew!" I warned as I ran up behind him, "Don't," As put his hand down but didn't release the guys' shirt. "What happened," I demanded when I realized that Little Zacky was crying.
Brian growled and walked over to me. He wrapped his arms around my shoulders as the man's gaze settled on me, a nasty smirk on his features. "This fucking punk was talking shit about our boy," He spat venomously. The last of the crowd had backed off and gone quiet watching the argument with curiosity.
I crouched down and pulled Zacky from where he had thrown himself onto his father, "Baby," I cooed, "Come here," He torn himself away from Zack and wrapped his little arms around my neck, he buried his face there and I stood up. Zacky clinging to me like a little monkey. "I looked at the man in disgust, "Get out of here, you aren't welcome any where near me or my son," I growled, nodding to Matt who, while still holding onto the man, walked around to the other side of the table and pushed the guy away. He fell onto the ground and spit at Matt's shoes. Matt was fuming and rushed to hit the guy. But before he could Brian, Zack and Johnny ran over and pulled him away. "Stay the fuck away from us," Zack rumbled, his voice gruff with anger. The man got up and walked off. I tried to console the upset little boy in my arms but he wouldn't stop crying, even as the guys walked over and told him that the guy didn't know what he was saying, and not to listen to him.
My eyes met Zack's and he gave me a look that said he would tell me later, I just nodded and shifted Zacky further up into my arms. Johnny jumped up onto a chair, claiming everyones attention as the stood around whispering about what just happened, "I'm sorry, but the signing is over," He called, and Brian went and stood next to him, "Yeah!" Brian added, "If you're pissed off go beat the shit out of that guy!"
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Uh oh...
What did he say?

Word count: 1,573