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Tragic Romance

'Zacky Tattoo'

We took Little Zacky back to the break room to calm him down and yet I still didn't know what had happened, exactly. Once I placed him down on the couch in there I roughly grabbed Zack's shirt and literally dragged him from the room and out into the beige hallway. "What the hell happened?" I questioned, slowing, dropping my hands to my sides and staring into those familiar green eyes.
"That guy just said something to Zack, we stopped him just as soon as we realized what he was saying," He muttered, looking right back at me.
I looked to the floor and took a deep breath, "What did he say, Zacky? One second you're alright and the next Matt is about to knock some random guy into next week,"
I felt Zacky playing with the ends of my hair, "He said that Little Zacky was a mistake that he ruined Avenged because when one person is born another dies," He whispered, stepping forward and pulling me into his arms. It took me a moment for everything to register in my mind. I thought the words over and over again, 'another dies'. And when it clicked in my mind, I gasped clutching to Zacky like my life depended on it.
"No." I said, "No. No. No,"
Zacky mumbled things in my ear, things like, "It's alright," and "He doesn't know what he was saying," And nothing helped the tears say in my eyes. I dug my chin into Zacky's shoulder and he pulled me in tighter, letting his breath raise goosebumps on my neck as he played with my hair. I backed up until my back was against the wall and Zacky was still holding onto me as we leaned there, trying to keep the crying at a minimum.
"Doesn't he know that Jimmy died before Zacky was even conceived?" I asked, my voice coming out jumbled and stuttering.
"I doubt it," Zacky whispered against my skin, "No one knows that Zacky was a gift from him,"
"A gift," I repeated, pulling away to look at his face. He nodded and smiled a small smile at me, "The two best things in my life, were gifts from that man,"
"If Zacky's one, then what the other?" I asked, my voice laced in confusion.
"You," He said simply before he kissed my forehead, "Come on, let's go check on our son,"
Zacky was laying on the couch, his head in Brian's lap, asleep. I traced my fingers over Brian's jaw and nodded as a thank you. Zack pointed to the door and all the guys nodded. Matt reached over and lifted Zacky into his arms. He followed behind Zack and I as we made our way out of the building. Most of the fans had scattered but a few remained, they were almost quiet when the guys came walking out of the building, except for a couple of screams that died down when they noticed the sleeping boy in M. Shadows' arms. When we got into the car, Matt placed Little Zacky down on top over Zack and I. Us and Johnny were crammed in the back while Brian and Matt sat up front. It was just a few minutes ride back home and once we were there Zacky took his son from my arms and lugged him up the flight of stairs. I followed him as he made his way to Little Zacky's room and even as he walked right past me into the guest room, I followed behind him.
"What's wrong, now?" I asked as he raked his fingers through his hair.
"My job made my son get hurt," He murmured to me as he pulled his jacket off.
"No," I disagreed, "The past hurt him,"
"How the hell can you be so calm right now?" He shouted, but it was quiet enough that I knew that Zacky nor the guys down stairs could hear.
"Because things happen, Zacky. Haven't we learned this already?" I asked, exasperated.
"No, things don't happen when I'm sitting right there! It's just not right," He threw himself onto his bed and I sighed, "No Zacky, what isn't right is that a cruel man would ever use past hardships against a six year old little boy and the four of you. There are going to be people out there that are still angry at the world. And they use the hardest thing, the most terrifying memories from the past to get back at the ones who have the life they wish they did,"
He turned to face me again, "Are you saying he was jealous?" He questioned, raising one eyebrow. I smiled at him, "Yeah. He's jealous that you can randomly call a signing together and all those people show up. He's jealous that strangers want a little boys signature because he's related to the great Zacky Vengeance," I giggled, taking a seat next to him.
"Wow Maxx," He commented, "You not only make me feel better but boast my ego at the same time,"
I laughed with out humor but ended up smiling anyways, "Yeah, I know I'm good," This time it was him who laughed sarcastically. I giggled once again. "What's funny?" He asked.
"Your face,"
"Oh really?"
"Yeah." With that last word Zacky was on top of me, his knees on either side of my hips, his hands holding mine above my head. His face was mere inches from mine and I grinned. He used just one of his hands to hold both of mine and he trailed his left hand from my cheek down to my hip, and I shivered as he made his way back up.
"Anything funny now?" He questioned, his eyes boring into mine and I shook my head, no.
"Have you got any last words?"
I nodded up at him and he tilted his head making his hair fall into his face and rest over his cheeks.
"What?" He asked.
I bit my lip, "Do you know how fucking sexy you look right now?"
He nodded calmly, slowly, "Yes, I've been told a time or two,"
I stuck my tongue out at him and before I could even gather my thoughts him mouth was on mine, his hands hand released mine and where now stationed on either side on my head. With this new found freedom I tangled my fingers in his mop of messy black hair. I shivered again as his tongue explored my mouth. I raked my fingers down his back until I reached the bottom, I tugged on the end of the Anthrax shirt and he hurriedly yanked it over his head tossing it off the bed, I grinned at his inked chest before his lips met mine again. We stayed like that for a few more moments before my shirt was tugged over my head. His hand trailed down to my stomach, and he pulled away and looked down to the little bellybutton piercing that I had there and the tattoo of a vine climbing up from my lower left hip and curling around my bellybutton. In the vine, with the leaves and the vine itself it spelled out 'Zacky'. Zack looked back up to me and pointed to the tattoo and then to the door and I nodded but then I pointed to him as well and a grin lit up his face and he rushed down to place his lips back on mine and his thumb traced the pattern of the leaves on the tattoo.
Just as I was about to run my fingers over his hips the door opened and Zack and I broke apart. Matt stood there, his jaw on the floor. "Guys!" He called and looked to us, "Don't move," He warned and rushed out. Zack handed me my shirt as we chuckled. He then got off of me and tugged his own over his head, a minute later the rest of the boys appeared in the door way. Matt rolled his eyes and turned away, "What part of 'don't move' don't you get?"
Johnny looked between us and then to Matt, "I thought you said they were... you know. They are on opposite sides of the room!"
"Yeah! Gosh," Brian mumbled and walked away.
"Brian!" I called and I heard him turn around and walk back, "You're sleeping in here tonight," I smirked and Matt grinned. "Come on Zack," I took his hand and tugged him past two shocked rockstars.
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Word Count: 1,391