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Tragic Romance

He Has A Father.

At noon the next day Zacky came waltzing down the stairs in jeans and a t'shirt, a pout on his face. "I don't want to go," He skulked.
I rolled my eyes, "I don't care. Put a smile on your face when Carter gets here."
"When is Dad getting into town?" He asked, sitting on the stairs, running his fingers through his shaggy black hair.
"Sometime after three o'clock. Your Uncles are coming too." I smiled, thinking of the boys that I hadn't seen in months.
"So they are just going to hang out?" He questioned, his green eyes harboring disappointment.
"No, they're staying for the weekend," I told him, from where I stood by the front door of our apartment. I pulled on my worn down shoes and tossed Zacky his jacket. He sighed while pulling his jacket on and stomping his way over to me. "Zacky, knock it off," I said as the buzzer rang from downstairs, "He's here now smile,"
Zacky grinned sarcastically at me before following out of the building and to where Carter was standing, a smile on his face.
"Hello Maxx, Zachary," He greeted as he opened the passengers seat for me.
"It's Zacky," He grumbled from the backseat, glaring at the back of Carter's brunette head. "Zacky," I warned leaning around the seat to send him a disapproving look.
He mumbled an apology just loud enough for me to hear and I turned around to smile at Carter.
It was a 15 minute drive to Carter's parent's house and I wouldn't admit it but I was nervous. Especially to introduce then to Zacky right away. Years ago I would never have thought that my son would end up getting in trouble all the time. I would never believe that my six year old would be facing suspension for fighting at school. Zacky had a hard time interacting with other children his age. He claims that everyone calls him a liar, that everyone, even teacher, tells him to be quiet when he opens his mouth to talk about his father. In the last couple of years Zacky has grown up over night, he's the smartest kid that you will ever meet, but he doesn't care. He doesn't like outsiders or strangers and he doesn't like Carter. I was worried about how he would act in front of Diane and Richard. I was nervous about what words would come out of his mouth while we sat at the table. As Carter pulled his car into a driveway which I assumed was his parent's house, I got out of the car and yanked Zacky's door open giving him a warning, "No funny business,"
"Yes Mom," He muttered as he rolled his forest green eyes, I was surprised they hadn't rolled right out of his head.. He followed me to the front porch steps where Carter was standing with a charming smile on his face. He took my hand and led us to the front door. He knocked once before pulling it open, "Mom, We're here," He called into the house. The place looked like it was right out of a time warp from the 70's. Walking in the door there was a little hall way, the walls were painted a beige color and an end table sat half way though with a mirror placed above it. From there we were met with what seemed to be the living room. There were two floral print couched, opposite each other with a brown coffee table in the middle. The room just screamed, 'flowers, popery, and old people.' I held back a chuckle as Carter led us into the kitchen where a lady stood with a flowery apron on and greying hair. "Hello Mom," Carter murmured as he kissed her cheek. "This is Maxxus and that's her son Zachary. This is my mother Diane," He gestured between the three of us, smiling the whole time, even when Zacky's glare settled on him. "Mom, where's Dad?"
"He ran to the store, dear," She told him, as her gaze left me and settled on Zacky. I nudged him in the side slightly, silently telling him to put on a smile. He looked to me before placing a forced grin on his face.
"It's very nice to meet the both of you," Diane greeted, wiping her hands on her apron before reaching her hand out to shake mine. Carter kissed my cheek as he murmured 'be right back', and left the room. I returned my attention to his mother.
"Same here," I smiled at her, pulling Zacky to stand right next to me.
"Yeah, it's wonderful to meet you, lady." Zacky said in a sickly sweet voice.
Diane laughed uneasily, "Well isn't he precious,"
Zacky's face contorted to anger as he glared at her, "Very," I muttered pinching his cheek. "He's just upset because his father won't be here until later,"
Diane's face showed unguarded surprise as the word 'father' fell from my lips. "Oh, may I ask where his father is?"
Zacky had a look of annoyance on his features as I nodded, "He lives in California,"
"Oh, that's is very far away," She stated, turning back to the counter to finish what she was doing before we interrupted.
"Yeah," I said, "He has a life out there,"
"Oh, so he has another family? What a shame." Diane tsked.
"No, no," I hurried, "He's in a band. His brothers are out there, his family."
"A band?" She questioned, her voice held an underlying tone of disgust, as she pulled a chicken from the oven.
"Yes, I don't know if you've heard of them, but Avenged Sevenfold is Zack's band,"
Her dull hazel eyes grew wide as she glanced to my son, "Those are the men with the tattoos and things,"
I just nodded, I should've known that she would recognize the name. Avenged had had skyrocketed with Jimmy's death. And now, there isn't a person around who hadn't even heard the name once in their life. With the bands renewed success Zack's ego had tagged along, growing dramatically.
"I've never cared for those types," She said offhandedly, busying herself with the kitchen work. Before I could even look to him, Zacky had his mouth open and running.
"Excuse me? What do you mean 'those types?' That's my family you're talking 'bout lady!" I clamped my hand over his mouth before he could usher out a threat.
"Sorry," I sighed, glaring at the ticked off little boy.
She looked to me impatiently, "Lets just eat," She muttered as Carter and a man came back into the kitchen.
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Nice lady, right?