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Tragic Romance


"Zack," I murmured about an hour later, "What were your goals in life?"
He turned to face me with a thoughtful look on his face, "I wanted to get back at everyone that ever told me I couldn't," He murmured, smiling at me.
"That's where the name came in right? Vengeance..."
He nodded at me and wrapped his arms around me, pulling me to his chest.
"What did you want, Maxx?"
I shrugged against him, "I never really thought about it, I just wanted something better then what I had,"

Zacky kissed my bare shoulder, and snuggled against me. His chest was to my back and his right leg was in between both on mine. His right arm wrapped around my shoulders and held onto my right hand.
"You got better didn't you?" He asked quietly against my tank-top clad shoulder.
"Yeah," I murmured, "I did,"
The smile on Zacky's face grew and he snuggled up to me.
"What about you? As a kid did you ever see yourself as a mega rockstar?" I questioned, turning down the volume on the t.v and flipping around so I was laying on my back with Zacky almost laying on top of me.
"It's all I ever wanted when I was old enough to figure out what I wanted, but as a little kid I wanted to be a baseball player. I was kind of a cliche kid, pro-baseball or a rockstar," He shrugged at me and grinned.

"Did you ever see yourself have a little boy?" I asked, noticing the light in Zacky's eye shine at the mention of the little kid waiting for him just minutes away.
"I don't know if I ever really thought about it growing up. I doubt it, and then after the band took off it was the last thing on my mind. The only time I ever thought about settling down and having kids was after Jimmy died. And yet technically I didn't have time to regret not having kids because Little Zacky was already here I just didn't know it,"
I bit my lip and reached up to run my fingers through his hair. He had taken off his had when we relaxed to watch t.v and his hair sat disheveled on his head. It felt like silk in my fingers and I smiled, "Were you shocked when you saw Zacky?"
He nodded rapidly, "I couldn't figure out why some one was calling me by my full name and they were mad on top of it! I realized it was you just before a little boy came running into the kitchen, I think my jaw hit the floor when he looked at me and I saw my eyes looking back at me,"

I chuckled quietly, shyly, and ran my fingers from the root of his hair to the out grown tips. "So was I. I knew he was yours the day I found out I was having a little kid. I was so nervous, I didn't know what to do. I was on my own in a new city, but I made it and the he was born he came out wailing and when they handed him to me I saw beautiful green eyes staring back at me. His hair was straight on his head and black, just like yours. I was... I was nervous that if I ever saw any of you guys again you'd know right away. Like Matt did that day at the airport," I sighed and rested my head on Zacky's forearm.
He trailed his fingers across my cheek and played with my pale blonde hair, "Why didn't you tell me? I mean, why did you run off the next day? You were gone before I woke up..."
I bit my lip and connected my fingers with his, "I was scared, my best friend had just died. I didn't know what else to do, I didn't want things to change and what we did changed every aspect of my life," I gasped out, my breathing shaky.
"I know it did, it changed everyones lives, Maxx. But we could've gotten through it together. I barely made it through," Zacky's green eyes glistened with tears and I wiped my thumb underneath them catching the tears.
And moments later Zacky did the same for me, "I know, Zacky," I whispered, "I know,"
"I didn't know what else to do," He cried, burying his face in my shoulder.
"Shh, Baby, don't worry about it, it's over with that was three years ago," I desperately tried to calm him down, running my fingers through his hair.
"And not a day goes by that I don't think of the fact that I've the guys hadn't found me passed out drunk I could've died and I would never have met my son," He moaned into my shoulder, "I just wanted to be with Jimmy because nothing had been going right since then,"
I cupped his cheek my my right hand and brought his lips up to meet mine. It was a short kiss, just our lips touching briefly before Zacky pulled back and shook his head, rapidly.
"No," He said, forcefully, "Don't kiss me because you feel pity,"
I rested my head against his and held my breath as his cascaded over my lips, "What if I want to?"
His eyes, which were shut, shot open and looked into mine cautiously, questioning. After a moment he seemed to win the internal fight in his head, "Then go ahead,"
And with his blessing my lips crashed down on his.
Zacky rolled completely on top of me and gently grabbed my hair into his first. His lips pressed on mine, hard, as he slipped his tongue into my mouth. The kiss was rough and full of a passion that had been missing from my heart for over three years. As Zacky and I stripped of our clothing I couldn't deny it any longer, it wasn't lust or want that had us here together in my room once again it was the renewed feeling of love and need that used to burrow it's self in my soul and shoot out fireworks every time Zacky would run his fingers through my hair or trace my jaw line. I was the love that I had left behind with Zack three years ago when he let his fear push us away.

This wasn't some crush that I had gotten over years ago, this was Zack, my Zack. This was the boy that I met when my life meant nothing to me, this man was the guy that gave me all the happiness that I couldn't even ever dream of. This man was the same boy that I would make me jealous when his high school girlfriends kissed him or touched him. He was the same boy that all the guys would make fun of me for when he left the room and my gaze followed after him. This was Zacky Baker.

Zacky and I, here in my room, let the love and the heat take us away and this time I had no doubts that I felt the same way for him that he did for me. We completely forgot about everything tugging at our heart strings and let the ones that we had both buried away so long ago to resurface.

As we laid in bed later that day, three hours before we had to pick our son up for school, Zacky kissed my forehead and murmured three words that I had heard before, but this time... I really heard him.
"Why did you tell me about Zacky?," He asked, tucking my hair behind my ear.
I kissed his jaw, "It's because I love you," I whispered against his lips. He looked at me in shock before he roughly pushed his lips against mine again, "Thank god," He whispered.
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This probably would've been done a few hours ago but my brother decided to go to the movies and I got to babysit my 14 month year old nephew:


And at 10 PM I walked around my living room for a forty-five minutes, The Gummy Bear Song playing from my laptop as he clung to me, then after a while we both collapsed onto the couch, tired. It was a good night and that's my excuse to why this didn't come out sooner.

(This is not the end, btw.)
Word Count: 1,295