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Tragic Romance

Never Stopped.

Jacoby ended up coming back to our place for awhile with her brother, one the way out the door she was mumbling something about, 'getting the hell away.' And as we pulled out of the drive way she rolled down the window and yelled to three passing teenagers, 'Hey Jerks! I'm going to Zacky Vengeance's house!' and the two boys picked their jaws off the ground when Zack waved from the passengers seat and the blonde girl just sneered at her as we drove away.
"What was all that about?" I questioned with a grin on my face. The boys sat in the back and talked, excitedly about everything little boys talk about.
"Those are my 'foster siblings,' Jacoby mocked, rolling her eyes at the mention of them, "They like to tell me that I think I'm better then them," She grinned and flipped her hair out of her face.
Zack laughed, heartily with a grin on his face, "Well are you?"
"Yes," She smirked and then we all laughed again. It was a short drive to the apartment building and Zacky and James raced up the stairs before any of us could even get out of the car. They were laughing about who was going to win on the X-box.
The three of us walked calmly, unlike the boys, into the building and up the stairs. Leaning against the wall by the door of my apartment was Carter, clad in blue-jeans and a polo t'shirt. I immediately released Zack's hand.
"Hey, what are you doing here?" I asked lightly, unlocking the front door and shoving the rowdy boys inside, grinning at them as she shouted out complaints.
Hey Honey, I thought I'd stop by to see how you were doing since you never emailed everything in," He kissed my cheek and followed Zack and Jacoby into the house, leaving me standing there, my palm to my face.
"I'm doing great," I giggled, "Everything seems to be alright, nowadays," I took his hand and pulled him into the kitchen so I could start dinner. Carter took a seat at the small table and smiled at me, but I could tell that it was forced and uneasy.
Carter cleared his throat, "Who are the kids?"
"Oh them?" I murmured, pulling a pan from one of the cupboards on the ground, "Those are Zacky's new friends,"
Carter nodded and peered around the corner. "Jacoby! James! Do you like Spaghetti?" I called to them, where they sat with the Zack's in the living room playing guitar hero on the X-box.
"Yeah!" Jacoby yelled back.
"Good, 'cause that's what I'm making," I taunted, peaking around the corner to stick my tongue out at the kids, who all did the same, including Zack. I laughed loudly and shook my head, turning back to the kitchen and Carter who excused himself to the bathroom.
"Are you staying for dinner, Cart?" I questioned as he came walking back in, taking a seat on the same chair. I put the spaghetti noodles in the boiling water.
"No," He stuttered, "I have plans with my parents, I was actually going to see if you and Zacky wanted to come again but I see you already have plans," He stood up and placed his hands on my hips, his chest facing my back, but not touching.
"Yeah, Sorry Carter. I didn't know Zack was going to be in town, he surprised Little Zacky," I lied smoothly, dumping the can of tomato sauce into another pan and putting it on the stove as well.
"Hey," Carter cooed, turning me around, "Why are you being so..."
"So what?" I asked, taking his hands off of me so I could turn to stir the noodles.
Carter sighed, "So withdrawn. Why are you pushing me away?"
"I'm not," I scoffed, rolling my eyes.
"When did Zack get here?" Carter questioned suddenly and I whipped around to face him.
"What does that have to do with anything?" I asked, annoyed.
"Did you have sex with Zack?" He asked bluntly.
"N- no," I stuttered quickly, shaking my head.
He groaned and rolled his hazel eyes, "Don't lie to me,"
I yelled, "I'm not!" and crossed my arms over my chest, daring him to say one more thing.
"Then why are a guys, Zack's, clothes laying on your bedroom floor? And his suitcase is open on the bed," Carter growled, stepping back from me.
"Because that's where he got dressed, and what the fuck were you doing in my room?" My nostrils flared and my fingers dug into my arms.
Carter raked his fingers through his short hair roughly, "Why would he get dressed in your room and not his own?"
"Because," I murmured and took a deep breath, "Because we were watching a movie in my room before we had to go pick Zacky up from school,"
"And why would he have to change clothes for that? Why Maxx?" Carter started raising his voice and I flinched. It wasn't like him to get angry about anything. With Carter's booming voice the two boys came rushing into the kitchen, the blue eyes concerned, the green eyes mad.
"Why are you yelling at my Mom?" Zacky demanded, pushing the older man.
"I'm not, Zack, just go play with your friend," Carter said shortly, holding Zacky away from him by his shoulders.
"Don't touch him, asshole," James seethed, pushing Carter from Zacky.
"Do we have a problem here?" Zack's questioned from where he stood by the entryway.
"No," I stated at the same time Carter muttered, 'yes' under his breath. I glared at him as a warning. "Zack can you take the boys out of here?"
Zack smiled at me slightly and nodded to James and then the door way. James walked out and Little Zacky started screeching about 'not want to go', and Zack picked him up. When they left the kitchen I I turned the stove off so our dinner wouldn't burn. I grabbed five plates from the cupboard and lined them up on the counter. I scooped enough spaghetti onto two plates for the young boys and left the others with nothing on them. Jacoby and Zack could decide how much they wanted.
"Maxx," Carter reprimanded, "Tell me, now,"
I ignored him and pulled a 2 liter of rootbeer from the fridge, and pouring the kids some.
"Maxx," He demanded, grabbing my shoulder. I pushed his off of me and sighed loudly, "Yeah, Okay Carter. I slept with Zacky... twice. Is that what you wanted to hear? That I'm a cheating, no good, scumbag. It's true and I'm sorry,"
I leaned against the counter and tried to catch my breath before the sobs could come.
"Maxx?" Carter whispered, "Do you love him?"
I nodded, gently, "I never stopped,"
Carter took off out of the kitchen and I yelled after him, screaming his name. He just kept running and when my front door slammed shut I pointed to Zack and he nodded.
He followed me up stairs and I buried my head in his chest, the tears falling as he wrapped his tattooed arms around my shoulders.
"I never meant to hurt him," I cried, breathing in that addicting 'Zacky' smell.