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I decided that Jacoby and James would be spending the night here tonight seeing as it was late by the time they all settled down and the fact that the boys passed out on the floor during a movie. After I had called Lana and let her know that I would take her foster children to school tomorrow, Zack and I got up from the couch and Jacoby looked at us expectedly.
"I'm going to put your brother in with Zacky in his bed," I murmured, smiling as she nodded. "And you can take your pick, Johnny Christ slept on this couch a little over two weeks ago," I laughed as her eyes widened and she got about ready to say something, "But, Matt, Brian and Zacky, here, have slept in the guest room,"
"I'll sleep up there, then!" She grinned, jumping up as well. I tapped Zack's shoulder and he leaned in so I could whisper in his ear, "Go on up stairs, I want to ask Jacoby something,"
"Sure thing," Zack smiled and picked Zacky up from the pile of blankets on the ground, "I'll be back down in a few to get James,"
"'Kay, baby," I murmured and pressed my lips to his. When Zack had completely left the room and gone up the stairs I sat back down on my leather couch and Jacoby did the same.
"So... 'Coby... who's your favorite?" I asked with a hint of mischief in my voice and giant grin on my face as a blush rose to her cheeks.
"Maxx!" She whined drawing out my name in protest, "This would be so much easier to talk about if I didn't know that you know them and their guitarist wasn't right up stairs,"
I groaned, "Don't ruin my fun! I want to know, everyone has a favorite,"
Jacoby rolled her eyes at me and smiled, "Do I have to tell you?"
"Yes," I stated, "If you ever want to meet the rest of them you will tell me who your favorite a7x boy is right now,"
Her blue eyes widened and she blurted, "Matt," With out even thinking.
"Aww!" I cooed and she buried her face in her forearms. I laughed with her, "Why is he your favorite?"
Jacoby sighed, "Well since I already told you that much I might as well tell you the rest. I like Matt because he's cute..." She shrugged, "He has dimples,"
I nodded rapidly, "Yeah, Matt may look tough, and he can be, don't get me wrong but underneath it all he's a major sweet heart. It almost makes me jealous of Val," I snorted in laughter. "But Yeah, Matt's cute but that can't be the only reason I mean have you seen Johnny? Or Brian?" I whistled and Zack came down the stairs and cleared his throat in annoyance and I rolled my eyes, "But Jacoby you have to admit it, Zacky Vengeance is so fucking sexy like it makes me go all fan girl on his ass just by looking at him, he's like a fallen, No! A dark angel," I gushed, adding unnecessary enthusiasm in my voice because I knew that's what most of the fan girls do sound like.
Jacoby snickered and rolled her eyes again, muttering "Oh yes," Sarcastically as a smirking Zacky carried her little brother up to bed.
"Do you want to borrow something to sleep in?" I questioned noticing that the jeans she had on wouldn't be very comfortable to sleep in.
"Yeah, You look about my size!" Jacoby cheered as I pushed her up and off the couch and stuck my hand out for her to pull me up. We both climbed the stairs and walked to my bedroom door.

"That's the only bathroom," I pointed to a door, "And that's Little Zacky's room, the one next to it is mine and the one across from mine is the guest room,"
"Which is next to the bathroom," She pointed out smartly.
"Har, Har, Har," I joked and knocked on my shut bedroom door knowing that Zack was in there.
"One second!" He called and I heard him shuffling around behind the door. The black door opened a second later with Zacky on the older side, his baggy blue stripped pajama pants hanging low on his hips showing the top of his boxers.
"I just needed to find 'Coby something to wear," I shrugged and pulled the gawking girl away from the tattooed rockstar. I rustled through my closet and tossed a big black shirt at her, "Do you want pants or shorts?" I asked, pulling out both. Jacoby pointed to the pair of middle thigh shorts that I hadn't ever wore. "If you like them you can keep them," I murmured, tossing them to her as well.
"Thank you both, for everything," Jacoby turned to leave with a smile on her face.
"Hey wait!" I called grabbing my laptop from the little table I had near the bed, "I'll walk you,"
Jacoby just nodded and smiled at me. I opened the door to the guest room and held my arms out like it was some kind of show. And for the look in her face it could've been.
"Wow, this is nice," Jacoby sighed and threw herself onto the bed. "A bed,"
I laughed quietly, "Don't you have a bed there?"
She nodded and grimaced, "I have the top of a bunk bed, there are three bunks in each room,"
I frowned, "You're 16 years old and you sleep on a bunk bed with five other kids in the room?"
Jacoby sat up and shrugged, "It's a three bedroom foster home with 12 kids. There really isn't much room,"
I sat down on the bed next to her, the purple satin sheets crinkling underneath me, I handed her my laptop and she looked at me, confused.
"It's only 10 o'clock, I figured you might want something to do before you go to bed, I wasn't sure if you'd just watch t.v so, here, my laptop is yours for the night,"
Jacoby took the thing from me and set it on the bed next to her. She then wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me into a hug. "Thank you Maxx," She mumbled, "This has been the best night of my existence. I got to meet one of the guitarist to my favorite band and I just got to hang out for a night instead of taking care of eight little kids,"
I smiled and released her, "No problem, you can come hang out here anytime,"
Jacoby told me thanks once more and I got up and stretched, "I'll let you relax, now. Just knock if you need anything, there's food and drinks in the fridge if you want a midnight snack, just remember you've just got to wake up for a few moments so I can dump you at school, you can sleep through all the unimportant classes," I grinned as she burst out laughing.
"Can do!"

I shut the dark door behind and and scrambled my way to my own room. Zack was laying on the bed, his colored arms folded behind his head. His beautiful orbs shifted from the t.v to me when I entered the room. He smirked and I smiled at him, remembering the fake spas attack I had 'about him' 20 minutes before.
I crawled over him as I straddled his hips. I grabbed onto his broad shoulders and let a smirk play on my lips, matching his own snakebitten smirk.
I leaned down slowly and chastely kissed his lips. I sat back up on his hip and Zack smiled at me, peacefully. He tangled his calloused fingers in my shoulder length white-blonde hair.
"You're beautiful," He whispered and he guided my lips to meet his once again.
"You're amazing," I retorted against his mouth, his minty breath mingling with mine.
My eyes closed as I rested my head in his neck, still laying on top of him with his hands clasped behind my back. I listened to his breathing for awhile longer, letting it raise goosebumps on my shoulder. Eventually I climbed off of him and walked to my closet pulling out my favorite pair ofZack's basketball shorts. I shimmied out of my jeans and pulled the blue pair on. I peaked over my shoulder and Zack was watching me instead of the t.v. I turned my gaze back to the row of t'shirts hanging on the rack in my closet. I peeled my Nirvana shirt off and tossed it to the pile of clothes that I had thrown there after this morning, leaving me in my white and blue dotted bra. I pulled a grey tank top from it's hanger and turned to face Zack. He titled his head to the side as I pulled the shirt over my head. He patted the space next to him in my bed and I crawled in, resting my head on his bare chest.

"You know when I met your first boyfriend I wanted to punch his lights out?" Zack said and I leaned my face up to look at him.
"Really? I questioned, quietly and he nodded.
"Yeah, I was so jealous I thought I would burst,"
I sighed and kissed his Deathbat tattoo, "Why didn't you ever act on that jealousy?"
He leaned his chin on the top of my head, "Because I didn't know if it'd ruin anything between Jimmy and I... or Jimmy and you,"
"Why would it have affected me and Jimmy?" Zack wrapped one of his arms around my shoulder and rested his hand on my stomach, tracing small patterns.
"You two were really close and I didn't want to take you from Jimmy,"
"I could've shared my lovin',"
Zacky chuckled and kissed my head, "I know that now,"
We were both silent as we watched a music video on MTV2.
"It killed me when you started dating Gena," I said honestly.
I sighed, "Because I knew that you two would last,"
"Oh," He murmured against my hair, "I didn't know,"
"I know you didn't," I promised, "But I had always liked you and it was hard when she called and I heard you murmur, 'I love you too,' before you hung up. That was the first time I had heard you tell her that before,"
"I'm sorry," Zack whispered, playing with my hair.
I turned around so I was laying on my stomach, "Don't be. She's your girlfriend remember?"
Zack shook his head, no, "I wish you were,"
"You have to finish one chapter before you can live another," I murmured honestly and laid my head on his chest once again, my cheek against his heartbeat.
"Don't worry, I finished that chapter awhile back, I was just afraid of the mysteries in this new one," Zack kissed my forehead and I dug my face into his chest to hide the small smile that overtook my face when he murmured those words into my ear.
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Word Count; 1,803

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