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Plane Trip Invitations.

Zacky growled as I pushed him away from me, his lips off of mine. I smirked and raised my eyebrows, challenging him. He sighed and threw himself onto the bed, next to me.
"You're a tease,"
I grinned and pecked his lips, "I know, baby. But we have stuff to do,"
Zacky looked at me, confused, and sat up on his elbows and tilted his head, "What do we have to do?"
I took his hand in mine and played with his fingers, "We have to go grocery shopping and I have to stop in a Rollingstone,"
Zack groaned again and buried his face in a pillow, "No shopping,"
I pulled my pillow from over his face and wrapped my arms around his torso. "It's either today or tomorrow," I stated, "It's inevitable,"
"No it isn't because I'm going to California tomorrow," Zacky murmured shrugging his shoulders like he didn't just shatter my heart. I laid on Zack with no words escaping my lips and I bit down on the bottom one to keep the disappointment and the sadness from showing in the moisture that welled up in my plain eyes.
I tangled my fingers with his rough ones, and I ran the tips of my fingers over the callouses that he had gotten from years of doing what he was put on this earth to do. I grabbed on tight as if my life depended on it and I snuggled my nose against his bare chest, following the colors of the Deathbat with my eyes. The outlined skeletal wings were shaded and outstretched. The Deathbat it's self was a skeleton and it seemed to be shouting to the heavens. It's a shade of yellow almost green and it fades darker as it moves towards to mouth and eyes.
"Maxx?" Zack called softly, letting go of my hand and using his rough fingers to gently bring my chin up so my eyes would meet his.
"You're leaving Zacky, he'll be," I stuttered, "He'll be devastated,"
Zack sighed and shook his head 'no', "I'm not leaving you Maxx, you're coming with me. You and Zacky,"
"I can't," I whispered, looking away, "I can't move there,"
Zack kissed my lips, lightly, "I never asked you too. I just want you to come for a visit. It's warm there," Zacky shivered, playfully looking to the window.
"Zacky has school and I have to be there to take James home and I promised Jacoby that I would be here if she needed a place to go. And then there is Annabelle I won't be able to check in on her while I'm away and work, I can't take off of work," I rambled, my eyes going wide with all the commitments that I had silently agreed too.
Zack's lips stopped me from going on and I sighed into the kiss. Zacky pulled back and pushed my bangs from my face, "Zacky can take a week off, he's smart, he'll catch up to what ever they are doing in second grade," I giggled and rolled my eyes, "And I'm sure Jacoby wouldn't mind picking her brother up for just one more week. Maxx, baby, you've got to stop worrying about Anna. I know her father walked off but he seemed nice enough when I met him at Annabelle's eighth birthday, he was trying really hard,"
I rested my pounding head against Zack's shoulder and thought hard about breaking my promise to Jacoby and James the day after I made it, "No Zack. I can't go back on a promise,"
Zack sighed in understanding before he sat up all the way, "Then bring them with," Zack said plainly, like it was obvious.
"What?" I queried, looking up to him, "I don't have the money for two more plane tickets and no, I'm not letting you pay for them,"
Zacky scoffed, "Then let me pay for you and Zacky, since I'm the one who wants you there, and you pay for them,"
I grinned at him and the way his mind works when he wants something, "Maybe," I whispered and he grinned back at me. Zacky pulled me against him, tightly and laughed in happiness.
"Thank you," He told me like a gentleman and shrugged out from under the blankets.
"But I get to pay for Jacoby and James!" I shouted after him as he walked out of the bedroom.
"Go ahead!" He replied, cockily.
"I will!"
I ran off to the bathroom and stripped out of my pajamas before I hoped in the steaming water. After I washed up and all that jazz, I blow dried my hair and walked to the bedroom with a towel wrapped tightly around me. I pulled a pair of black jeans from the closet and a white tank-top. I then pulled out my black long sleeved fishnet shirt and yanked it on over.
I marched down stairs and Zacky grinned at me from his spot on the couch, "Your turn," I informed him and he hopped up and placed a kiss on my cheek before racing up the stairs. I laughed at his eagerness and grabbed my computer from the table. I gathered a bunch of things that I would need today and dumped them all into a bag.
"So where are we headed?" Zack asked 30 minutes later as he came waltzing down the stairs.
"Well if we are going to California we are going to have to go ask Jacoby and James's foster Mom. We can't just take two kids and wonder off to the other side of the country..." I laughed and he shrugged. Zack was wearing a blue and white checkered shirt and a pair of blue jeans. His hair framed his face and his nose and lip rings shined. As did his ear rings.
I grabbed my bag from a chair in the kitchen and Zack grabbed my hand.
We pulled up in front of the foster home almost 20 minutes later, but this time it was barren of any children. Zack and I both got out of the car and he took my hand again, I smiled at him as I rang the door bell.
I heard Lana call for us to 'wait a second' and a few later the red door swung open.
"Oh," Lana said, "Is something wrong?"
I turned my smile from Zack to her, "Oh no, I actually have something I want to ask you... again,"
Lana smiled back in a friendly way, "Come in then, We can have a seat in the living room," She led us into the kitchen once again and there was a dark-haired baby in a high-chair, I couldn't help but coo at him when Lana pulled him from the chair and placed him on her hip.
"This is Liam, he's the only kid here during the day, the others are all old enough to go to school... or preschool,"
I giggled at the baby boys big cheeks and the adorable smile that held them up. Lana walked through one of the doors in the kitchen and we came out in a living room. Lana sat on one couch with Liam and Zack and I sat on the one across from her.
"What did you want to ask me?" She questioned, politely.
I bit my lip and fumbled with Zacky's fingers, "I want to take James and Jacoby to California for a week. I know someone who might want to adopt them," I said confidently and both Zack and Lana looked at me in shock.
"What?" Lana stuttered, situating Baby Liam on her lap.
"I want to take them on a trip to Cali," I shrugged and Zacky kissed my temple.
I sighed, "Because I'm going out there anyways and I think it'd be good for them. I know they'd have to miss school and everything but I can make sure that they both get caught up,"
Lana sighed, "I don't know. I was wary of even letting you pick James up from school but now you want to lug them across the country? Why do you care so much about doing things for them?" She ranted, using one hand to get her point across and the other to cower the baby to her chest.
"Because growing up sucks and if I can do something nice for someone else then my life might be just a little more complete. But it's alright, I understand. This is why I asked you before I brought it up to them," I smiled at her, put off just a little.
"I want to let them go, I really do but they need to be careful with strangers and things," She groaned at the end.
"We aren't strangers. We're friends,"
Lana and I talked about what was going to happen in California and I explained that we would be meeting up with the band and possibly go to a small show that Zack said he would arrange for Jacoby. After about 45 minutes our discussion came to an end and Lana asked one more question that had fallen through the cracks.
"Where will you be staying?"
Zacky grinned at her, "My mansion," I laughed and Lana finally decided it would be alright if they flew to Cali. with us for a week. And on the way to stop in at my work I realized something, "Zack? What about Gena?"
He shuddered and then smirked at me, "Fuck Gena,"
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Word Count: 1,549