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Tragic Romance

Last Minute.

Zack and I did end up going into work, just for a moment, so I could tell Jason about my much needed vacation. And when I walked into Jason's office, sitting there was a distraught Carter.
"Jason I'm going to need a..." I looked up and stopped when I saw he and Carter sitting there with coffee, "A week off," I mumbled the last part.
Jason looked up to me and smiled and I knew that Carter hadn't said a word to his best friend about our break up. "What for?" Jason questioned, exiting out of something on his computer.
"I'm uh," I stuttered, "I'm going to California for a bit. Family vacation," I shrugged and kept my gaze off of Carter. I could feel him looking at me and I folded my arms over my chest. Jason's office was really just a room that he lined with shelves and he had stuck a black desk in the middle. I shifted uncomfortable with Carter's intense stare.
"So..." I murmured and Jason laughed at my behavior.
"Yes Maxx, you can have a week off. Not that you would have stayed here if I told you 'no' anyways. When are you leaving?"
I smiled at him and laughed, "Tomorrow,"
I thought I saw Carter's jaw hit the ground and I frowned slightly. "Zack is taking Zacky, Jacoby, James and I to California so they can get a break from everything. I've never seen two more stressed out kids then those two,"
Jason looked shocked for a moment, "Who are Jacoby and James?"
This time a real smile over took my face, "They are these two really rough kids that I met and they have a reason too, they were orphaned four years ago when their Mother died from Cancer. They live in a four bedroom house with 10 other kids and Zacky and I decided that we would give them a break and take them out for awhile,"
Carter jumped up from the chair that he had been sitting in, "So you take them to California? Why wouldn't you just take them to Pizza Ranch or something? I mean, I know you feel bad for every poor person on this planet but running off to the other side of the country with Zack of all people!" Carter shouted, waving his arms around.
"I can't believe you," I seethed, "It is none of your business," I turned to Jason and smiled apologetically, "Sorry, I'll see you sometime next week,"
I marched out of the building with a scowl on my face and climbed back into the car where Zack was waiting.

We went home for the next two hours. I made a pizza for lunch and we sat in the living cuddled on the couch watching 'Disaster Date' and talking about our own horrible dates growing up. Before I knew it Zack and I were on our way to the elementary school to pick up the boys. We walked hand in hand past every class room and Zacky growled silently when we walked past Callum and Daren. I slapped his chest lightly and he grinned at me.
"Mom, Dad!" Zacky raced out of room 213 with his back pack strapped to his back and James right behind him.
"Hey Baby!" I called as I lifted him into my arms.
"Hey James!" Zack greeted and pulled him closer to us, "Guess what?"
"What?" He asked cautiously, his eyebrows raising in concentration.
Zack looked to me, silently asking if I wanted to tell him and I shook my head, 'no'.
"Well, today I woke up with the idea that you and your sister should get a present," Zack shrugged and glanced to his son who was wiggling in my arms. Zack took the squirming six year old and put him on the floor next to James. I started walking away and Zack followed, the boys copying him.
"Well! What is it?" James questioned impatiently, tugging on Zack's sleeve.
Zack grinned down at the excited boy and stuck his tongue out. I opened the door of the car and both boys climbed in, begging for Zack to tell them.
"Mom! Do you know?"
I tried to hide my smile as I started the car, "Yup,"
James and Zacky immediately switched to begging me for information and I pretended to sip my lip and throw the key out the window.
"Stop it, stop it!" I yelled as they shouted out what it could be, "You'll never guess,"
"Daddy! Please tell us!" Zack pleaded, clasping his hands together and putting a pout on his face. James took one look at him and did the same.
Zack groaned and closed his, "I can't tell you until Jacoby gets off school. We are going to pick her up too,"
This time it was the boys who groaned, mumbling things under their breath as they sat back in their seats. Little Zacky sat in the back with a pout on his face the whole ride home and his father sat in front of him with a knowing smirk.
The last hour seemed to fly by and soon enough the four of us were on our way to the main entrance of the high school, where kids were already spilling out. Zacky decided that he wanted to wait in the car and James agreed so I waited with them parked on the curb. Zack clambered out of my baby blue 2011 Shelby Mustang. I laughed when he got swarmed by a bunch of kids and he looked to the car with wide eyes.
"Boys, I've got to go help your Dad, stay here," I warned and climbed out, locking the doors as I jogged over to a big group of kids.
"Need some help, Zacky?" I called into the group and Zacky sent a thankful smile my way. "Has anyone seen Jacoby?" I rolled my eyes when I realized that I didn't know her last name.
A group of girls sneered and rolled their eyes when I said her name. "She coming out of Mr. Henkins class, she should be out here soon," He mumbled, his blonde hair covering his eyes, "I can go find her if you want?" He offered.
"No thanks, We can wait," Zacky shrugged and the same girls looked in shock at the rockstar in front of them, "Why are you waiting for her?" The dark-headed one growled, folding her arms.
"Well I'm here to pick her up. She won't be her for the next week I'm taking her to California to meet the rest of the guys," The entire group seemed to go quiet in shock and in jealousy and I started laughing at their reactions to Zack's blunt explanation.
Zack signed a few autographs and took a few pictures and a couple of minutes later there was a red headed girl running out of the school in excitement, "Maxx! Zack! What are you guys doing here?"
Zack grinned and her and slung his arm over her shoulder, excusing himself from the crowd of high school students, "We have something we want to tell you and your brother!"
Jacoby tilted her head in confusion and started to ask what it was about before I opened the car door and ushered her into the small back seat.
The boys pounced on her, asking and pleading for her to tell them what it is but she just turned to Zack and begged for him to let it slip.
The kids literally pushed us up the stairs and into the house. Jacoby pushed us both down onto the couch and her and James sat on the floor, cross-legged and Zacky sat in her lap with her arms wrapped around his little waist.
"Spill," Jacoby demanded and the boys both shouted, 'yeah,' with almost threatening looks on their little faces.
"Maxx and I decided that we are taking Zacky to see his uncles in California tomorrow," Zack stated and I slapped his chest and gave him a look that demanded he tell them the rest. He sighed and rolled his forest colored eyes at me.
"But," He continued, "We didn't want to leave you two with out someone to pick up James everyday-,"
Jacoby cut him off with a dejected but urgent look on her face, "No, no, don't throw out your plans because of us!"
I smiled at her, "We aren't," I nudged Zack,
"You two are coming with us,"
Their baby blues grew wide and they looked up at us from their spots on the floor, "That would be," 'Coby murmured, "That would be amazing,"
James sighed, sadly, "But Lana would never let us go to California,"
"That's too bad," Zack sighed and Zacky looked at the two, upset.
"But we already talked to Lana, you two have to pack... we leave in the morning,"
James and Jacoby's eyes grew wide once again and they each launched themselves at us, Jacoby gently pushed Zacky off her lap and lunged at Zack, wrapping her arms around his neck and murmuring 'thank you' over and over again. James jumped into my lap and gave me the biggest hug his little arms could. "This is going to be so fucking cool!" He screamed and high fived Zacky.
"Hey," I warned, "Watch your language, young man!"
"Sorry, Maxx,"
I smiled at the boy and cupped his smooth cheek, "It's alright, kiddo. But we've got to get you two home so you can say goodbye to everyone and pack some clothes," I stood up with James still wrapped around me, "Come on, Monkey," I murmured and held him up with my right arm. I grabbed Zacky's hand with my left.
"How long are we going to be there?" Jacoby questioned and Zack told her, "About a week, give or take a day,"
"Holy shit!" Jacoby screamed and raced down the stairs, "Come on!"
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Her Car

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