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The guys decided it would be easier if they didn't show up to the airport to get us. But instead they dropped off one of the SUV's the night before. Leaving the airport was even more exciting than getting there, for everyone.
It was about a 25 minute drive from our airport to Huntington Beach and once again the beauty of the place caught me off guard as we travelled down the Pacific Coast Highway and right into town and the beaches. Jacoby couldn't sit still in her seat as we drove to Zacky's house to drop off our stuff and then to Brian's, where everyone was waiting.
Zacky's house was still amazing, even though it had been familiar for so long.
We all piled out of the van, our bags in our hands. I grabbed Zack's shirt and forced him to stop walking. He turned to face me and cocked his head.
"Is Gena here?" I questioned.
"Nope, She's at Brian's already. She said something about giving the kids room to get situated,"
I nodded and let go of him. Then something dawned on me at that moment;
Gena is a good person.

Zack unlocked the door and showed the others around while Zacky and I took everyones things up stairs to the Zacky's and the guest rooms. Zacky's father had designed what he likes to call 'a dream bedroom' for his son the very moment he realized about the identical young boy.
Little Zacky's room is big and colorful. Each side of the room is filled with castles and toys. The room had slightly different levels to the floor and a light blue carpet sat on top of the dark hard wood floors that ran through out the rest of the house. From the top of the brown colored castle sat a side that ran back down. His bed was underneath the second level of the castle and a little desk sat next to it. And to finish off Little Zacky's room, a sun roof was built into the ceiling.
"Zacky, James is going to sleep in here with you, okay?"
Zacky grinned at me from on top of the castle, "Okay!"
"Come on, Baby," I murmured, dropping the boys' bags next to the slide that Zacky was flying down.
I smiled at Zack's room and walked to the door next to it. There are two guest rooms, Zacky's room and Zack's. Both the guest rooms looked the same; Dark hard wood floors, a dresser, a closet. The only thing separating the two was the color of the sheets on the bed, red or purple and the red room had a bathroom connected.
I placed Jacoby's bag in the red room and mine in the purple. Zacky came bounding into the room and jumped into my arms. Zack and the siblings were coming up the stairs as we walked to the top.
"This place is amazing!" James shouted, his eyes wide.
Zacky giggled in my arms, "Wait until you see my room!"
Zacky wiggled from my arms and he and James raced off the way we had come. Jacoby groaned, "I want to go meet the rest of the band!"
"Five minutes boys!" Zack shouted past me.
"Okay!" Zacky yelled back, and I could hear James yell out word of excitement when Zacky pushed his bedroom door open.
"The third door is your room," I murmured, "The bathroom is connected,"
'Coby put a giant smile on her face and jumped on Zack, hugging him tight, then moving to me. "Thank you, thank you!" She yelled, running down the bright hallway.
"Five -" Zack started, Jacoby cut him off.
"- Minutes! I know!" She pushed open the door and rushed in. I laughed and looked to Zacky, "This is great, you know. They're so excited,"
Zacky nodded almost shyly and smiled at. "I'm going to go put my stuff down in my room,"
"Okay, I'm going to tell the boys to change clothes. They don't need to wear pj's for the rest of the day,"
Zack chuckled and nodded again, "True. I'll tell Jacoby,"
"Okay," I grinned and walked into Zacky's kingdom. Each of the boys were holding toy swords and standing on a different part of the castle, swinging them at each other.
"Hey!" I called, "Knock it off. Come get dressed, you can't wander around in pajamas all day,"
They both raced to get down the little slide and James laughed before pushing Zacky out of the way.
"I win!" James called as he hit the ground and Zacky sighed,
The boys stuck their tongues out at each other and I rolled my eyes pulling them both over to their bags. It took a couple of minutes to get them both to behave but soon enough we were walking out the front door into the California humidity. I strapped both boys into the car and Jacoby jumped in and clicked in almost at the same time, excited to go to 'the Synyster fucking Gates' house'.
Brian lives right down town so it wasn't really a ride at all, one minute were driving and the next we were pulling into a drive way off of the beach.
"Guys! We're here!" Zack shouted as he threw the door open.
Jacoby's eyes grew wide.
"You're Avenged Sevenfold!"
Brian laughed, "No? Really!" And then he turned to Matt and screamed like a fan girl, waving his hands in front of his face like a fan.
Jacoby glared, "Ha. Ha."
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Short, I know.