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Dad's in town.

From then on Zacky stayed quiet, except for when Diane asked him how he liked school and he replied with a sarcastic, "It's wonderful,"
Diane's husband was a man in a suit kind of guy. His dark hair sat perfectly combed on his head and his brown eyes held an air of authority.
"So Miss, how did you meet Carter?" He asked, popping a piece of chicken into his mouth.
"We work together," I told him, running my fingers through my hair, "I've had just been too busy to notice how much of a nice guy he is."
Richard cleared his throat, loudly, "Carter has always been a good kid. That is when he isn't fighting with his sister,"
I smiled as a chuckle made it's way past my lips, "Carter told me about when he was younger, how he and Caitlin never got along. Of course I had to ask him 'what siblings do?'.
Carter and his father laughed calmly and he nodded at me in agreement, "That's so very true. So you have siblings then?" I caught Richard's eye as I swallowed, nodding.
"Yes, I have nine brothers."
So far Diane had been silent, up until now. She just about choked on her wine as that fact left my lips. "Nine? Oh lord," She muttered, looking at me in disbelief.
"Yes, well, I really only consider two of them family,"
Richard looked at me with questions displayed in his eyes, "Why is that?"
I looked at my plate and folded my hands in my lap, trying to decide how I would tell them about my past. "I didn't have the best childhood. Jimmy was the only person there for me, growing up. Jimmy and Jet." I nodded as I looked up to meet their gazes. Carter looked at me, most likely wondering why I never told him about Jimmy. One night I had explained my brothers to him. But I felt that Jimmy deserved more then being roped in the same sentence as my cruel family.
"Where are they now?" Diane questioned as she picked up the empty plates from the table. I mumbled 'thank you' as she took mine from in front of me.
"They're dead," I whispered, desperately trying to hold the tear behind my eye lids. "Jet died when I was 18, and The Rev died six years go,"
"The Rev?" Richard questioned, his eyes searching mine.
I smiled weakly as Zacky took over for me, "That was Uncle Jimmy's stage name, he was the original drummer for Avenged Sevenfold. Dad says he was best drummer in the world,"
The room was filled with tension after that, and Richard cleared his throat once more, "I'm sorry for your loss,"
I smiled at him as Zacky took my hand in his little one. We sat at the table for a little while longer discussing work and things before my phone began to blare from my back pocket. I rolled my eyes knowing that it was Zack. "Excuse me," I mutter as I yanked it out.
"Hey Zack," I greeted,
"Where are you? We're at your house," He demanded, sounding impatient. I heard the boys yelling their 'hello's' in the background, a grin overtook my face.
"You're early," I mumbled glancing at the clock on the wall in the living room of Carter's parent's house.
"Plane was quicker then I thought, sorry." He replied, sarcasm dripping from his words. I sighed angrily as I raked my fingers through my hair.
"I'm in the middle of something, Zacky,"
He growled on the other line, "Well, we can't just wait here,"
I rolled my eyes, "You have your key. Let yourself in,"
"Fine, when will you be back?"
"In about a half an hour. Just play the Xbox or something,"
"Don't patronize me," He warned, "I'm not a little kid,"
I pulled the phone from my ear as I chuckled, "You sure act like it,"
"Ha ha, very funny. I'll see you in a bit, unfortunately,"
"Mhm," I agreed, "See you," I shut my phone and walked back into the kitchen, where Zacky was sitting at the table with the three of them. Carter was talking to his parents and attempting to get Zacky to talk to each of them. "Sorry about that." I told Richard and Diane. "Zacky, your Dad's in town," I directed to him.
"Yes!" He stood up from his chair, "Can we go now?"
I shook my head and pushed him back down into his chair, "Now don't be rude. We can stay a little longer."
"Great," Carter noted as he stood to pull my chair out for me.
"Thank you," I told him as I sat, "That was a wonderful lunch, Diane, thank you,"
She just nodded at me as she took her husbands hand in her own.
"So Zachary? What do you like to do for fun?" Richard asked.
Zacky lazily shifter his gaze from the kitchen window to the man across from him, "I play baseball," He muttered, his eyes shinning slightly.
"Do you now? Carter here played when he was a kid as well," Richard said looking to his grinning son.
Zacky looked to Carter, "That's great," He muttered dryly.
"Yeah, Dad, I was telling Zack a few days ago that we should play sometime. It would be a lot of fun to see what this little lefty has up his sleeve,"
Zacky grinned sarcastically again, "I could kick your ass," My eyes went wide as Carter's mother gave him a horrified look and Richard started in disbelieve as his son chuckled nervously.
"Zacky," I warned, "Stop acting like Zack,"
He smiled at me and the shocked faces of the people beside us, "Okay,"
I almost glared at his cocky attitude, "Apologize,"
This time he did glare at me as I motioned to Carter, "Sorry," He mumbled his confident demeanor leaving him when Carter accepted. Zacky crossed his arms and stood from his chair, "We shouldn't keep Dad and them waiting,"
I guess you're right," I sighed. I would much rather stay here then see Zack again. But having the rest of the boys with him did sweeten the deal by a lot. "Thank you for having us," I waved to Diane and Richard. "It was nice meeting you,"
"See you tomorrow, Mom and Dad," Carter said goodbye as he led and grinning Zacky and I from the kitchen. When we reached his car Carter pulled me to his side, "I'm sorry about my Mother," He whispered in my ear, "She isn't very opened minded to people like Zack."
"Are you talking about Zacky or his father?" I asked as soon as Zacky was in the car with the door slammed shut.
"Both," He whispered again, "Zacky is his son. She just doesn't accept that."
"Well, Zacky's my son so I'm not going to be around your mother if she is ever that blunt about things. I don't care if she doesn't like me, but to say that about Zack in front of Zacky..." I trailed off shaking my head.
"I'm sorry, I don't care if she doesn't like you either. I do."
The ride home Carter and I talked about work and the new column that David, our boss, decided to start.
Just as soon as the car stopped moving Zacky was darting up the stairs. I smiled and kissed Carter before following after him.
"Maxx!" Brian shouted as I came into the living room.
I grinned, "Bri!" As Brain pulled me into a hug I looked over his shoulder to see Zack kneeling on the floor with his son in his arms. And as his green eyes shot up to meet mine, my breath caught in my throat.
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