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Tragic Romance

Sibling Rivalry.

"He's just kidding around, kid," Johnny shouted from Brian's couch. Once again Jacoby glared but I could see the smile hiding underneath and I knew that she was acting tough so she wouldn't freak out over them. "Hey Johnny?" She called sweetly and he replied by shouting "Yeah?" and taking a sip of his beer.
"This kid is taller then you so I wouldn't be throwing around words that imply small," She growled and the guys burst out laughing. Johnny muttered, 'touche' and took another drink of his alcoholic beverage.
"I like her," Matt concluded, throwing his tattooed arm over her shoulder. Jacoby's blue eyes grew wide and I could see her start to hyperventilate.
"Hey Matt," I called, he looked to me, "Give the girl some room before she chokes on her own excitement!" Matt looked down to her face and withdrew from her but before he could pull away completely Jacoby grabbed his shirt, "I'm fine, Maxx," She growled, raising her eyebrow at me.
James seemed to fine this funny because he erupted in laughter, "Finally got your special dream to come true, huh sis?" He asked in laughter and Jacoby seemed to blush.
"Shut up, brat," She warned and pulled away from Matt, taking a step towards her laughing little brother.
"Okay, Okay," James said and looked up from his laughter fit, "I'm James by the way," He waved, "Zacky's new best friend,"
"Yeah!" Little Zacky shouted, jumping around as Brian picked him up.
"Hey Zacky! Long time no see!" Bri cheered and Zacky nodded, hugging his uncles neck before Brian put him down.
"Girls! Get your asses down here!" Brian screamed, looking up the stairs, "You're favorite nephew is here!"
It sounded like a stampede as the four girls raced down to where we stood. Valary swiped Little Zacky up into her arms and twirled him around a few times.
"Aunt Val! Put me down!" He screeched, happily. Val complied but the second he was touching the floor Michelle had him in a tight hug, "We've missed you!" She smiled and the little boy hugged her back.
"I've missed you too Aunt 'Chelle!" He grinned when she let go of him.
Lacy walked over to him and ruffled his hair, "You need to grow taller because I am not leaning down," She joked and Zacky literally jumped up into her arms.
She caught him with an 'oof' and laughed before kissing his forehead and setting him back down.
Gena seemed to migrate away from him and he just waved at her and she returned it with a smile from where she was standing next to Zack.
"Guys!" I called, "This is Jacoby and her brother James," Everyone noticeably stiffened at his name and they tried to relax as they murmured their hello's.
"Well, I guess I'll introduce everyone," Matt smiled and I rolled my eyes.
"No need, Jacoby will do it for you,"
I laughed at the glare she sent my way but she opened her mouth anyways, "Stage names or real names?" She asked and the guys plastered smirks to their faces.
"Both," Brian grinned and 'Coby sighed.
She pointed to each as she went around the room, "Zack Baker or Zacky Vengeance of course, Brian Elwin Haner Jr. or also know as the ever cocky Synyster Gates, That's Matthew Sanders, M. Shadows, and the lazy one on the couch is Jonathan 'Short Shit' Seward or Johnny Christ, I guess," Jacoby shrugged at the end, smirking slightly at Brian's scowl.
"Why was I the only one who's middle name was said?" He whined and Jacoby rolled her eyes.
"Don't whine, Brian, if it'll make you happy I'll say theirs as well?" She questioned and he nodded, stubbornly.
"Fine then," She murmured, "Matt is Charles. Zacky is James and Johnny is Lewis. Happy now Mr. Rockstar?"
"Yes," He stated and everyone laughed, even Jacoby as she shook her head at his antics.
Val stood slightly, "I'm-"
Jacoby finished for her, Valary... I know. That's Michelle, that's Lacy and that's Gena,"
The girls grinned at their popularity and pulled everyone into the conjoining living room to sit down.
"So..." Johnny said, "What do you like to do for... fun?" He finished lamely and Jacoby chuckled.
"Not good with kids?" She questioned and he sighed,
"More like 'not good with teenage girls," Everyone laughed again.
"Well then. I like music, obviously," She stated, bluntly. "I... that's about it. I'd tell you what I don't like... but that would take forever,"
James grinned from where he sat next to me, which was also next to Zacky, "She also loves M. Shadows, I mean she's like obses-" James couldn't finish because Jacoby had lunged over me and tackled her younger brother to the floor.
"I'm going to kill you, James!" She growled and he tried to push her off of him. She was laying half on top of me and I pulled the siblings apart. They each sat on side of me glaring at each other, "I fucking hate have a little brother," She growled, reaching to slap him in the head once more.
"I'm not fucking little!" He screamed back at her and everyone let out the laughter they had been trying to obtain the entire time.
"Language," I warned and Little Zacky rolled his eyes.
"They say it!" He pointed to the guys and girls who littered the living room.
I glared at my son and he noticeable shrunk back.
"So..." We all looked to Matt at the sound of his voice. He was looking straight at Jacoby, "You're obsessed with me, huh?"
Jacoby groaned, burying her face in my shoulder and Val slapped her husband's chest.
He grinned at her innocently his dimples appearing, "What? I was just asking!"
The laughter ceased to stop anytime soon.
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This is really short, I know that.
But I'm trying to come up with ideas that'll get me to where I want to be in this story.