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Concert Surprises.

Two days later we were standing back stage at a charity concert for Orphaned Children that Zacky and the guys decided to throw for the siblings. Somehow Avenged managed to book the Echoplex in Los Angeles and fly out Mike from where he was working on promotional things for Dream Theatre. Avenged Sevenfold had posted notices and every website they had access to about this last minute show and that everyone could buy tickets at the door. And now, the main entrance and every other door to the building was swarmed with fans shoving money into the ticket takers hands and running into the huge building with their tickets tucked deep down into their pockets.
Jacoby was just about bouncing off the walls in excitement, claiming that she could die happy right now and hugging everyone she came in contact with. Something rare, James had said before running off with Zacky and his father. Jacoby and I peaked around the stage and saw all the fans lining up on the floor and in the seats. She would shriek and grab onto my arm, jumping up and down and all the guys would laugh at her while she glared.
"Maxx! They are going on! Oh My Gerard Way!" She screamed as the guys grabbed their instruments and rushed out to the stage as the people in the crowd hollered and hooted.
"Hello L.A!" Matt shouted, jumping onto the 'ego-booster'. The crowd yelled again. Zack walked up to his mic. and smirked at all the faces in front of him. My breath caught and I gulped, readying myself for what I was about to do out on that stage.
"Hey guys," Zack greeted, fumbling with his guitar strap, "I'd like to bring someone out here, now," He looked to me, "Maxx, baby, come here," He motioned and I scrambled out, grinning as the crowd screamed again. I waved at them and walked over to Zack.
"Now guys! Maxx, here, is going to change some ones lives forever," The crowd screamed and Zack leaned in and placed a kiss on my forehead, "I'll be back, baby," He murmured and rushed off stage, handing a tech his guitar.
Brian grinned at me and nodded towards the mic. I smiled back at him and walked over to it.
"Hey everyone!" I called and they shouted back at me, "I... I want to bring out some very special people, the kids that you can thank this amazing show for," I stopped talking as the fan's voices over powered mine. "So... Jacoby, James and Zacky of course. Come on out here," I called and I think I saw 'Coby faint from side stage and my son and his best friend tried to yank her retreating figure out here. Little Zacky groaned and let go of her hand and ran out onto the stage with James close behind.
"Uncle Matt!" He screamed and Brian stuck a microphone by his mouth so the crowd could here.
"My dumb sister won't come out here!" James continued and Matt rolled his eyes with a smile on his face. He followed the boys back over to the side and ran to catch up with Jacoby as she ran away. He tossed her over his shoulder and carried her out.
"Thanks, Mr. Shadows," I smiled as he put her down next to me. She growled at him and he grinned, showing off his dimples.
"So," I carried on, "I want to ask the two of you something," The siblings looked at me confused. "But first, lets introduce you to the world," I motioned to the screaming fans standing and sitting out there. "Guys!" Brian called and the ones who weren't already staring at his 'sexy face' turned to him. "These two are just about the coolest kids I've ever met. That aren't related to the great Avenged Sevenfold, I mean," He grinned at Matt as his offended look left his face.
Johnny stepped up to continue for Brian, "What Syn was trying to do is this;" He pointed to the almost ginger-headed kids, "This girl here is Jacoby and the taller little boy is James,"
"Now that that's over," I grinned at the two as they stuck their tongues out at me, "I want to ask you guys something," I looked to the floor of the stage and clasped my fingers together, noticing that my support, Zack, still wasn't back.
"I was wondering if you two would want to join my... my family," I looked to them and their shocked faces. "I mean, would you guys mind if I adopted -," The two of them were in my arms before I could even finish my sentence. "Yes, Yes, Yes," Jacoby screamed letting go of me and getting to the floor to pull her brother into her arms. I smiled, wiping the happy tears from my eyes and pulling my son into my arms.
"James! We're brother now!" He screamed in realization and the crowd laughed as he rushed forward to hug James. I laughed and dismissed us from the stage, tilting my head at the crowd. They had gone completely silent, a first for a rock concert and I shook my head before turning around to pull my kids off of stage. But I froze when I saw the kids standing in a row, a few feet away because in front of them, crouched on the stage stood Zack on one knee, his arms outstretched as he held out a little back box, the lights shining on a white diamond and I gasped. Matt handed Zack his microphone and Zack nodded in appreciation.
"Maxxus Lukas," He murmured, his beautiful green eyes, searching mine. "I know that we've lived our lives completely backwards and that this was something that neither of us really expected but both hoped for and now, I kneel here on this fucking disgusting stage" I chuckled slightly and bit my lip, "just to ask for the one thing that I've wanted for six years... Maxx... will you marry me?" Zacky nodded rapidly from behind his father and I smiled, tasting the salty liquid on my lips as the tears rolled down my cheeks.
I took a deep breath and grinned even wider, "Yes," I nodded and Zack rushed up and pulled me into his arms, swinging me around and around. And even though the crowd erupted in cheers it was just Zack and I on that stage, holding each other as his lips met mine... finally. He released me and I pulled our kids to us, hugging them and holding them.
"We're a family now, Momma," Zacky murmured and kissed my cheek.
"Yes we are, baby, yes we are," I muttered and placed my lips against Zack's.
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