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Tragic Romance


We spent the rest of our trip in total bliss and it came with out saying that the four of us, Jacoby, Zacky, James and I would only going home to pack our things and officially become a family by signing some papers that gave me custody of James and Jacoby. That gave both of us custody.
While we were still there, Zacky and James had been speculating on how they were going to decorate James' room and Zack even joined in. He seemed to be ecstatic nowadays claiming that he was going to finally have everything that he wants. 'Two son's a daughter and a beautiful wife.' And every time those words left his mouth I couldn't help but tug him down by his shirt and press my lips to his warm, snakebitten ones while all three children screamed, 'eww!"

Our time in California flew by and pretty soon Zack and our kids were back in New York saying goodbye to everyone we had known since I had gotten here.

"Jason!" I screamed as I ran into the building, to say goodbye and let him know of my news. "Jason!" I shouted as I rushed into his office.
"Woah! Maxx, calm down!" He laughed as I slammed the door open and heaved to catch my breath.
"Can't," I stuttered out, "Moving, Marriage, Kids!" I hissed out through my burning lungs.
"What?" Jason asked, cocking his head to the side, "Slow down,"
"I said!" I giggled, "I'm moving to California and getting married and adopting two kids! Well, Jacoby isn't really a kid, she's 16 but I'm getting married!" I rambled and my grin fell from my face when I heard someone clear their throat behind me in the door way.
"So soon?" Carter's voice cut through my glee and I clenched my jaw.
"Yes," I sighed, "And six years isn't that soon,"
Carter rolled his eyes angrily, "And you were with me for a year! Not him! Doesn't that mean anything?" He growled and this time I rolled my eyes.
"No," I muttered and turned back to my shocked boss. "Jason, I hate to quit but I'm moving across the country," I sighed and Jason grinned at me.
"Well," he murmured, "If you fly me out for your wedding I'll let you keep your job and just email everything in. You're an amazing writer and I'd hate to lose you to some crappy little paper in Cali." He shrugged indifferently putting his feet up on his desk and I screamed.
"I fucking love you, Jason!" I rushed over and wrapped my arms around his smirking figure.
"Yeah, yeah, get off me," He laughed and I jumped away from him. "Get out of here, Maxx. Go spend time with your family,"
"Talk to you soon, Jason!" I called as I ran out of the big building.

And after that we ran over to break the news to Lana and she wasn't so happy about it. Of course there wasn't a thing she could do about it really, because neither Zack or I had an unstable environment for children so after about two hours of paper work James and Jacoby ran up to what they called to community bedroom to grab their things, taking Zacky with them.

"I'm going to miss them, you know," Lana murmured when they were out of sight, "They've been here so long, I don't know what it'll be like here, with out them,"
I just smiled at her uneasily and Zack took my hand and offered me a small smile as Lana shifter the baby to her other hip.
"We'll take good care of them," Zack murmured and Lana nodded at the floor.
"I know you will," She muttered, "I don't doubt that for a minute but sometimes I wish that I would've been the one to adopt them,"
"I know why," I said and those twin boys came running down the stairs, four teenagers hot on their heels.
"Are you really adopting them?"
"Can't you adopt me instead?"
"You really are Zacky Vengeance!"
Zack waved and brushed off their comments and started to sign a few things that the older kids handed to him.
And as we left it was an emotional moment for all involved. And even though I knew that Jacoby and James were so excited to get out of there, I realized that even though bigger and better things awaited them it would still be hard to say goodbye to the past that you always thought would be your future.

The next morning we were on a plane to the rest of our lives, with only good things to come. And as we sat on that plane on our way home I couldn't help but think about the way my life had turned out...
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