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Tragic Romance


"Uh, Hey Zack," I stuttered as Brian let me go and I raced over to the other two, laughing as Matt pulled me up off the ground.
"Hey," Was his reply.
Matt put me down and I raced over to Johnny, Leaning down to hug his 5'5 frame. "God it's been forever!" I tell them, "How long are you guys staying?"
Brian took a seat on the couch and pulled me down on his lap, "I'm never leaving,"
I laughed loudly and the guys chuckled, Matt shaking his head, "Michelle wouldn't like that, babes."
Brian pouted, "So she can come live here too,"
"Oh yeah, you two can stay in the guest room," I agreed, pulling myself from Brian's grasp.
"Hey!" Johnny called, "That's not fair, if Syn gets to stay, I want to!"
"Me too!" Matt agreed.
"Fine, none of you can live here. But you can stay for the weekend, 'kay?" They all nod and I look to Zack. He was leaning against the wall, Zacky standing next to him.
"What about you, Zack. You going to swallow your pride and stay here for a few day?"
"Pride ain't got anything to do with it, Maxx." He rolled his eyes, "I need a smoke. Zacky stay here with your uncles." He muttered as he pulled the door open and walked away.
"Come here, Kid," Matt called to him, "I'm going to kick your ass on guitar hero,"
Zacky snorted in disbelief, "Yeah, when hell freezes over."
I groaned as the guys laughed, "You four are horrible," I mumbled as they started the game, childish banter erupting between them. A few moments later Zack came back up, joining in the game, they switched to some racing game when they finished their sets.
I smiled at the grinning faces of my past as I made my way to my bedroom. It had been over three months since I'd last seen Matt, Johnny and Brian. And it felt good to see them laughing and joking around, last time I saw them Zack and I had stormed away from each other, promising to never talk again. But of course, for our son, I put up with him. I flipped through channels on my t.v for about an hour before the guys started getting loud downstairs. I rolled my eyes and hopped up from my satin sheets, as the door bell rang.
"Now look what you jerks did. You got the neighbors coming to complain," I joked as I walked past them. Zacky just laughed, "Sorry Mom!"
"Mhm, sure you are." I muttered before yanking open the door, "I'm sorry about the no-" I stopped talking as I saw Carter standing there. "Carter? What are you doing here?" The guys had stopped talking and laughing to peak over the couch at me.
"I thought I could take you out tonight, since Zacky has people here to look after him," He smiled his dazzling smile at me.
I took a deep breath, "Carter, you know I haven't seen the guys in forever,"
"I know honey, but we can never go out because you don't trust anyone to babysit Zack," He took my hand in his, "Can't I come in?"
My eyes grew wide as I looked over my shoulder at the guys. I heard Zacky mumble something about Carter being my boyfriend and the guys' glares settled on him. Zack's the most threatening. "Uh, sure," I stuttered before opening the door wider.
"What's he doing here?" Zacky asked rudely, growling as I led Carter over to the rest of them.
"Don't be mean, kid." Johnny told him, ruffling his dark hair. I nodded to him as a thank you.
"Uh, boys. This is Carter. Carter, that's Johnny, Matt, Brian, and Zack,"
"Hey," Carter greeted, nodding his head slightly. "I've heard a lot about you,"
Zacky chuckled darkly, "That's funny, we haven't heard anything about you,"
Matt slapped him in the head, "Nice to meet you," He told him, getting up from the floor, the rest of the guys following. Brian pulling Zacky up into his arms.
"Yeah," Brian and Johnny agreed, ignoring Zack's glare.
"Oh, hey, you boys hungry?" I asked them, "Did you eat on the plane over here?"
Brian smiled at me, putting the grumbling Zacky down, "Just a little,"
"Okay, does frozen pizza sound good?"
"Yeah," Matt grinned, his dimples appearing.
"Pizza it is, go back to your games," I took Carter's hand and pulled him to the kitchen, "Make yourself comfortable," I pulled a pizza from the freezer and ripped the paper and plastic off of it. I stuffed it in the oven before turning it on. I went to pull a few beers from the fridge when Carter's voice stopped me.
"Maxx," He shook his head at me.
"What?" I asked, as I turned to face him.
He sighed, "Why do you let him act that way?"
I tilted my head to the side, "Who act what way?"
"Maxx, honey," He smiled cautiously, "Let me take you out, Zachary will be fine with his father and those guys. You need a break,"
I rolled my eyes, "Those are my best friends, I haven't seen them in months."
"Alright," He said, standing up from his spot at the kitchen table, "I'm going to go then,"
"Aww Carter," I cried, "you don't have to,"
"I do, honey. Your friends don't care for me, much. They're being nice, but I can tell. They don't want me here," I took his hand and pulled him to me. I placed my lips on his and for a split second I was still expecting the cool of metal to meet my lips. He pulled away and smiled down at me. "I'll walk you out,"
As we walked past the guys a smirk graced Zack's lips as he realized Carter was leaving. I rolled my eyes as his met mine. "Come on," I tugged Carter past them and out of the apartment. When we reached his car I leaned up to kiss his 5'11 figure.
"I'll call you tomorrow, Honey," He sighed as I pulled away.
I just nodded, biting my lip. He got into his car and as he drove away I turned back to my building. I folded my arms over my chest as I looked to the stairs as I jogged up them.
"What the hell are you doing with a guy like that?" I didn't even have to look up to know who's raspy voice that was.
"He's a nice guy Zack," I told him as I attempted to brush past him. The next thing I next I was pinned to the wall a top the stairs.
"But baby, you're not into 'nice guys,'" He whispered, his warm breath bringing goose bumps to my neck. His hands on my hips.
"Are we jealous, now Zacky?" I questioned, bringing my hand up to lay on his chest.
He chuckled darkly, "Jealous? Hell no. I just know you better then that,"
My eyes met his green ones, "Who says I'm into guys like you?"
Zacky ran his tongue along his snakebites a smirk resting on his lips, "And what kind of guy am I, baby?"
My eyes locked to his as I put my other hand on his chest, "an asshole," I growled as I shoved him and went to go check on the guys' pizza.