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Tragic Romance

Fun and games.

I woke up the next morning with Brian's tattooed arms wrapped loosely around my waist, I gently attempt to slide away from him and out of bed but before I could his arms grasp me tighter, "Where are you going, Maxx?"
I sigh at his smirk, "It's noon, I'm going to see if Zacky's awake,"
"Oh alright," He groans, "I'll let you go for Zacky,"
I roll my eyes as I jump up, tugging my sweats up and adjusting my tank top. I peaking into Zacky's room to see him sitting around watching something on the T.v, "Morning Kiddo. You hungry?"
He tossed the blankets off of him, "Yeah. Morning Mom," I grinned as he hugged my waist and when he let go I leaned down and kissed his forehead. He followed me down the stairs and to the kitchen. "Take a seat. My name is Mom and I'll be your waitress this fine morning," Zacky laughed as I pulled his chair out for him. "What'll it be?"
"Mom," Zacky whined dragging out the word, giving me his 'you know what,' look. And I grinned, placing a bowl in front of him. I got him his cereal before turning on the stove so I could cook for four grown men. Zack came walking down the stairs, his boxers hanging low on his hips. He dragged Zacky's bowl across the table as he walked past, sitting in the chair across from his son, grinning at Zacky as he looked in disbelief.
"Dad, that's mine!" Zacky whined.
Zack looked to him, "I know," He joked before taking his first bite. Staring at it strangely while he chewed, "What the hell is this?" He asked.
"Cheerios and Chocolate milk, what else?" Zacky grinned as he leaned over the table to pull his cheerios back to him.
"Hey!" Zack shouted trying to get it back, "That's good. Give it back!"
"Nu uh," Zacky said, his mouth full.
Zack sat there with his arms folded his bottom lip sticking out. It was hard for me not to groan at how cute he was. It had been awhile since I had seen Zacky's sweet side.
"Here" I laughed, placing a bowl of cereal in front of him.
He looked up to me, his orbs shining mischievously. I raised my eyebrows at him as he smiled innocently and shoved a spoon full in his mouth.
I rustled Little Zacky's hair as I walked past, smiling at Johnny as I walked past his tired form. "Food is in the kitchen. I've got eggs cooking on the stove but there is cereal if you're like them," He nodded at me as he rubbed his eyes. I jogged up the stairs throwing my bed room door open, "Brian!" I called and he groaned, "Go away,"
"Nope! I've got food!" I sang, holding out the 'o' in food.
"Alright," he said, "I'm up! Take me to this so called 'food'." I grinned at him and ushered him down the stairs, "Be down in a second. I've got one more stop to make.
I turned away, literally skipping down the stairs, "Oh Matt!" I called in a sing-song voice, "It's time to get out of bed!"
I knocked loudly on the guest bedroom door, that he and Zacky were sharing, and I heard him cuss under his breath, "I'm up! But for future reference," He opened the door, "I didn't order a wake up call,"
"It comes with the room," I smiled and shoved him towards the stairs.
"I'm going, I'm going," He muttered, laughing as pushed him again.
"Morning," Matt grumbled, as he sat in the last chair in the kitchen.
"Food?" Brian asked, waving his hands around in the air. I rolled my eyes as I stirred the scrambled eggs and turned off the stove not to burn the sausage. I pulled the toast from the toaster, "This is all I'm making, seeing as three out of five ate cereal,"I joked as I stuck my tongue out at them, while putting the eggs on plates and setting that and five forks in front of them. "No!" I cut them off as they opened their mouths. I turned back the counter and snickered at their faces. I pulled the chocolate milk from the fridge and poured in cups, I gave that to them and pulled myself on to the counter, "Eat up." Breakfast was filled with laugher and Zack and I ignoring each other once again.
"Thanks Mom!" Zacky shouted as he raced up the stairs to get dressed. The guys decided they wanted to take him to play baseball down the street. As the guys got dressed I cleaned up the kitchen.
"Your turn," Brian told me as he came into the living room a little over an hour later, raking his fingers through his damp hair.
"Are all the guys done too?," He nodded, "Thanks," I grinned walking past him. "Be down in 20,"
After I stripped from my clothes I got in the shower. After I washed my self and my hair, I jumped out immediately wishing I could get back in and let the hot water warm me up. I dried off before getting dressed, I decided that since we were just headed down to the park today that a pair of black basketball shorts and a long sleeved t'shirt would work if I wore a sweatshirt. I yanked open the bathroom door a few minutes later, my hair pulled back and dark make up lining my eyes.
"Ready to go?" I asked as I saw them sitting on the couch watching Viva La Bam.
"Yeah!" Zacky shouted, hopping up and waiting for his father. I let my eyes linger on Zack a second to long, his black shirt rode up a bit when he stood up and his grey boxer's peaked out from his almost baggy black jeans. His gaze met mine and he smirked, pulling his shirt down slowly. "Come on kid," He called to Zacky, "Let's play ball."
We walked the block to the park, the guys chasing Zacky the whole way. "Stop it!" Zacky screeched as he raced through the sand out the diamond, stopping at the pitcher's mound. "Some one step up to the plate!" He demanded one of the guys. Brian, Matt, and Johnny took places in the field as Zack smirked as waved the bat over the plate.
"Come on Zacky! Strike out your old man!" Brian called from first, looking to Johnny who was in center, who in return looked to Matt who stood behind first. Then they all smiled at Zacky as he wound up the pitch. I smirked, knowing just what Zacky was capable of.
Three, two, one,
The ball flew right past Zack, who stood them with a giant smile on his face, "My boy can pitch!" He shouted, "I wasn't expecting that," He lined up at the base again.
Three, two, one, crack,. The ball rocketed off of Zack's bat as he took off to first, running past Brian. The ball landed conveniently in Johnny's glove just as Matt tackled Zack to the ground.
"That's not fair!" Zack whined as he dusted himself off.
I chuckled, "He caught it anyways!" I shouted, he glared at me and turned around to face Johnny, not believing me. He groaned when Johnny held up his mitt, the ball held in it. The rest of the time was like that. The guys tackling each other as they rounded third. And every time Little Zacky got up the the plate Zack would lob it to him, so that he would be able to hit it. The last time it flew past shortstop and stopped in between there and where Johnny stood in the field. Little Zacky made it to second before Zack tossed the screaming boy over his shoulder, tossing him down into the grass.
"Get off of me!" Zacky screeched as his father tickled him. The rest of the guys dropped everything to the ground and took off running towards the duo in the grass. Matt yanked Zack off of Zacky and Brian threw the little boy into the air while Zack screamed, "Let me at him," Jokingly.
"No!" Zacky yelled back, running away when Brian put him back on the ground. Johnny following behind him the guys following suit.
As Zack ran past me he smiled a genuine smile, before focusing his gaze back to his son who had ran up the stairs to the play ground and came barreling down the slide. Matt stood at the bottom, his arms folded like a body guard. As soon as Zacky's feet touched the rocks at the bottom, Matt picked him up, looked both ways and darted towards the swings with the other three hot on his tail.
"Don't let Dad get me Uncle Matt!"
"Too late," Zack yelled yanking Zacky from the swing.
Zacky attempted to push his dad away, his converse covered feet digging into the rocks.
The boys ran around for a long time, and after a while Zacky came running over to me, hiding behind me and begging for me to protect him from them.
Zacky came rushing over and stopped in front of me, peaking behind to see the little boy who was gripping onto my shirt, staring past me with wide green eyes.
"Move Maxx!" Zacky demanded, grinning.
"Ahh," I sighed, "I don't think I will,"
Zacky smirked and took a step towards me, completely oblivious to Matt who was walking up behind him a finger to his lips as he pointed at Little Zacky.
"Oh yes you wi-" Zack got out before I turned around picked Zacky up and ran past him shoving Zacky in Matt's arms before Zack could tackle me to the grass by the bench I was sitting on.
"Why hello there," He whispered as Matt took off with Zacky, Brian and Johnny chasing after.
"Hi," I smiled back.
Zacky's green eyes met mine and for a second I thought I saw him leaning in, that was before Zacky came running to us, jumping on top of Zack who let out an 'oof'.
"Can we go home now? I want to watch 'Land of the Dead before dinner," Little Zacky smiled as Zack rolled off of me, putting Zacky in between us. "Sure, kid," He whispered.
♠ ♠ ♠
A little insight on Zacky and Zack's relationship.
and a little something with Maxx and Zack as well.
Oh... and Chocolate milk and Cheerios is so good. I was eating them when I wrote that so.. you know. You can thank the cereal for the inspiration to write something.