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Tragic Romance

School Days.

"Let's go Uncle Brian!" Zacky shouted the next morning, rushing down the stairs and tossing his backpack over his shoulder.
I heard Brian groan from where Zack and I sat in the kitchen, sipping freshly made coffee. "Morning Bri," I laughed as he walked in, yanking the cup from my hands.
He just mumbled noises of annoyance as Zacky came walking in, rolling his eyes at him. "Lets go!" He whined, snapping his fingers at the disgruntled guitarist.
"Alright Zacky, lets go teach those fuckers a lesson,"
I grabbed his shoulder, "Hey, you can not beat up any children or" I added as he went to cut me off, "Use any fowl language at or around Ms. Gretzy,"
He gave me a strange look, "Who the hell is Ms. Gretzy?"
I let out a small chuckle as I turned him back around to face Zacky, "His teacher. Zacky?" I asked and he looked up to me, "Keep him inline,"
"Yes ma'am!" He saluted, pulling Brian's arm and trying to drag him away.
"Kids," I laughed as the front door slammed shut.
Zacky sat in the chair at the table, looking to where I stood, leaning against the counter. He was shaking his head, "Brian,"
"Point exactly," I joked as I took a seat across from him, "You hungry?"
"Nah," He shook his head again, "I'm just going to go crash for a while. You going to be alright by yourself?"
I gave him a looking, letting him know that, that was a stupid question.
"Hey, I was just asking," He defended, "Night,"
"Good Night, Zacky,"
After he left the kitchen, I dumped out the rest of the coffee knowing that the guys wouldn't wake up before it went cold. After rinsing out the pot I walked into the living room, smiling when I noticed Johnny passed out on the couch, his hair laying on his head in all different directions, his arm hanging off the side of the sofa. I placed a hand over my mouth to keep down my laughter before jogging up the stairs and opening my door quietly. I laid on my bed for awhile just watching t.v, and before I knew it Matt was throwing open my door awakening me from my slumber. "Maxx," He rushed out, "It's Zacky's school. They won't tell me what happened!"
I grabbed the phone from him as three more tired men came walking into my bed room, "Hello?"
"Hello, is this Ms. Lukas? Zachary's mother?" A snide voice asked from the other line.
"Yes, what happened?"
The lady sighed on the other line, "My name is Carol Burton, I have Zachary here in the nurses office. I'm afraid he's suspended,"
I paid no mind to the last part, my mind shutting of at the words 'nurses office,' "Wait, is he alright?"
"Yes, he got into a fight with a couple of boys. It seems that he has a black eye and his hand is sore,"
I sighed a breath of relief, "I'll be right there,"
"Goodbye, Ms. Lukas," The other line went dead and I jumped up from my bed, and pulled a pair of jeans from my closet, "Come on Zack, Zacky is in the nurses office," I growled, rushing past the guys who stood in the center of my room just watching me.
"Wait! What happened?" He called frantically as he raced to his room.
"He got in a fight!" I replied as I heard him shuffling around.
He came back downstairs, clad in a black shirt and some dark jeans, "Why? What for?"
"I don't know," I sighed, taking his hand as we walked out of the apartment, "We'll call you guys when we know what happened!" I told the guys as I shut the door. "Let's go,"
Zack's hand never left mine during the 15 minute drive to Inman Elementary. As soon as I pulled the car in front of the school we both jumped out, clasping our hands as we entered the building. The front hallway was wide open, it led straight the the Office and inside of there was the Nurse, "This way," I murmured, and tugged Zack with me. "Hi, I'm here for Zacky Lukas,"
The receptionist smiled at me, her eyes displaying pity as she led us to the door labeled 'office.'
"He's right through there," She muttered, pointing at the one of the two glass doors in the room. Zack brushed past her, Pulling me along, He yanked open the door and the room went quiet. Zacky sat in a chair, his little arms folded over his chest. A lady, the principle, stood in front of him, her arms crossed as well, a shocked look appeared on her face as Little Zacky hopped up from his seat and flung himself at Zack. "I'm never ever going back to school, take me home,"
"Zacky," Zack warned, pulling his son away from him, "What happened?"
"Daron Summers and Nathan Callum beat me up at lunch when I was talking about You and Uncle Brian,"
"Where are these boys?" I questioned the principle, "I didn't see anyone else in the office,"
"They were sent back to class," She told me, her head held high. Zack shot up from where he was kneeling next to his son, examining his black eyes.
"Why the fu-" Little Zacky clamped his hand over his fathers mouth. "Dad," He warned.
Zack pulled his sons hand from his mouth and smiled gratefully down to him, "Thanks. But why would those boys - the ones who gave my son a black eye, get to go back to class? And yet my son has to sit here waiting for his Mom and I to get down here?" He questioned angrily, pulling his son to him.
Mrs. Hanes stared at him confused, she then looked from him to me, then to Zack, "Sir, Zachary here has been lying all year-"
Zack cut her off, "About what, may I ask?"
She stumbled slightly with her words, "About, I, it's not important," She dismissed and Zack rolled his eyes and Little Zacky copied him.
"You thought he was lying about being related to Avenged Sevenfold. Well I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but Zacky Vengeance at your service," He bowed, looking up at her, a mischeivious grin on his face. Little Zacky's laughter erupted through out the room and I laughed quietly as I moved to stand next to him.
"I'd like those boys brought back down here and their parent's called," I told her, glancing to Zacky's swollen eyes and back. When she didn't move I said, "Now," And gestured to the door. "We'll wait here," Zack muttered, smiling at me. I just nodded and asked Zacky what boys hit him, "Daron and Callum," He told me, "His name is Nathan but everyone calls him Callum," I smiled and kissed his forehead. I followed Mrs. Hanes out to the main reception desk, where she picked up the phone and dialed a few numbers. "Daron Summers and Nathan Callum please come to the Office straight away, thank you," She hung up the phone and we waited before two young boys came walking into the room, nervous and shocked looks on their faces. "Boy's we have to call your parents." Mrs. Hanes told them. "This is Zachary's mother, she would like to talk to them,"
I looked to the boys, one had short blonde hair that was shaved off and the other had mid-length brown hair, "And you," I pointed to the duo.
After a few more moments she hung up the phone, the concerned conversations were pretty much the same as mine went, except she didn't have to tell these parents that their second grader was got beat up at lunch.
"Well then, boys, follow me," She murmured as she walked past me and into the same room we had come from. The boy's smirks left their faces when they saw Mr. Zacky Vengeance, perched in a chair.
"Wha- what?" One stuttered looking from Zack to Zacky.
"He's lying!" The other shouted pointing to a now smirking Little Zacky. I rolled my eyes and walked past them standing next to my boys.
"Your parents' should be here soon," Mrs. Hanes murmured, motioning the boys to chairs across from ours.
Zack smirked.
♠ ♠ ♠
I got to thinking and I realized that most second graders don't know who Avenged Sevenfold is, but in my story the boys have gotten really famous. Like where every kid's older sibling is in love with them and it just rubs off on the younger sibling. (That's how it should be... that'd be the perfect world! We could call it Bat country.) But it's more of a "I don't believe that your dad is a rockstar" type of thing.

Oh, and I want to thank everyone for the comments. They make me want to write more.
I love you all.