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Tragic Romance

Hot Shot Rockstar.

"What is going on?" A frantic mother asked as the reception lady led her into our room almost 15 minutes later. She walked right over to the blonde boy and pulled him to her, grasping his forearms, "What did you do, Nathan?"
The blonde boy, Callum, growled under his breath as a man can into the room, looking mad beyond belief. "Nothing, Dad," He replied, shaking off his mother.
"Don't lie, Nathan," Little Zacky sneered from his spot on Zack's lap. For the first time since they walked in all eyes were on Zacky.
The dark-headed kid, Daron, sat in the chair with his arms crossed, an anxious look on his face as he observed the way Callum's parents reacted.
"What did you do this time, Nathan?" His father demanded, folding his arms in a stern way.
"I can tell you," Zack stood up, putting Zacky on the chair. "I'm Zack Baker, that's my son," He pointed to Zacky as he held his hand out. The other man shook it, cautiously. "I'm Ben Callum,"
Zack nodded, "You're son and his friend jumped my son in the hallway on their way to lunch today,"
His mother's head snapped to him, "You did what? She shouted, pulling him forward to stand right in front of his father. "I'm Marian," She said her hello's to us both and I, in return, told them my name. "I'm Zacky's Mom,"
A few minutes later the other couple came into the room, looking angry as they said their hello's to the Callums'.
Once again Zack and I introduced ourselves but Callum's father was quick to explain what they're 'rotten children' did. Daron's step dad, left the room for a moment as we talked vaguely, about what happened. "Follow me," He told us as he led us to a room with a big table and lots of chairs. "Why would you boy's do such a thing?" Stacy, Daron's mother, asked reaching to take a hold of her son's hand.
"Because they're a couple of little shit heads," Zack mumbled in my ear and I buried my face in his shoulder trying to stop the laughter that had erupted from me.
The boy's kept silent as their parent's asked more questions. "Alright, this is getting no where," Zack stood up from his chair, "Are you proud that your boys beat the shit out of mine?"
The women had appalled looks on their faces and the men looked even more mad, if possible, "No! Of course not, Mr. Baker!"
"It's Zacky," He growled, "Then why do you let them sit here with their arms crossed and ignore you? Do you not know how to parent your children?"
"Hey now!" Ben Callum jumped up, "Do not go talking about my parenting skills, Rockstar!"
Zack smirked when he realized that they knew who he was, he turned to me and raised his eyebrows with a grin, He cleared his throat, "Excuse you," He said calmly, "But you're son hit, mine. I have a reason to ask,"
"No you don't! I've been there for Daron I've taught him wrong from right!" Daron's step dad stood up, ignoring his wife who was tugging on his arm to get him to calm down, "Charlie," She hissed, "Sit down,"
He rolled his eyes and took his seat in the middle of his son and Stacy.
"Who do you think you are? Some hot shot rockstar that can waltz in here questioning our rights as parents?" Ben muttered, his voice coated in disgust.
I stood up and push a seething Zack down, "No, he's a father that just learned that his son got a black eye, because these two," I waved my hand at the boys, "didn't believe that Zacky Vengeance is his father." I placed my palms down on the table and leaned over it, my face a foot from where the boys sat next to each other, "Do you believe him now?"
They both nodded quickly as I glared and sat back down, "I would just like you to know that Zacky is a good kid, he only ever gets in fights with these two. Over the same reason, they automatically think he's lying when he says something a little unbelievable." I stated calmly, "Now if your boys ever touch Zacky again, not only will I press charges but I won't talk so calmly-"
Callum's father cut me off, "Is that a threat?"
"No," I shook my head, "That's a promise. I don't want those two any where near him, and for you four as parents to sit here and question them on why they did it is completely out of line. This isn't a cry for help, people. This is an act of jealousy. And if it ever occurs again," I looked up from the table at the boys, and unfolded my arms, "I won't be the one dealing with it," I looked to Zack, a smirk set in my eyes.
"What are you going to do? Knock around a couple of kids? Maybe that's how your son got the black eye," Ben muttered, challenging Zack as he stared straight into his hardened green eyes.
Zack clenched his jaw, "We would never lay a finger on our son," I growled.
"No," Zack said, "We would never hit a kid. But the school doesn't allow violence and since I know for a fact that those jerks almost got away with hitting my son, I'll be watching for a single bruise on Zacky. And I know for a fact that I can't keep Avenged away from this school forever, we do care about Zacky. We'd be sure that the news knows what school Zacky goes too," Zack's eyes caught Mrs. Hanes' who stood in the corner of the room by the door, her eyes grew a little wider then usual as she nodded, "It won't happen again, Mr. Baker,"
Zack growled, "It's Zacky,"
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