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Tragic Romance

Jimmy Races.

We ended up walking out of the school almost 20 minutes later, an angry little boy between us, "It's not fair, Dad. They started it," He mumbled as I politely shoved him into the car. "I only tried to make them stop. I didn't do anything,"
"Zacky," I said, "Calm down. They got in trouble too at least. Plus you get to spend the next two days with your Dad and uncles,"
Zack grinned from the passengers seat next to me, turning around to face his elated son, "Yeah kid, we're more fun then school, anyways. We can do what ever you want,"
"Hey," I cut Little Zacky off, "Within reason," I glanced through the rear view mirror.
He sighed and then smiled, "Yeah, I'm kind of glad that they told me I can't go back for a few days. It's like a mini vacation,"
"No, it's not. The only reason you aren't in trouble with me is because you look pitiful with your eye blackened," I grumbled, sending Zack a warning look as he snickered from beside me.
"Mom," Zacky groaned, holding out the vowel. "That's no fair! It is a break!"
"No, It's a suspension," I stated. The drive home was filled with groans and jokes from Zack, trying to lighten the situation and take my and his own mind off of Zacky's black eye. When we pulled up outside Zacky sighed, happy to be away from the idea of school. We walked calmly up the stairs and from where we stood in the hall way there was no noise coming from the house. When Little Zacky pulled the door open three stressed out rockstars jumped up from the couch. "What happened?" Matt demanded shoving Johnny out of the way, just to be pushed back. It ended up with the three men pushing each other around and growling for the others to move their asses.
"I'm fine!" Zacky called to the three, "Just some kids at school still thought I was lying even though Uncle Brian walked me to class today,"
"They knew you weren't lying, Zacky," Brian said, pulling the kid down on the couch, "They were just jealous,"
"I would be too," Johnny muttered and I laughed.
"You boys," I summed, walking to the kitchen to grab an ice pack for his face, "Here," I muttered as I put it to Zacky's face ignoring when he hissed in pain. "You still have to go to bed on time,"
Not only Little Zacky but everyone groaned as those words left my lips, "Why?" Zack asked, dragging out the word, "He doesn't have to go to school!"
I smirked, looking from him to his son, "Call it punishment for fighting, 8:30."
They all groaned again, "Fine," Zacky grumbled jumping up, "I'm going on the computer,"
"Don't pout!" I called as he stomped up the stairs.
"I'm not!" He screamed back, clearly angry.
I rolled my eyes and squatted down near the Xbox. "Dang kids," I grumbled, "Anyone want to play Mario Kart?"
All the guys raised their hands with shouts of agreement. Once the game was set up I bounced pack to my seat next to Zack and Matt on the couch. We played that for awhile and I thought back to when we were kids, all sitting around Jimmy's living room taking turns attempting to beat the person who won in the Mario Kart match before.

"Go you stupid fucking mexican!" Jimmy shouted, jumping around in his seat, "Go go go!"
I laughed as my character,
Toad, passed Jimmy's 'stupid mexicans.' "Not a chance Jimbo!" I grinned as the 'winner' sign appeared at the bottom of the T.v, my half.
"You cheated!" He screamed incredulously, pointing his finger at my head.
"No I didn't," I told him and bit my lip before sticking my tongue out at him, this time the guy's laughter was louder then mine as Jimmy tackled me to the couch. "Yes you did," He pouted, "I always win,"
"Not this time, baby." Jimmy growled and rolled off me onto the floor. His pout still in tact as we laughed, again.
"Aww, Jimmy, it's not the end of the world! You can still beat Johnny!" I told him, leaning over the couch and looking down at him as his face lit up.
"And Syn! And Zacky! And Shadows! Come on fuckers! It's time for me to kick your asses!" He jumped up clicking the 'new course' button before tossing my controlled to Zacky.
"Yeah, alright," Zacky agreed, popping over to the couch that I was sitting on in front of the t.v, so he could see the screen better. "Let's get this over with," His gaze caught mine and I bit my lip looking away from those intimidating green eyes. In my peripheral vision I saw him smirk as he glanced back to the game, Jimmy already winning by half a lap.

"Maxx come on, you always beat everyone! Get your head in the game!" Zacky basically shouted from beside me, tearing the from my mind as I focused back on the game, where I was loosing for the first time since then. "Sorry, Zack," I laughed as my character, Toad, whizzed past his, Bowser.
The next game was me against Brian, as he chose his character, he stopped only for a moment on Mario, before clicking over one, to Luigi.
"You ready, Maxxie?"
I nodded knowing what thoughts were running through his head, "Yeah,"
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memory of Jimmy. :)
We Love You.

[That memory is all made up.]