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I'm In Love with a Jonas Brother

Boy meets girl, thats the way it always happens. But what happens when the boy is famous, and the girl is just an ordinary school girl.
When Joe and Claire meet on the internet, she couldn't believe what was happening to her. Why would Joe Jonas be talking to her? Proving himself worthy, and the only person she could count on, she wishes for the day they would be able to meet. When the Jonas Brothers finally get to perform in Australia, and the two friends have the chance to meet, will Joe be everything Claire always imagined.

I do not own the Jonas Brothers, or any other famous people mentioned in this story.
Banner Credit goes to Tahlia (crazy beautiful;)
  1. New Comments
    Present Day
  2. We're Coming To Australia
    A Couple of Years Later
  3. I'm the Bad Girl Now
    July 3rd
  4. Meeting the Other Jonas Brothers
  5. Please Rush
    A few days later
  6. Tahlia!
    This chapter is dedicated to my awesome friend Tahlia, hence the title, haha.
  7. Come with us
  8. Turn Right Into My Arms
  9. Welcome Home
    Dedicated to Aliyah (TheCuriousLight;;)
  10. A Night of Firsts
    A few weeks later
  11. Fame Hits
  12. Emi
  13. Emi's Letter
  14. I'll Be Okay
  15. Girls Night Out
    Two Weeks Later
  16. What is going on?
  17. Michigan
  18. It's My Birthday
  19. It's a Party, Just Keep Quiet
  20. I Have To Go