Sequel: Love Made Us Blind
Status: Done :)

Different Letters

"Come' on, wait up!" I yelled as I sped on my broom to catch the plutonium blond ten year old boy. "Draco, you're too fast."

"You're whining too much Alice!" He shouted looking back. He stopped in the airs, turning towards me. He smiled and in a couple of moments I was flying right next to him. "You really should fly more often."

"You know my mother doesn't find that lady like." I explained to him, mocking her voice

"You are going have to get better. I can't play as a seeker without knowing that I have your back as a beater."

I smiled widely. My father used to be a Beater when he played in school and I inherited his mad skills. Draco and I would play with our parent's friend's children and I took one heck of a pleasure hitting the crap out of people. My mother would rarely allow it since she was against me playing such a position for men. Draco and I promised each other we would make it in the team for our school. I smiled nodding. Too bad back then, we were so optimistic about your lives. Best friends since forever we were too naive and didn’t know a letter could change that. More specifically; two different letters.