Turn That Smile Upside Down

The race to no where

.....I woke up to my Nokia ringing.. With one eye I read the name of the called "Zane". I sat up and saw a man on the street, who was he? why am I in the streets of down town? and why has Zane called me ten times like my mother would do if I was out too late?.
"Hello?" I decided to answer the phone before I got anymore calls.
"DUDE! Where are you?! I went to your house last night to look for you.. I wanted to take you out so we could work things out and you weren't there and the house was unlocked." Zane seemed really frantic, but for the life that is left of me I couldn't find a reason as to why he was..
" ... I'm fine.. I think I'm in down town.." I said with a groggy voice. My head was killing me and for some reason I had dried blood on the edges of my nose. I examined what exactly what was around me because I couldn't remember what I did. The last thing I could remember was, this man lying next to me on the pavement and I had just took a dive head first into this white powder that helped the pain go away, faster than alcohol could dream of numbing sorrow.
" Jayden?.. Hello? you still there?... How did you get down town? Your car is in the driveway." Zane brought my mind back to reality, I felt as though nothing around me mattered.. Not even the fact Zane was worried.. In fact he was some what annoying me with his worrying.
" I got here by walking.. it's not rocket science, I walk places I would think you would know this.. Any way why are you so worried about me.." I started getting snappy with him, and strangely, I couldn't find any reason for me to regret it.
" I know you walk places man, but thats a long walk. I just wanted to make sure you were okay. I know someone caring is such a foreign thing because of your father.. but your mom and I always cared for you... why is it such a big deal for me to be worried?"... wow.. what am I doing?.. I feel nothing wrong with how I am treating him but I know in my head, that something about this isn't right.
" Fine if your so worried about me.. come find me.. I'm down by Thayer street." I invited him to find me.. there was so many places near Thayer I would have thought it would take him almost all day to locate me. Not a half hour later did I see Zane peak his head around the corner of the building to see me helplessly sitting on the ground in filth.
" Oh god.. Jay... are you okay?" Zane's blue eyes seemed to be welled up with tears, the last time someone cried about me, was when my mother cried about me getting suspended from school for a fight. Some part of me just shattered to pieces, I broke down and cried.
" Jay.. What happened to you? It's only been 12 hours since I last saw you and you look like you have been living on the streets for months.." Zane and his caring nature picked me up from the pavement. He carried me over to his car and placed me in the passenger seat next to where he would be sitting. The entire time I couldn't help but sob, his caring like this, only made me miss the warmth of my mothers hug so much more, and the amount of times she would sit up late at night with me sometimes until the break of dawn, just to listen to me. When he sat in the drivers seat I just watched him start his car and put it in drive, I couldn't take my eyes off him because I didn't know what to say, but my eyes, I figured they could speak for me.
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