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It's Just Our Fate

Jackson Reed had it all; A wonderful girlfriend, Nice Home, Good Friends, the perfect life.. Or so it seemed. He is the most famous Hitmen alive, working for the biggest mob group out there. His girlfriend, Lily Baxter, and himself will have to see if their love can withstand within the corrupt setting they live in.

Can their love truly save them from all of it?
  1. Home Sweet Home
    Jackson returns home from his "Business" trip to New York.
  2. Date Night
  3. History
    How things are and How Jackson and Lily met.
  4. Let's Get Hot and Heavy
    Mature Content in this. Fair Warning.
  5. Meetings and Worries
    Jackson's POV
  6. The Pier
  7. Fights
  8. Guess Who
    Jackson meets unexpected person at the Vet.
  9. Promises
  10. The Plaza
  11. Set Me Up
  12. Invitations
    Lily's POV
  13. Suprise, Suprise.
  14. O Fortuna
  15. Hardships
  16. Movement
  17. Turn of Events
  18. A Change in Plans
    Jackson and Lily are able to resolve their differences but something unexpected comes about. Jackson needs to find a way to resolve things and fast.
  19. Accusations
  20. Unfold
  21. Safe House
  22. Stay With Me
  23. Visits and Departures
  24. A Fire Brewing