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Take My Hand, Just Hold On

Chapter 1: L'Ermitage Hotel

I pulled into the underground parking lot at the L'Ermitage Hotel in Beverley Hills, LA. After driving for what felt like 2 days straight (I did, in fact, do a 20 hour drive in 2 days... and when driving by yourself, 20 hours in 2 days is enough to make a girl a little crazy), I felt like sleeping for the next week before starting my internship at a reputable publishing firm here in L.A.

I pull out the one suitcase I'll be using until I can move into the apartment I'm renting (which I can't move into until the beginning of next month - two days before starting my intership). Perhaps I should explain my situation a little before I start this story - it may help you to follow!

My name is Brenna Saunders, and I'm just moving from BC, Canada to L.A. to start my career in a publishing firm as an Editor. I'm fresh out of University and in need of a change in my life, so out to L.A. I came as soon as this opportunity presented itself! I must say, I was completely surprised when I heard back from the company, as it's nearly everyone's first choice to try to get involved with them - they have an amazing internship program set up, and people usually get hired on after finishing the internship with them - even if you don't, it's pretty easy to find a job afterwards!

Having never been to the U.S. before (save one trip to Seattle when I was younger), this is a huge move for me... I don't know anyone here, and that's sort of the appeal, I suppose. I needed to get away from everything for a while and move my life in a whole new direction.

What else do you need to know? Well, I'm 22... Going on 23 this year in November. Before deciding to go to school to be an editor, I was planning on taking a few English and creative writing courses to hone my writing skills, and then try to work out a career as an author. Dreams were short-lived, though, and this seemed the more practical choice.. So I enrolled in the program, and to my surprise found out how much I loved it.

There's perhaps a more personal background story to me (well, there definitely is!), but I feel that as this story of mine unfolds, so shall my past stories. So, back to what is currently happening:

Checking in! The woman at the Front Desk was handing me my key and telling me the room I'm in... Directing me to the elevator and saying if there's anything else I need to not hesitate to call down for her - her name is Rosy, I believe she said. I felt like I was being a bit rude by not being upbeat and happy like she was, but I was completely beat... I needed a hot shower and sleep.

I wandered up to my room and as soon as I entered I was blown away. The room was gorgeous. The pictures on the website didn't really do it justice. Luckily, the cost of the room was covered by the company I'm going to work for - I'm unsure why they would expense something like this on someone who's just doing an internship there, but I'm not about to complain!

After standing in awe in the doorway for a good few seconds, I remembered the hot shower I was wanting... Which turned into a bath, because the bathtub was huge and looked extremely welcoming.

I could get used to staying in a place like this... Sadly, I was only here for 5 days. I'm sure my apartment will be fine as well, although I feel a little odd about moving into it before I even get to walk through it and get a feel for it...
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