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Take My Hand, Just Hold On

Chapter 11 - Kickin' With You

**Robert's POV**

I woke up with the feeling of a headache about to burst forth. Fearing the sunlight I could feel pouring through the windows, I kept my eyes closed and felt across the bed for a familiar shape. I wrapped my arms around Brenna's waist and snuggled close to the back of her body.

"Morning," I hear her mumble, the hint of a smile in her voice.

"Morning, love," I reply in an abnormally hoarse voice. How much did I drink last night? I take in the lingering smell of coconut from her hair and smile to myself. I risk opening my eyes slowly. I groan and shut them again quickly - light is apparently not good right now, as the headache that was just beyond the surface brimmed.

"Shouldn't have opened your eyes," Brenna mutters, taking my hand in hers and bringing it up to her lips.

I laugh, "How'd you know that's what I've done?"

"I know that particular groan very well. I made it a lot in my first couple years at University."

"Ah," I respond. "And are you able and fine to open your beautiful eyes this morning?"

"Do you want to know the time, Mr. Pattinson?" she asks, laughter in her voice. How does she know everything before I even say it?

"If it's not too much bother," I say as I pull her hair back and give her a soft kiss on her neck. Immediately trailed by another one at her collarbone. And another, travelling lower.

She laughs lightly, "How far can you go with your eyes closed, Robert?" she questions in a teasing manner.

I imagine her eyes open now, watching me as I respond. "I know," kiss above her left breast, "your body," kiss above her right breast, "better than," I run both my hands up her sides, pulling her tank top with them, and a kiss just above her navel, "my own." I finish, my right hand playing with the waist of her shorts.

I hear a short intake of breath as I slide my hand into her shorts. I give a triumphant smile, and notice the afformentioned pain in my head had gone. "I think I found a cure for my hangover," I whisper as I move level with her, bringing my hand to the soft skin of her side and opening my eyes for the first time.

"Tease," she whispers breathlessly back, her bright green eyes looking back into mine.

"You must know I was only teasing about being a tease," I respond, a smirk on my lips. She bites down on her lower lip, whether she knows it or not, seductively. I wrap my arms once again around her waist and give her the most passionate kiss I could possibly muster at this time in the morning, trying to put all my unspoken feelings and thoughts into the kiss.


Currently, I'm sitting in Brenna's kitchen watching her run around making french toast for breakfast, and listing off everything that needs to be done before I leave tonight, "So you have your meeting at 11:00, right?" I nod, she continues, "Alright, so I will drop you off there and drop your rental off for you, then pick you up after your meeting's over. How long do you think it'll go for?"

"Shouldn't be more then an hour," I tell her, giving her a curious look. It seemed like she'd been planning this out for a while. Insecurities play a common role in relationships, even ones that are supposed to be short term. I guess that's why I said this, "Look, you don't need to do all this shit for me. I can do it myself. I'll just eat breakfast here and we can say our goodbye's, alright?"

She looked crestfallen right after I said this, and responds with, "Well, I just... I thought we'd be able to spend your last day here, well, together. I mean, if you had other plans or whatever th-that's fine," she turns her back to me and flips the toast.

Shit, maybe she wasn't just excited I was leaving? Must repair situation. I get off my stool and walk around to where her back was still turned to me and wrap my arms around her, whispering in her ear, "I'd love to spend the day with you, Brenna. I'm sorry for suggesting otherwise, I just thought you'd be sick of me hanging around more is all." Here's me hoping she likes spending time with me as much as I like to with her... Fuck this 3 week bullshit.

She turns to face me and jokes, "Well I'm not saying I'm not sick of you..." she cocks an eyebrow.

I give her a quick kiss and ask, "Is there anything I can do to help?" waving and idle hand to the french toast that was currently being made.

She pushes me away lightly and laughs (I love that laugh. And how I often I hear it from her), "Sure, ask me this when everything's already done, Pattinson. Nice."

I shrug and make my way back to my stool. "So, after my meeting you're picking me up... I assume, you have further plans?"

"I thought we'd have to make our way to your hotel to get you all packed up and checked out. And then if you didn't have plans I could drive you to the airport, but if someone's already planned on driving you, that's cool."

I get a bit of a guilty feeling in my stomach. Brian was going to pick me up at the hotel. I weighed the pro's and con's of each choice quickly in my head. The conclusion came rather quickly; Brian I knew I'd definitely see again. Brenna, I doubted I would see after this. "Brian had offered, but I'll ring him and tell him I've got a better offer," I tell her.

She rolls her eyes, "It's not a problem if you want to go with Brian, Robert. I mean really, he's one of your best friends, yeah?"

I smile, "Sure he is, which means I've seen enough of him, and I'll be seeing more of him..."

She's silent for a while as she goes back to checking on the toast, then, "Alright then, we pack and head to the airport. But 'ring' Brian now, I don't want you to forget later..."

I did as I was told and, after a slight ribbing from Brian ("So much for unattached, Rob", or "Is our little Robbie falling in love?", etc), I was eating french toast with a gorgeous woman whom I couldn't keep my eyes off of - it was taking all the restraint I had to keep my hands off her.
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