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Take My Hand, Just Hold On

Chapter 26: This Year

The rest of my time there was spent mostly cooped up in Robert’s hotel room. I braved the outdoors a couple times while Robert was working, but mostly saved any excursions for when he would force me out to eat something.

I was feeling better though. More rested, less agony, less hungry… Maybe Tom was right about needing some time off to clear my head. I don’t know if I’ll ever be back to my former self, but I seem to be well on my way to resembling her.

So, it’s Saturday afternoon and I’m waiting for Robert to get back from a half-day of shooting, as he insisted on taking me to the airport today. I have to keep checking the clock because if he doesn’t get here soon I need to run and find a taxi.

10 minutes….

5 minutes….

Okay, 5 more and then I really do have to go…

Okay, just 1 more minute and then I’ll leave.
I keep thinking this to myself for the next 15 minutes until it’s really time to go. I grab my suitcase and walk out of Robert’s hotel room, sad that I didn’t get to thank him for putting up with me.

I push the down button for the elevator and it pops open 5 seconds later; that was quick. I go to step in but bang into someone as they walk out – stupid, I should’ve probably looked first… “Sorry,” I mutter as I continue into the elevator.

“Brenna?” I hear Robert’s voice, amused. I look up to confirm and let a smile form on my lips.

“You made it! Barely,” I say happily.

“I know, I’m sorry. Filming kept getting pushed back because there were set issues, and then I just told them I had to go,” he explains, stepping into the elevator with me. “And then we got stuck in traffic on the way back here. I thought for sure you would have been gone by now.”

“Yeah, I should’ve been. I was just hoping you might show up a bit late.”

“Wanted to say bye to me that badly, huh?” he gives me a joking nudge.

I roll my eyes, “Naw, I just wanted a free ride is all.” He grabs at his heart in mock-pain and I just laugh.


Robert grabs a quick smoke before we step into the airport. “You ought to quit,” I tell him, leaning up against a post nearby.

“I’ve cut down, that’s about as close as I’ll get to quitting,” he smiles, taking another drag. I shrug and tell him I’m going to wait in line inside, taking my suitcase with me.

He joins 5 minutes later, “Sorry about that,” he says, sliding into the line beside me.

“About what?” I ask him.

“I don’t know? Smoking? Isn’t that why you left?”

I give a small smile, “I left because we got here late and I don’t really want to risk missing my flight, Robert.”

“Oh… Well, then I’m not sorry.”

“Un-apology accepted.”

I’m called up next, so I go to check my bag and get my ticket, and then Robert and I head to security.

“I guess this is where we part?” Robert questions as security comes into view.

“I suppose so,” I respond, placing my carry-on bag on the ground for a moment.

“Well, keep in touch. I’ll be back in L.A. when we finish filming in 1-2 months,” he says.

I nod, “Yeah, sure.” There’s a pause where neither of us are sure what to say. Finally I just wrap my arms around him and say “Thank-you.” It was quiet and directed right into his chest, so I don’t know if he heard me. His only response was just to wrap his arms around me lightly.

We stayed like that for at least a minute until I pull away slightly, my hands still resting on his side. I look up at his sad smile and stand on my toes to give him a quick kiss, but my lips lingered longer than expected. It gave him more time to respond, which he did. He didn’t deepen the kiss, but he brought his hand to my cheek and brushed it softly with his thumb. He turned my thank-you kiss into something so deliciously sweet it started up the butterflies in my stomach again.

I pulled away slowly and offered up a small smile, not trusting myself to say anything. After a moment of silence, Robert placed his lips on my forehead and whispered, “Stay safe, Brenna.”

Assuming these were his parting words, I nodded. “Enjoy filming,” those were the only words I found.

He smiled, “I’ll try. I’ll see you when I get to L.A?”

“Yeah, sure.”

“Bye, Brenna.”

“Bye, Robert,” and with that, I made my way to the back of the line. When I looked back I could see Robert just turning the corner. I let out a sigh, this could be alright. You know, I already felt better. I mean, I just kissed a boy and it didn’t have the negative reaction I expected. So maybe I could move past this, maybe it won’t haunt me forever…
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Song: This Year by The Mountain Goats. This song is like a personal mantra to me, and I think that Brenna is sort of feeling the spirit of this song. Even if it has some depressing undertones.

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