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Take My Hand, Just Hold On

Chapter 3 - A Real Conversation

After an eventful day, I was all moved in. I got my bed and the bare minimum of furniture delivered (all I can afford is a couch, dining table with 2 chairs, a small TV stand, a coffee table, and a wardrobe - everything else will have to wait until I get some money coming in from the job). I crash on my new bed. New mattresses are like heaven, I swear.


I went to pick Ruby up at the hotel after her shift but got there a little early and she seemed to be swarmed with guests. I motioned towards the lobby to let her know I'd just be waiting there for her when she finished.

I sat in the lounge chair and took in my surroundings. A couple people getting served cocktails from the bar in the hotel, but nothing too interesting. I turn my head toward the door and see Robert Pattinson walking in. I watched him as he walks closer - I couldn't help myself, something about him was very intriguing to me. I tried to look away as he came near me (as he had to pass me to get to the guest elevators), but I had to look once more as he walks by. I accidentally catch his eye. He smiles.

"Brenna, I was hoping I'd bump into you again," he gives a bit of a smirk.

I raise an eyebrow, "Well then, I guess luck is on your side, m'boy."

"I suppose it must be."

"How have you been? Getting mauled by crowds, still?"

He laughs a bit, "Yeah, they don't really go away in L.A."

"L.A's not the place for you to be then, is it?"

"On the contrary, it's a lot easier to land roles if you're in the middle of where everything goes on. Plus, I've got a few good friends out here... That's really the reason I come back now. But, enough about me... How long are you in L.A. for?"

"As long as I can. I've actually just moved into my apartment here, I just came by to pick up a friend," I state - I really don't think we discussed anything when I drove him the other day except directions and songs.

His smile grows, "Ah, that's awesome. You're working here in L.A., then? What're you doing?"

"I'm doing an internship, I just graduated from school so I'm starting my career in the editing business, I suppose! Well, working at a publishing firm anyway."

"You're able to afford a place in L.A. on an internship? Aren't internships unpaid?" he asks.

I laugh, "Maybe some are, yeah. But mine certainly isn't. I actually get paid more here than I have in most of my other jobs!"

Just then, Ruby walks over. "Hey Brenna, sorry about that.. we just got swarmed with a tour group that was supposed to be here like 2 hours ago," she then turned to see who I was speaking with. "Oh! Mr. Pattinson, how are you enjoying your stay?"

"Fine, thank-you Ruby. Well, I'll leave you girls to go out on your night of fun," Robert says and turns to leave.

I raise an eyebrow at Ruby and jerk my head toward his slowly leaving body. Ruby, understanding my silent question, nods and I smile, I get up and walk quickly to him, "Hey, Robert!"

He turns around, "Yes Brenna?"

"What are you up to tonight?"

"Uhm, nothing.. Why?"

"We were wondering if you wanted to come have dinner and some drinks with us?"

Robert smiles and nods, "I'd love to spend my evening with you two ladies."

I laugh a little, "Glad to hear it. You need to grab anything from your room or are you ready to go?"

"I'm good to go," he states and we walk back to a patiently waiting Ruby.
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