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Take My Hand, Just Hold On

Chapter 39 - Halfway Home

That Sunday morning Robert and I pulled into the small gated driveway of a modern stone house. “He can huff and puff all he wants, but we know if you get the house, the wolf won’t be eating you, at least!” I joke as we exit my car.

Robert purses his lips, attempting to not laugh at my lame joke, as we take the few steps up to the front door, which opens as we reach the top step.

“Hi, Robert!” the woman exclaims, holding out a hand for him to shake. “It’s nice to finally meet you, Brian came here twice to look at the place and when we didn’t hear back from him we’d figured you didn’t want it. You look familiar, by the way. Are you an actor?”

Robert, not knowing where to start first answers the latter question, “Er, yes, I am an actor. And you can call me Rob, please.”

She smiles and nods before turning to me, “And are you the young lady of the house?”

I raise an eyebrow, “No, I’m just a friend. I’m nosey, I just wanted to see the place before everyone else. I’m sorry, your name is…?” I question

“Oh, I’m Sheri! And you are?” She asks before moving inside and Robert and I follow, exchanging a glance and a shrug at Sheri’s extremely upbeat personality.

“Brenna,” I answer as I close the door.

“Okay! Well, I can give you a tour if you’d like, or you can just explore yourselves. Feel free to go wherever and to just ignore the messes you may encounter. We’ve started packing some rooms up already, so be careful to not trip over any boxes.”

We both nod and Robert answers with, “I guess we can just take a look around ourselves?”

“Okay, perfect. Just yell if you have any questions. And my daughter is around some place, don’t let her scare you,” Sheri replies.

I let out a small laugh at the thought of her kid scaring us as Sheri motions for us to go ahead and take a look, before wandering off to another part of the house.

We both look around the foyer, wondering which way to head first. I point to the stairs and suggest, “Work our way from the top down?”

Robert smiles and we take the stairs to the top floor. There were two rooms, the first was a fairly spacious play room for their daughter, and the second was the master bedroom. Upon walking into the room I jump up and down, saying “Take the house, take the house!”

Robert laughs, “You like the bedroom, then?”

I nod, walking over to the small balcony overlooking the drive. “It’s so pretty! And big! I’m used to apartment-sized spaces, I suppose.”

I watch as Robert opens the closet doors to reveal a small walk in closet – still, a small walk in closet is bigger than most closets – and I walk over to peer inside. Not for too long though, it still has all Sheri’s and her husband’s clothes in it.

“Master bath?” I say, as we walk to the other side of the room to possibly the most beautiful bathroom I’ve ever seen. Tub big enough for two with jacuzzi jets, and a large glass shower next to it.

The rest of the tour went about in the same manner: me being jealous of the size and new-ness of it all. The main floor included the living room, kitchen, main bath, and two more bedrooms. There was a basement as well, which for Sheri and her family was mostly storage and a fairly extensive wine collection.

“Well, what do you think?” I ask Robert as we walk upstairs to the main floor.

“I think it’s pretty nice. Maybe I can turn the basement into a little music studio for my own amusement,” he smiles as he closes the door behind me.

I raise an eyebrow, “I’ve never heard you play any music.”

“I’m a man of many talents, love.”

Before my heart could start racing at the crooked smile on his lips, Sheri comes bustling around the corner with a 6 year old girl tailing behind her. “You two all done?”

“I was just going to check out the pool quickly, if that’s okay?”

“I’ll take you!” the girl says excitedly, grabbing both our hands and pulling us out the glass doors to the backyard and the pool. It was a fairly large, oddly shaped pool.

“In the winter, the water heats up so you can still go swimming,” the girl explains, taking us right to the edge of the pool.

“Oh, cool,” I respond, squatting down and sticking my hand in. “Is it chlorine or salt water, do you know?”

“It’s chlorinated,” she smiles proudly.

“Very nice.”

After a few more minutes we head inside and meet up again with Sheri.

“Do you have any questions?” she asks.

“I can’t remember,” Robert starts, “how old is the house?”

“It was built in 2010, so it’s just coming on about 2 years now.”

“The kitchen looks like it’s been redone?” Robert questions.

“Good eye,” Sheri smiles. “It was redone about 6 months ago. Nothing wrong with the original, I just… Needed a project.”

Robert asks a few more questions before being completely satisfied. “Well, I am definitely putting a bid in. It’s a really nice house you have.”

“Thank you. We love it, but my husband’s gotten a promotion and been transferred out of the city,” she explains.


“You liked it?” Robert asks as we drive away.

I nod, “It was a really great place.”

“I thought so. I hope I get it.”

“Just be the highest bidder,” I shrug, assuming that’s the way it worked.

“Yeah, I just wish I knew what everyone else bid…”
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Song: Halfway Home by Jason Mraz. Such a beautiful song, not sure it's exactly accurate for Robert, but I think the feeling behind it hits close, if not the actual meaning ;)

Notes: Did you like when it was built in 2010 and the house is only two years old? That's how far behind I am in this story, haha. It's like spring 2012 in this story line. I might skip another Twilight movie :P I don't know, lol. Anyway, I'm sorry for the infrequency of these things. But I'm trying my best, I promise :D Thanks for sticking around, lovelies <3 And sorry for any errors in this one (and probably the last few), I haven't had time to write these (or when I do, I just don't *feel* like it - lame excuse, yeah?), let alone edit! Hopefully it's not too bad. Cheers