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Take My Hand, Just Hold On

Chapter 5 - Sexy Results

We took the elevator to my fourth floor apartment. I nearly had to pour the contents of my bag out on the ground in a frantic search for my keys; it'd be really great if I lost them my second day at my place... Luckily, I found them buried at the bottom beneath whatever the fuck I kept in my bag.

I opened the door and let the two of us in, locking the door behind me. "Planning on keeping me locked up in your apartment?" Robert asks, a smirk forming on his lips.

I just smile, walking past him. "Call a cab, I'm getting a glass of water - you want anything?" I ask, walking into the kitchen.

I look behind me as I grab a glass from my bare cupboards, "Sure, glass of water sounds good," he responds, walking further into my living room.

I walk out into the living room to find Robert sitting on my couch, on the phone with the cab company, I assumed. "Oh, Brenna - the address here?"

"417 South Hill St," I respond setting his glass down on the coffee table in front of him. I don't sit next to him, instead I take this moment to really take him in. From his button-down grey shirt, to his dark jeans and black nikes. Something about him draws you in. Well, it draws me in, anyway. I know I shouldn't be thinking of this, but this man was the epitome of gorgeous. That strong jaw line, lined with two-day stubble. Those amazingly bright eyes that seem to just bore into your soul - if I were a weaker girl, I would have melted by now with the scorching look he was giving me. Shit! He was giving me a look. He's done with his call! Shit, shit, shit! Looked too long at the perfect specimen in front of me!

I looked away quickly, bringing my hand up to rub the back of my neck in an embarassed way. "Come, sit with me," he suggests, patting the empty cushion beside him. Shit, I wish I'd bought a chair for the living room.

I sit down beside him, "How long did they say it'd be?"

"Not long, maybe 10 minutes. They'll call me when they get down there."

I nod, still not looking directly at him. I hear him chuckle beside me; his laugh sent shivers down my spine. I gather the courage to take a look at him, only to find a light smile playing on his lips and his eyes shining brightly down at me, "You seem a little uncomfortable, Brenna," he suggests, his smooth voice sending shivers down my spine.

I try to laugh it off, "Me? Uncomfortable? Why do you say that..."

"Call me crazy, but I think you just might be attracted to me, love?" he questions, somewhat nervously but confidently - the only sign of nervousness was when he ran his hand through his hair.

I raise my eyebrows at his confidence. I give a nervous laugh. Yes, I was definitely attracted to this man. All the way down to his confidence, which lacked the certain cockiness that I'm used to seeing in men. I turn my head away, not knowing how to respond to him - just because he could tell I was attracted to him, doesn't mean that he's attracted to me...

The next thing I know, he gently places his hand on my cheek and turns me gently to face him. I can feel the heat rising in my cheeks as I look into his eyes. He looks questioningly at me and leans in closer. I lose all train of thought as I unconciously lean in the rest of the way to close the gap between our now locked lips.

His hand, formerly on my cheek, made its way to the back of my head and drew me in closer as he deepened the kiss. I brought my body closer to his, and before I knew it I was laying on the couch with Robert on top of me, in a full-blown makeout session. Robert's lips left mine and I was disappointed for all of 2 seconds, until they connected with my neck. He left a trail of kisses until he reached my collarbone, where I let out a tiny moan - which I tried to suppress, but even with the best of my abilities put to task, I couldn`t suppress this.

Robert seemed to respond well to my moan and took it as encouragement to go further. He started unbottoning my shirt - I let out an inward sigh; happy that I had worn one of my nicer bras today.

Just as he finished unbuttoning my blouse - following each released button with a trail of kisses - I felt something vibrate against my leg. I could tell Robert was distracted, he tried to ignore it as he slipped me out of my shirt, but eventually he stopped, holding up an apologetic finger. He took out his phone, opened it, and ended the call from whoever it was. He threw his cell on the table and came back to me. He hovered over me for a few seconds, just looking at me, and then he crashed his lips into mine again. I brought my hands up and ran them through his hair.

Unfortunately, we were distracted again by his phone. He picked it up, opened it, and said "Hello?" - pause - "I don't need it anymore, thank you", and he hung up. He sighed, "Sorry, where were we?" he smirked.

I bit my bottom lip. I just had the time to realise what was happening here and was starting to have second thoughts. He must have been reading my thoughts because he started tracing circles my abdomen with his infex finger, he looked me in the eyes, "Hey, if you don't-" I cut him off, kissing him passionately, and he smiled into the kiss. He slowly traced his finger up my side, letting the kiss get more and more intense. When he got to my arm, he followed it down to my hand and linked his and mine together, bringing them up above my head.

He started trailing kisses down my neck again, this time when he reached my collar bone I was less hesitant in letting a moan escape my lips. I felt him smile against my skin as he continued down, now that my shirt had been removed. He let go of my hand and brought it to my still covered breasts. He made no move in trying to unclasp my bra, but seemed to derive pleasure from me obviously wanting him to take this further. He continued down my body until he reached my pants. He unbuttoned them slowly, and undid the zipper. He made no move in trying to pull them off, however. He sat up a little more, and dragged his hands down my leg until they reached my feet - for a second, I was afraid maybe he had a foot fetish, but then I noticed that I still had my shoes on. He took each shoe off painfully slow, again taking pleasure in my impatience.

From the other end of the couch, I looked at Robert with pleading eyes, "Why, Miss Saunders, if I didn't know any better, I'd say you look like you want something from me," he smirks.

I sit up slightly and he sits up more. I wrap my legs around his waist and bring myself up to him, "I don't want something from you, I just want you," I whisper in his ear. I bring my lips to his neck and feel him give a light shiver at the touch. I trail kisses along his jaw-line and run my hands up his chest. A few of the buttons on his shirt seemed to have already popped open, so I only had to undo the remaining three. I threw his shirt behind me somewhere, and brought my lips back to his. He placed his hands on either side of my hips and he swung his legs around, taking my body with him (as I was, at this point, basically sitting on him). He stood up and I kept my legs wrapped around him. He broke the kiss for a moment, "Where's the bedroom," he whispered ruggedly.

"Just passed the kitchen, the door at the end of the hall," I respond, keeping myself from moaning as he had found his way back to my soft spot.

He nods and starts to walk forward. I drop my legs, figuring it would be easier for us to both just walk there. I start walking ahead of him a little, but he grabs my arm and turns me to face him. He kisses me roughly and backs me into the wall. He presses his body into mine, closing any space there may have been between us.

"Robert," I give a light moan as he moves to my neck. He smiles. I push him off me lightly, only to connect with him right away in the middle of the hallway. I lead him by his belt to my bedroom - undoing the belt on our way. By the time we reached my bed, his belt was laying in the hallway somewhere, and his pants were undone and on their way to leaving his body.

He backed me onto my bed, and I lay my torso down, looking up at him smiling down at me. He places his hands on my hips, and then tugs on my jeans. He pulls them off swiftly and looks at my body for a few seconds. I start to feel a little self-conscious - wondering how many gorgeous women he must have been with already, who am I to live up to his expectations?

"Brenna, you are an amazingly fit girl," he smiles as he crawls on top of me, hovering over my body.

"You're not so bad yourself, Mr. Pattinson," I reply, pulling him down for a short kiss and leaving all my insecurities behind. I bring a leg up and knock him to his side on my bed. I remove his jeans fully, and we are now both left in nothing but our underwear. I play with the elastic of his boxer-briefs in a teasing manner, biting my bottom lip and looking at his frustrated, pleading eyes.

I give into the look - no hot-blooded woman would be able to resist it - and the rest, as they say, is history.
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