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Take My Hand, Just Hold On

Chapter 6 - O. Lover

The next morning I woke up to an empty bed. I stretched silently and glanced around the room for any indication as to where Robert had gone.. I found nothing. His pants were not laying on the ground anywhere and I couldn't hear any movement about the apartment. I got out of bed, slipped on my robe, and walked out to the kitchen. On the counter, I saw a hastily scribbled note.


Had a lovely night last night. Had to leave early this morning - had a meeting I'd completely forgotten about. I'll call you later today before lunch.


I sigh, wondering if he'd actually call. I shrugged to myself in the kitchen and then wandered to the bathroom to take a shower.

After the shower, I threw on some clothes and grabbed a bowl of cereal. I sat on the couch, turning on the TV. Nothing on - typical Sunday morning. I decided to stop on the news. Nothing exciting happening this morning.

I sigh, chewing my cereal. I try to frame my thoughts into something positive. I check the time - 10:30. So, expect a call by 12? If nothing, I'll just go to Ikea myself and get what I need. I bite my lip. Maybe it wasn't the best idea in the world to sleep with the famous Robert Pattinson last night. But it seemed so very right last night. I've done the one-night-stand thing a couple times before, and never had it felt so good. The other times (twice, and both times I was quite drunk and very sad. Silly, silly me) everything seemed so awkward and the morning after I had been the one to slip quietly out of their apartments... I never called those other boys; so, why should I expect Robert to call me?

Another sigh escaped my lips. I suppose I have his number - I could call him if I don't hear from him? Or would that seem desperate? It's not that I expect anything from him, it just felt so good being with him I wanted to do it again.. and again. And I apparently only had 3 weeks before he leaves, so I want to make the most of it, if I can.

I busied myself cleaning up the apartment, slowly unpacking the remaining boxes I still had piled up in the corner of my room. Not everything had a place to go yet, though. So by the time I finished unpacking what I could, I still had a significant pile-up of boxes stacked near my closet - half of them books with no place to go...

I checked my cell for the time and any possible missed calls. It was 11:58, and definitely no missed calls. "Oh well," I say to myself and shrug it off. I refuse to let this bother me. If nothing else, at least I had a fun night. Way to rationalize, right? Power of positive thinking. Yeah, right. I could pretend it didn't bother me at all, but there's no way to escape your own thoughts.

I grabbed an apple off the kitchen counter, which was next to a few other stray apples and a couple bananas. I grab my 'list of things to get at Ikea' off the fridge and add 'Fruit Bowl' to it - I've never had a fruit bowl before; I'm hoping that, maybe, it will make me eat more fruit.

I grabbed my bag, threw my cell inside - making sure the ringer was on full volume incase he called... Maybe his meeting went longer than expected. Yeah right, said the back of my mind, like there was a meeting in the first place...

I slip on my flats, grab my keys, and head out to Ikea.

I came back home a couple hours later with my trunk full of things for my apartment - a lamp, my fruit bowl, toaster, kettle, well, mostly things for my kitchen. After I've started working and know exactly what I'll be making, I have my eyes on buying Billy the Bookcase!

I busy myself with unpacking and putting everything away while listening to my ipod set to random. I was singing along to 'Bent' by Matt Nathanson when I heard a ringing. I paused my music and a confused look came upon my face. That was not my ringtone... Where was it coming from? I followed the ringing to my living room, it was coming from near the couch. I walk over and peer at the cushions. Just then the ringing stops. Shit, I think. I flip up the couch cushions; nothing. I look under the couch; nothing. I look under the coffee table and a triumphant smile appears on my face. I pull the cell out from under and look at it.

I smile, this could only possibly be Robert's phone. Unless I'm unknowingly stealing people's cell phones... It could be like my Mr. Hyde to my Dr. Jekyll. Except less exciting, because instead of murdering people, I just steal their cell phones!

I flip open the cell and see that it's been called numerous times since 12:14 by the same number. I shrug and decide to call it back.

"Thank you for calling L'Ermitage Hotel, how may I direct your call?" I hear.

"Uh, hi. I've just received a few calls from this number. I think it might be for, er, Robert Pattinson?"

The woman on the phone says, "I don't see a listing for anyone by that name - you think he is a guest here?"

"Uh, yeah. Is-Is Ruby working today - she's on front desk?" I question.

"Yes, looks like she should still be here, would you like me to transfer you through?"

"Yes, please. Thank you."

There's a couple seconds of annoying hold music, and then I hear Ruby's voice "L'Ermitage Hotel, how can I help you?"

"Hey Ruby, it's Brenna."

"Ooh, hey Brenna - how was your night with Robert? I noticed him arriving this morning in the clothes he was wearing last night.. Such a gentleman, wouldn't say anything to me, though!"

My face was burning, even though she couldn't see me, "Uh, n-n-nothing, no. But, uhm, he must have dropped his cell on the floor when he was here because, well, I've got it in my hand right now. I was hoping you could patch me through to his room - he's been calling his own cell I guess for a while now, but when I call the number back it just goes to switchboard or whatever and they can't find his name in the system," I explain quickly in one breath.

I hear Ruby laugh on the other end. "Yeah, I'll direct your call right now. But, we're going to have to talk about your late-night escapades with Mr. Pattinson later, dearie. Bye," and with that, I'm back to the hold music. This time for about 10 seconds.

Then ringing. After about 3 rings, I hear "Yeah?"

My heart skips a beat. Fuck, his voice is is sexy. "Uh, hey.. Robert. It's Brenna," I state, not knowing what to say.

"Er, Brenna who?" I hear him ask. My stomach plummets - could he forget already? Just forget my name?

After I was silent for a couple seconds he starts up again, "Sorry, Brenna, I was only joking!"

I let out a light sigh, and give a little laugh, "Good, for a second I thought I wasn't very memora-"

"-Oh, believe me, you're a very memorable woman, Miss Saunders. Anyway, I'm glad you called, I've left my mobile at your place and felt so terrible when I was through with my meeting. I was digging everywhere for it, but realized I must've dropped it somewhere last night..."

"Yeah, I'm using it right now actually! I heard it ringing the last time, but got to it a little late so I just called the number back."

We spoke for another 10 minutes or so, and agreed to meet for dinner. Robert said he'd pick me up, as he decided to rent a car for his remaining time here.

As I got off the phone, I was much more elated than I intended to be...
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Song the chapter is named after: O. Lover - Jason Mraz
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