Status: Active, seeking feedback.

Searching for Estelle.


Estelle Jacobs is a shy 25 year old wannabe writer. She's spent her entire life in a small town and prefers to live her life comfortably below the radar. Her best friend, Danielle, is her rock and her polar opposite. She's loud, boisterous and self confidant. The two are travelling through Europe together but when a chance meeting and a twist of fate separates them Estelle is forced to go it alone and, with the help of a friend, finds herself in ways she never expected.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters you recognise, which includes: the members of the 69 Eyes, the members of HIM and, later on, Bam Margera and Brandon Novak (also any others that may pop up). I do, however, own my original characters (namely Estelle and Danielle) and the plot, so please respect that.

Warnings: Only language at this point, may change however.

I am also very, very keen to hear your feedback so please be lovely and comment so I know where I'm going wrong, where I'm going right and whether it's a lost cause altogether.
  1. A Warm Welcome
    Estelle arrives in Finland and meets an unexpected someone.
  2. Paris Calling
    Estelle receives a phone call.
  3. Dante's Revelation
    Estelle shares her coffee.
  4. A Tough Decision
    Estelle searches for the confidence to use Jyrki's number.
  5. Making Friends
    Estelle meets some new people.
  6. Before the Show
    Estelle gets to know some of the guys a bit better and manages to relax a little.
  7. A Sweet Offer
    Estelle enjoys the show and post-show drinks before a fan cuts her night short.
  8. Modesty
    Estelle walks with Ville and discusses her writing, with a bittersweet ending.
  9. Talk About Timing
    Estelle settles into her new routine... or at least tries to.
  10. Not So Ordinary
    Estelle spends some more time with her two favourite Finns.
  11. Caught Staring
    Estelle takes in the view over lunch.
  12. Absinthe & Dancing
    Estelle really starts to come out of her shell.
  13. Out for the Count
    The night continues and Estelle finds a comfortable pillow.
  14. Deja Vu
    Estelle is rudely awoken. Twice.
  15. It's a... Date?
    Estelle accepts an invitation.
  16. Bonding Time
    Movies, pizza and a childish arguement.
  17. Jyrki's Always Right
    Estelle is proven wrong.
  18. Pasta & Promises
    Jyrki makes an interesting proposal.
  19. Awkward
    A few awkward moments and Jussi's big mouth...
  20. A Surprise Arrival
    Cuddles and rude awakenings.
  21. Broken Hearted
    Everything gets a little bit teen movie...
  22. Goodbye, Finland...
    Estelle says a tearful farewell.
  23. The Chase Begins
    Novak cops a [verbal] beating.
  24. Introducing Dani
    Estelle makes a choice
  25. In Cahoots
    A ringing phone must be answered...
  26. The Truth
    Estelle sees a familiar face, Dani gets a little starstruck.
  27. Butterflies
    Estelle gets the message(s).
  28. Lingerie & Kisses
    Estelle recieves a couple of unexpected gifts.
  29. Incentive
    HIM play there best ever show at the insistence of their lead singer.
  30. Finally
    Estelle and Ville share some long-awaited alone time.