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Lingerie & Kisses

I stood in the familiar room, my suitcase open on the bed which was now adorned with a deep burgundy and black quilt. A plain black mink-style blanket was draped, neatly folded, across the foot of the bed.

I smiled as I glanced around the room which was furnished with dark wooden furniture, as was the style of the rest of the house. Jyrki had surprised me upon our return from Sweden this morning by having his guest room set up and waiting for me.

I'd scolded him for buying furniture and new decorations, but he merely stuck his tongue out at me and told me it was a welcome home present and taken little effort from him because he'd just 'made a few calls'.

I'd spent the remainder of the day setting things up and was now pleased when I looked around the room to see several framed photos. On my bedside table was one of Dani and I. It was taken in Sydney just before we departed on our 'European Extravaganza' as it was dubbed.

My dresser housed three- one of me sandwiched between Jussi and Jyrki, one of Ville and I and a group photo that had been taken in Stockholm, which included Bam and Novak as well. I studied the last photo for a few minutes before gasping.

Bam had his hand linked with Dani's which was something I'd obviously missed previously. There was also a slight flush to her cheeks, which I suspected was due to a little more than just the alcohol.

I wondered momentarily what she'd been doing today and then it struck me that the answer to that question could very well be 'Bam', because he'd been absent too. I screwed my nose up and shook my head to clear it of any thoughts involving my best friends sex life.

The last thing I had to do was unpack my suitcase and I was looking forward to having folded and neat clothes again after travelling for so long. I began to sort things into rough piles when I was interrupted by someone poking me in the ribs, which caused me to jump a mile in the air.

I swung around, a frown on my face and saw Dani standing there with a wide grin on her face.

“Dani!” I said, swatting her on the arm “You scared the life out of me!”

She laughed and plopped herself down on my bed, completely ignoring my piles of clothing. She looked around the room, surveying everything before giving it a nod of approval.

“This is beautiful, Stell,” she said with a smile.

I blushed. “I know, I can't believe Jyrki went to all this trouble...”

“I can,” she said “He really cares about you. They all do. Especially Ville...”

I sighed and sat down on the bed, giving her a searching look. “I know. But don't you think that seems a bit weird? I haven't known them for long and everything seems to be going really fast.”

Dani looked thoughtful for a minute before she leaned across and squeezed my hand reassuringly.

“I don't think so, Stell. I mean, we became close friends quickly, didn't we?”

I frowned. “Dani, we were five and in kindergarten when we met.”

She ignored me and continued. “Besides, these guys are probably used to people using them for their status and girls throwing themselves at them. You're a refreshing change, of course they're welcoming to that. And, Stell, you're just special. Face it, you're adorable and the guys all love you. Regardless of how long they've known you.”

I blushed and looked down at my feet. “Thanks, Dan,” I said quietly, a small smile gracing my lips.

She grinned at me before leaning over and embracing me tightly. “No worries, Stella-bella. Anyway, I got you a present today!”

I let go of her and frowned.

“Why?” I asked.

“Because,” she began, reaching into her bag and pulling out a shiny white shopping bag “I wanted to.”

I shook my head. “I wish you wouldn't buy me presents.”

She rolled her eyes. “Too bad. Well, to be fair... it's more of a present for Ville,” she justified, handing me the bag.

I looked at her confused before opening the bag and peeking inside.

I gasped and my face flushed vividly. “Dani!”

She gave me a cheeky grin and snatched the bag out of my hands before dumping its contents on my bed.

The contents were various lacy, silky and (in my opinion) vastly inappropriate items of lingerie.

“Why on earth would you buy me this stuff?!” I asked, incredulous.

She laughed and shoved me playfully. “Because you don't have any!”

I shook my head. “That's because I would never wear it.”

She made a 'tut'ing noise at me. “Why not? You do have a boyfriend now...” she said with a sly smile.

I looked up, a little hurt present in my eyes. “So? That doesn't mean I should have to wear things I'm not comfortable in.”

Dani looked immediately apologetic. “Oh, no, babe. That's so not what I meant. At least try it on one day, you'll feel so pretty in it!”

I screwed my nose up and shook my head. “Maybe until I look in the mirror,” I said, half jokingly.

She frowned at me. “Nonsense. You have a lovely figure. And it's mainly green so it'll look amazing against your skin and hair!”

I giggled. She was right. Almost everything was in shades of emerald and black. I picked up a lacy thong and ran my fingers across the fabric.

“When did you even buy this stuff?” I asked, confused.

“Today, when I was out shopping with Bam,” she said, picking up a corset-style camisole and examining it.

I dropped what I was holding and felt my face drain of colour, which was actually a refreshing change.

“Bam's seen all this?” I squeaked, mortified.

Dani laughed and shook her head. “No, Stella, promise! I sent him away with the promise I'd buy something as a surprise,” she said with a wink.

I screwed up my nose but giggled. “Thank fuck for that,” I said with a relieved sigh.

Dani grinned at me before looking at her watch. “Oooh, speaking of.. I'm meeting him soon, so I'll talk to you later!” she said, standing up and giving me a quick peck on the cheek before leaving.

I busied myself with folding and arranging my clothes but was distracted by the new additions to my wardrobe. I picked up the camisole Dani had been looking at and began to admire it.

It really was beautiful, I noted as I ran the satin through my fingers and touched the lace that held it together at the sides. I was toying with the idea of trying some of it on when I heard a voice behind me.

“Hei, beautiful.”

I jumped before turning around to meet Ville's eyes. I smiled at him before I realised what I was holding up to my body.

I blushed scarlet and tossed the garment onto my bed hurriedly.

He raised an eyebrow and walked over to me, enveloping me in a hug before kissing me softly on the lips.

“What're you doing?” he asked, curiously.

I bit my lip and shrugged. “Oh, just putting some clothes away.”

“Hmm,” he said thoughtfully “It seemed as though you were sizing up some sexy lingerie and I fear I may have walked in a few moments too early.”

I blushed furiously once again and shook my head, before burying it in his shirt, which elicited a chuckle.

“Don't lie to me, sweetheart,” he said teasingly before letting me go and reaching around me to grab the camisole from my bed, despite my squeaked protests.

I hid my face in my hands, peeking through my fingers as he examined it carefully before raising an eyebrow at me.

I groaned and snatched it off him. “Dani dropped by today with a whole bunch of it. Apparently she went shopping with Bam today...”

Ville frowned. “Bam's seen this?”

I giggled. “That's what I asked. And no, he hasn't. It's all just really skanky, I think,” I said truthfully, folding it up and sitting it on the bed.

Ville continued to frown and shook his head. “I couldn't disagree more, beautiful.”

I looked up at him curiously. “Really?”

He laughed and nodded. “Really. But, that said... you could always model it for me to try and prove me wrong...”

I blushed and shook my head quickly, making Ville pout.

He wrapped his arms around my waist, bringing me close to him, still pouting.


I shook my head again, a smile playing on my lips and reached up, wrapping my arms around his neck.

“Nope,” I said before kissing him in an attempt to make him stop asking.

He happily put his attention into kissing me back, but the minute we separated he was pouting again.

“Why not?”

I sighed and gave him a serious look, which he returned wholeheartedly, mocking me completely.

I giggled. “Stop it.”

“Make me,” he said with a grin.

I narrowed my eyes at him. “Fine.”

He raised his eyebrows in surprise and opened his mouth to speak before shutting it again and giving me a searching look.

“Fine... what?” he asked, cautiously.

I smirked at him. “What do you think?”

He looked genuinely confused. “I have no idea. You're either about to put on some hot lingerie or shut me up. And I am keen for either of those things but the first seems the most sensible because it would achieve bo-”

I cut him off by pressing my lips to his, forcefully.

He gasped slightly, in shock and I took the opportunity to take control of the kiss, letting my tongue explore his open mouth. He seemed to wake up then, though, and fought for dominance. I gratefully allowed him to lead and when we pulled apart the blush on my cheeks was evident.

He took a few moments to catch his breath before looking down at me, a surprised smile on his face.


I flushed scarlet at that and buried my head once more, making him sigh.

“No lingerie then?”

I giggled and leaned back, poking him in the stomach. “Would you give up on that, already!”

He smiled. “I'm just teasing you, love. Not that I wouldn't say no, but I don't want to push you in to anything.”

I felt myself melt a little at that comment and held him close to me once more.

“Ruisrock begins tomorrow,” he reflected as we stood, arms around each other in my new room.

I smiled into his shirt. “I know, I'm so excited.”

He returned my smile. “Me too. I'm a little nervous though.”

I looked up at him, frowning. “Why?”

“Because you're going to be there and I don't want to mess up,” he confessed in a mumble, a red glow rising to his cheeks.

I giggled and leaned up, kissing him on the cheek.

“You'll be fine.”

He sighed. “I guess. We're up tomorrow night. Right after the Eyes.”

I grinned. “I know.”

He smiled down at me. “You're cute when you're excited.”

I blushed and hid my face. “Oh, be quiet.”

He chuckled and let his hands fall to the bottom of my shirt, slipping his hands under it slightly. I felt a shiver run through me and goosebumps settle on my skin surface, which made Ville smile.

I smiled back at him and leaned up to kiss him once again. When I pulled back I nuzzled my head into his neck for a moment, inhaling his smell and sighing happily, making him tighten his grip on my waist.

I kissed him gently on his jawline before murmuring into his skin with a sad sigh.

“I really need to finish unpacking.”

He reluctantly let me go. “I guess there's no chance of me persuading you to come stay with me tonight?”

I smiled at him but shook my head. “No, I should really hang with Jyrki tonight and finish getting settled. Besides, you've got a big day tomorrow.”

He frowned. “I'm not a child. Besides, Jyrki does too!” he argued, pouting just a little.

I giggled. “I thought you said you weren't a child!”

He laughed too and sat on my bed. “Can I help with anything?”

I shook my head with a smile. “Nope, just lay there and be eye-candy.”

He flashed me a cheeky grin before stretching out on my bed. “Will do.”

I continued to fold up my clothes and put them away, fully aware of Ville's gaze on me constantly.

I turned to fold up the gifts from Dani and watched as he processed every piece, noting when his eyes lit up and the one frown that a particularly tasteless pair of panties gained.

I put everything away and lay down next to him with a satisfied smile. He instantly grabbed me, pulling me close to his body and began planting kisses down the side of my face and then down my neckline, which made me have to stifle a slight moan.

I felt him smile against my skin and whisper “found it”. I leaned away from him before he could continue, making him pout.

I kissed him softly on the lips and shook my head. “Not here, not now, Ville.”

He sighed, but nodded and held me close to him again.

I looked up at him and smiled.

“But,” I began, kissing his jaw again, “I promise that you can have me all to yourself tomorrow night.”

Ville's eyes lit up. “Really? A whole night, no Jyrki, no Jussi, no Bam, no Dani and no God damned Novak?”

I giggled and nodded. “Yup.”

He grinned before giving me a serious look. “Promise?”

I smiled and kissed him. “Yes, baby, I promise.”

He gave me a strange look before smiling widely and leaning in to kiss me again.

I pulled back and raised an eyebrow. “What?” I asked, curiously.

He brushed some hair out my face and smiled. “You called me baby.”

I blushed. I hadn't meant to say it, it just slipped out and, until Ville pointed it out, I hadn't noticed I'd done it.

He smiled and kept playing with my hair. “Don't be embarrassed. I quite liked it.”

I blushed a little again and leant up, kissing him again.

“Sweetheart?” he questioned, thoughtfully.

“Mmm?” I replied lazily, tracing his exposed sleeve.

“Do I get to see some of that lingerie tomorrow night?”

I giggled and, surprisingly, didn't blush. I'd sort of expected this question.

“That depends,” I said, kissing him along his jaw once more, eliciting a happy sigh.

“On what?” he asked, still toying with my stray hair.

“How well you play tomorrow,” I replied with a cheeky grin, making him laugh.
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