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Dante's Revelation

I was awoken the next morning by the sound of my phone buzzing on the bedside table. Sleepily, I reached for it and hit the answer button without checking the caller ID which is something I never do.

“Hello?” I stifled a yawn.

Silence from the caller.

I realised, in fact, that it was complete silence and none of the usual crackling or background noise you hear over a phone line. Frowning I glanced at the screen and discovered I'd just attempted to answer an alarm. It flashed with the message 'Dani arrives in Finland today!', a reminder I had set when we'd first sorted our itineraries.

Only now Dani wasn't arriving today. I settled back into my pillows with a sigh. I was happy for her because when we'd spoken yesterday she'd sounded ecstatic and I knew she was loving France and her new Parisian lover. At the same time, however, I couldn't help but envy her carefree attitude. Of course, if anyone was going to travel to a foreign country and fall in love with a dashing local it would be Danielle Porter.

I admired her most for her confidence, which was something I lacked entirely and thus the key difference between the two of us. While I hid blushing behind my menu when the waiter approached us in Paris she'd smiled and chatted with him, ordering for the pair of us.

The most simple social situations terrified me. Ordering in a restaurant, answering calls from unknown numbers, interacting with strangers, public speaking... It was all way outside of my comfort zone. Unfortunately, my tendency to blush and get tongue-tied when put into the spotlight earned me much unwanted attention in high school, worsening the problem tenfold. I'd only ever had a small group of friends, because I was too shy to approach new people and rarely gave them stimulating conversation when they spoke to me.

My conversation with Jyrki in the coffee shop yesterday was a prime example of this, in my books. I'd been baffled as to why he'd stopped to speak to me and it had knocked me for six, completely sending me speechless. In hindsight, he'd probably just noted my scarf and thought he'd make a fan's day. It couldn't be anything else, really.

I smiled at the memory, anyhow. My trip had already been made and it was only day two. I let my mind wander briefly with fangirl fantasies of 'what ifs'. Imagine if I'd had the social and intellectual prowess to answer him fluently in Finnish and invited him to sit before he'd asked. He probably would've stayed longer, or at least asked me for my number or invited me to a show before he left.

Shaking my head, I threw the stiff hotel sheets off myself. I decided that with or without Dani I would still enjoy my time in Finland. I showered and dressed- black jeans and a Type-O-Negative t-shirt today, cons again. I pushed my glasses on and glanced at my watch. I decided to just stroll through the inner-city, exploring the shopping district and, if I was feeling particularly brave, perhaps find some entertainment for this evening.

A small alternative looking store caught my attention and I wandered inside, a welcoming bell drawing the attention of the shop assistant; a heavily pierced blonde girl with the permanent facial expression of having smelt something foul. I blushed under her glance, seriously considering leaving as quickly as I'd entered.

I scolded myself. This store was exactly the sort of thing I loved and I was determined to buy myself something nice. After browsing for some time I'd found a pair of fingerless leopard print gloves, some black leather-look tights with rips in them and a brand new beanie. I knew, in my heart, that I'd probably never wear the gloves or tights because they were a little more attention seeking than I aimed for but I couldn't help but buy them anyway.

I bought everything I'd picked out and left the store, my purse a few euros lighter and a bag full of goodies on my arm and sought a caffeine fix. I found the same cafe I'd been to yesterday and got a coffee to take-away this time.

I wandered back down the street and noticed a bar that was decorated in black with large, dark posters adorning its windows. Making my way over to it I began to make out detail on the posters. The 69 Eyes were playing a gig there that night.

I stopped in front of the window and read the details for the gig. Beginning at 7, over 18, filled with lots of people who would be die-hard fans of the Eyes and probably think I was some mousy little girl who didn't belong there. Of course, the poster didn't say the last part but it might as well have, because that was all that was in my mind after reading it. I sighed and then noticed a 'sold out' sticker across the bottom. It looked as though my decision had been made for me. I would not be attending the show that night.

I turned to walk away from the building and ran smack-bang into something hard. My coffee flew out of my hands and splashed all over the Misfits shirt that was at my eye level. I was mortified. I couldn't bring myself to make eye contact with the man I had just assaulted because I was sure he would be furious.

“I'm so, so sorry...” I choked out, blushing furiously. Thankfully the coffee had been quite cool and not caused the poor man any serious disfigurement.

He shrugged and merely pulled his shirt off, revealing a flawless chest and stomach, which only served to make me blush more. “It's okay. Sorry about your coffee.”

I just shook my head. “I'm so clumsy.” I looked up and met grey eyes that were partially obscured by a thick fringe that was protruding from underneath a trucker cap. I inhaled sharply. He looked so much like... but surely, it couldn't possibly be...

“Jussi!” a deep and vaguely familiar voice broke through my reverie “Stop chatting her up and get inside!”

Jussi lazily flipped the other man off before smiling at me and walking away. I shook my head and, against my better judgement, turned my head in the direction he was walking. Jyrki stood on the steps outside the bar looking impatient. Before I could even consider walking away his eyes met mine.

He looked thoughtful for a moment as if searching his memory as to who I was. I wasn't surprised though, it was a bit much to ask him to remember the name of the Dante-reading, scarf-wearing fangirl from the coffee shop. In fact, I was surprised he recognised me at all.

“Estelle?” he asked, sounding a little uncertain. I couldn't believe it when my name passed his lips.

“H-hi.” I stammered, very aware of the fact that my hands were covered in coffee and I was still crimson from my intimate moment with the drummer's chest.

“You know her?” Jussi asked, not quite understanding what was going on.

“Kyllä,” Jyrki murmured before walking over to me, a smirk gracing his beautiful features.

“Twice in two days?” he asked, taking off his sunglasses. “You're not stalking me are you?”

I gasped, horrified at the connection he'd made. “No, I was just reading the poster, I swear I had no idea you'd be here. I can't believe I just spilt coffee over Jussi, is he mad? OhdearGod.” I took a deep breath and prepared to start again. “I am so so-”

“Estelle!” Jyrki interrupted me with a chuckle “I was joking. I'm sorry to make you uncomfortable. Don't worry about Jussi, he's probably forgotten by now. ”

I laughed meekly and shook my head. “Sorry, I'm kind of shy and easily embarrassed. And clumsy.”

“I've noticed.”

He held out a red bandanna that had previously been tied around his thigh and I gave him a confused look.

“You have coffee on your hands.”

“Oh, yes. Thank you.” I wiped my hands on the bandanna, making sure to remove every trace.

“Are you and your friend coming to the show?” he questioned as I conducted my impromptu spongebath.

“Oh, no. My friend's decided to stay in Paris and I don't have tickets. To the show, I mean. I don't have tickets to Paris either, actually. But I don't want to go to Paris.” I rambled, horrified by every clumsy word that came out of my mouth.

He laughed, but in a friendly way and I began to relax. “But you want to come to the show right?”

“It's sold out,” I answered.

“Well, being me has advantages. Do you want to come to the show?”

“Yes?” I answered him with completely uncertainty.

“Call me, or send me a text and I'll have a ticket and pass dropped at your hotel.”

I nodded, completely speechless yet again.

He leaned down and kissed me on the cheek. “I'll see you tonight and you can meet all the guys. I feel like you could use some Finnish friends.”

I blushed the minute his lips touched me and nodded. “I could definitely use a friend or six.”

He laughed and turned to walk away.

I realised something vital. “Wait,”

He stopped walking and raised an eyebrow.

“I don't have your number.”

“Ask Dante,” he replied with a smirk before disappearing into the building.

I stood, puzzled for a minute before I had a thought. I pulled my copy of Infernal from my bag and opened it to my page. There was a scrap of paper with my bookmark.

Call me if you're not too shy. J69.

And below was his number.
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This chapter was quite long, but I couldn't find a place to cut it! I know it seems a little Jyrki-focussed at the moment, but he's an important character to the story. Ville will make an appearance soon, promise! Comments = <3, so spread some? =)