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Kiss and Tell


I walked into the event, trying to un wrinkle my black dress, as if I needed to compete with Jonathan. He looked ravishing in his simple black tux. I’d even go so far as to say gorgeous. Of all the Blackhawks, this one pulled off the suit and tie the best, by far. Brent always won my heart when he dressed formally, but one look at Jonathan, you’d understand just how flawless he looked in this attire.

He laughed, shoving me with his shoulder as we walked through the doors, “Stop.”

I sighed, moving upward to fidget with my hair. The first Blackhawk event of my return, another big step. I was used to being on Brent’s arm for these, but I had moved on to Captain Serious himself. I would be lying if I didn’t say I wanted to go, I loved these things- and when Jonathan asked me to be his date, I was honoured. The fact that Brent would be here with Lindsay made me more hesitant that you’d ever know.

“Why are you nervous?” he asked, in actual shock, “You’ve done these thousands of times.”

Thousands. That was a bit of an overexxageration, but I knew what he meant. These events were thrown by the dozen, and the Hawks were always ones to help the community. It was wonderful and selfless.

“I know,” I whispered, as we walked through the biggest doors and into the packed hall, “It’s just different.”

He sighed, placing his hand on my upper back and guiding me to the table full of Hawks. We weren’t seated with Brent; we passed him on the way in. I made sure not to look at him though I had enough pride not to gawk. I also noted that brown, cascading head of hair beside him. It made me sick.

We sat down and I sighed, I was comfortable. Emma and Kris were at our side. I glanced up, across the table and my heart stopped. Baby blue eyes were staring at me, hands clenched, jaw dropped. He had a blonde irrelevant girl at his side, hands protectively lacing themselves around his arms. This was the first real contact with Pat in two years.

I swallowed, but for some reason could not look away. He just stared at me, as if he was telling me something by just looking. I saw hurt, the pain of being rejected as I left. I saw confusion, I had told him I loved him, even though I was mistaken, and he didn’t understand the change. I saw regret, which hurt the most.

Finally, he turned his head to his date, who I knew was just that to him. He nodded to her as she leaned closer and I forced myself to look away. I wasn’t going to watch her kiss him, despite how interested I was. He was not one to soberly be all over somebody in front of people.

Jonathan patted my knee and pointed to his phone. I sighed, reaching into my purse for my own, seeing that I had one new message. It was from him.

fuck, sorry. I knew he was going to sit with us; I should’ve given you warning..

Yea, you really should have.

I texted back quickly: its fine, Jonny. He’s comfortable, I’m comfortable..

Big. Fat. Lie!

I got a reply almost instantly; ... what table are you sitting at?

Gee, thanks for the support Jon.

The charity event went well, they’d raised lots. I kept my eyes on the stage, on the table, or on my phone all night. I couldn’t bring myself to look up and see Patrick’s eyes again, not the eyes that once told me he loved me, and then told me it wasn’t worth it. Not the eyes that sped to the airport for one final chance to make me stay.

He left first, slightly buzzed with that bimbo on his arm. I wonder what they were going home to do. I almost laughed at myself, the man whore was back. I wasn’t surprised; he was probably having sex with other girls while we were ‘together’. That’s just who he is, and that’s who he’d always be.
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