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Kiss and Tell


I walked into the kitchen, rubbing my eyes and trying to open then. God, I was tired. I came home and walked straight to my room, ignoring the sounds of Jon and the girl crashing into the walls and counters as they made their way to Jonny’s bed room. Thank God his room wasn’t next to mine, I slept soundly.

I made myself some toast and got a glass of water, flicking on the TV as I spread the peanut butter. I was munching on a piece of toast when I heard the softest little click imaginable. Curious, I kept my back to the hallway, watching the TV in front of me, but keeping my ears on what was happening behind.

I heard someone tip-toeing behind me, and I smirked. If it was Jon trying to avoid some hangover payback, it wasn’t going to work. I was about ready to turn around and greet him loudly, when I heard another tiny sound of the door unlocking. It was then that I realized it wasn’t Jon.

Without turning around, I said, “He’ll be devastated if you leave.”

I felt her freeze and I turned around to face her. Even with bed head, and dressed in her clothing from last night, she was still a pretty girl. She looked at me and her face turned beat red.

“Have some breakfast,” I nodded toward the toaster and watched she her eyes flickered away, “I’m not kidding.”

She let out a nervous laugh and placed her heels on the floor, shutting the door with the palm of her hand. I followed her to the kitchen counter and popped in some bread for her, watching her brown eyes drift around the apartment and hesitant lightly over Jon’s closed door.

“I feel like I’m overstaying my welcome,” she whispered lightly.

I couldn’t help by smile at her shy personality, she seemed perfect for Jon, and I knew that Jon knew that too. It wasn’t every day that he took girls home and slept with them, and this one was different. This one held a conversation with him all night, from sober to hammered, she didn’t care that he was Captain Serious; she was as drawn to him as he was to her.

I sighed, pulling my hair back into a pony tail as her toast popped, “Trust me, Jonathan doesn’t spend all night talking to somebody if all he wants is sex, you should stay.”

She buttered her toast and glanced at me, smiling broad, “Thank you.”

“Hey, no problem,” I laughed as she bit into her first piece, “I’m Leah, by the way.”

“I know,” she nodded, taking another bite, “He talks very highly about you.”

I smiled. It was nice to know that, “I talk highly about him too. He’s a very good guy.”

She took another nibble of her toast and turned a shade of pink. It was cute; I felt a pang of happiness thinking that she’d be the one with Jon. He deserved a sweetheart like her, and even though I wanted the absolute best for him, she was good for him as well. Trying not to laugh at her embarrassment, I glanced back at the TV.

Finally, the sounds of the door down the hall made both of us turn towards Jon’s room. Panicking, she shot me a terrified look and I just smiled, trying to tell her she was fine. Awkwardly, she leaned against the counter like I was, watching the TV like she hadn’t noticed his exit.

Jonathan walked out in nothing but boxers. He rubbed his eyes and smiled at the both of us, “Good morning.”

“Morning,” we both greeted back.

He walked up to the girl, who I hadn’t caught her name and placed his hand on her back, before leaning in for a soft kiss, “Want to grab coffee?”

Like a lovesick puppy, she beamed, nodding, “Sure.”

He glanced up at me, smiling lightly as if he was thanking me for keeping her here. I nodded, sipping my water and watching her melt into his touch. He took a breath, excusing himself to get changed. She turned to me and beamed.

“He’s something eh?” she asked, “Thank you so much, Leah.”

I liked this girl, “Don’t even mention it, I didn’t catch your name though.”

“Danny,” she said quietly, sticking out her hand.

I shook it, looking over her way too revealing dress from last night, “I’ll tell you what Danny, let me lend you some clothes so you’re not pulling the whole ‘walk of shame’ thing.”

She went dead serious and clutched her sweater, “I’d owe you huge.”

“Just keep that boy happy,” I said, nodding towards Jonny’s shut door, “And you don’t owe me anything.”
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