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Kiss and Tell


I didn’t wait for Jonathan to get home from coffee with Danny. I knew they’d be out a while, plus he’d take her home and sweep her off her feet like a total gentleman. I’d ask him for all the cheesy details later, but for now, I knew I had to get my head back in the game- and become a person again. Not just somebody living with their best friend, doing absolutely nothing with their life.

Yes, it had happened. I had come to terms with living again. I was ready to walk down the cool, crisp streets of Chicago. I was ready to leave this house for periods of time and actually enjoy myself.

I pulled on a hoodie and jeans and grabbed my purse, taking Jon’s old car. Grocery shopping was the first thing on my to do list. I’ve noticed Jonathan’s cupboards had become a tad empty, and it was mostly because of me. I made a quick list and began to shop, for everything we needed.

After grocery shopping, I went back to his house and stocked the cupboards. I thought about what else I wanted to do today, and when I’d do it. I was putting the re-stock of Gatorade in the fridge when the door opened quickly, and Jonathan kicked off his shoes. I stopped doing everything and turned around, hands on my hips, smiling.

He glanced up, taking off his hat, “What?”

“How was your coffee date?” I grinned, watching his cheeks flush.

He sighed, shaking his head, before noticing the grocery bags, “What... is all of this?”

I glanced at the purchases and shrugged, “I did some shopping, and we needed food.”

He frowned at me, “I could have done that, Leah.”

Rolling my eyes, I packed away the last of the Gatorade, “its fine, I just picked up a few things, we needed them anyway.”

He sighed, “That’s not what I mean-.”

“-I don’t care if you’re the big superstar Captain,” I cut him off, watching his face fall, “I can help out too, I’m living here. Don’t change the subject either- what happened on your date.”

Jonathan shrugged, sitting at the kitchen counter to face me. I leaned forward on my elbows, ready to here all of the details.

“We talked, I got to know her,” he told me simply, like it wasn’t unusual, “She’s a cool girl, you’d like her.”

“I do like her,” I told him happily, clasping my hands together, “She’s a great girl, and she’s gorgeous too, but cut to the chase my friend, did you get a second date out of it?”

He rolled his eyes at me, but nonetheless nodded, “I got a second date out of it.”

Inwardly cheering, I knew that Danny would be around for a while. You’d be blind if you couldn’t see the amount of chemistry the two had. I just hoped she was that genuine, and she wasn’t putting on an act to impress- because I liked her too much to end up hating her.

I leaned over and pushed his shoulder roughly, watching his face turn a slight pink, “Just in time for your birthday too, huh?”

He smirked, picking at the counter top, “It’s a week away.”

Shrugging, I placed a hand on my hip, “So, we’re going out, and we’re getting smashed and you’re bringing Danny.”

He smiled lightly and nodded.
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