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Kiss and Tell


I pulled my dress down and looked over the decorations. It was going to be a closed bar, just our friends, enjoying our time for Jonathan’s birthday. I knew it’d be a fun night, regardless if I drank or not, and I knew everyone would be here.

I chose a tight purple dress that clinched my waist perfectly. In fact, Danny, Jonathan’s soon-to-be, was with me when I picked it out. Another plus to that girl, she had nothing but amazing taste. I let out a satisfied breath and looked around, the place looked good- I had to hand it to myself.

Within an hour, people started showing up. It was Sharp first, because he’d promised to help deal with the club owner, to settle issue that had arisen. I’d sworn I booked off Jonathan’s birthday, but he insisted that I’d booked off the next Friday. The ordeal screamed one thing in my head: public. In reality, this was only negative because Jonathan should be able to enjoy some privacy with friends on his birthday.

In the end, he stuck to his guns, and we were going to be forced to share the bar with the public. We arranged a deal that nobody from our party would be booted from the bar, and even if it was at capacity- we would be granted access. It was not what I’d envisioned, but I knew that this night would still be a very good night.

Soon enough everyone was here, throwing shots and beer down Tazer’s throat. Danny, who was curled up cutely at his side, looked ravishing. Her caramel coloured hair was pinned back in a loose, flowing ponytail, curled slightly. Her dark eyes were done up with golden makeup and gorgeous earrings. She literally looked flawless tonight, and I knew Jonathan thought so as well. His jaw nearly dropped to the floor when she walked in, in that bronze dress.

The birthday boy was hammered first. His friends were shortly behind, as was I. I ignored Brent and Lindsay in the corner, tucked in a booth, swapping spit like horny high school kids. I tried desperately to see Patrick through the people though, I hadn’t seen him come in, and I wondered if we had even made things better between us. I’d thought we had, but I hadn’t talked to him since.

I took two more shots of jagger with Versteeg and Keith, slamming them down quickly and enjoying the burn. I insisted one more, but Steeger backed out, watching as Dunc and I slammed another. I was getting there, but I wasn’t trashed out of my skull. Tonight was a night for partying and enjoying your life. As I looked out at the people surrounding me, I knew that returning was worth it- even if they didn’t see it.

The birthday boy raised his beer in the air, yelling something at the top of his lungs. I laughed, raising my vodka and coke, watching his eyes drift to mine to send a brief smile, before chugging the rest of the beer, and giving Danny a sloppy kiss on her glossed lips. I was happy that he was happy, I wouldn’t deny that, I’m glad he was having a blast.

Danny giggled as he pulled away, shoving him lightly, before catching my eyes. She waved me over and I went. It didn’t take me long to realize that Jonathan was twenty times more wasted than she was. She beamed at me as I approached, pulling me in for a hug.

“This is amazing,” she said in my ear, “You look amazing.”

I pulled away and rolled my eyes, “Well, even if that’s true, you top me.”

“You both look great!” Jonathan said, grabbing his fresh beer from the bartender, “And this party is fucking deadly, Leah, Thank you!”

I shrugged, sipping my drink, “What are friends for, right?”

He smiled, sending me a wink, “Right.”

I finished the rest of my drink and placed the empty glass on the counter, watching Jonathan focus entirely on Danny. I decided to let them be alone and ventured through the crowd of people. My eyes found Brent again, now talking to Ladd, Buff and Brian. I squeezed through them and made my way to the bar again.

I waved over the bartender, who had just handed Emma a drink, and then approached me. I gave him my order, Vodka and Coke, and like usual he cringed. It was a weird mixture, and when you first heard it, you’d think I was a freak- but I liked it, and after you knew me well enough, it wasn’t weird anymore. He handed me my vodka and coke, and with my buzz, I felt a little dizzy and decided to sit at the bar and drink it. I took a big swig and sighed.

Someone sat in the empty seat next to me, but I didn’t pay them any mind until they leaned over and I smelled they’re cologne... I knew that smell. Then, as my eyes widened and my pulse quickened I heard the voice to confirm it.


My head snapped to see huge blue eyes and brown, shaggy hair. His morning shadow accented his jaw line wonderfully, but I no longer saw anything sexy in this man.

Vince, the reason I came back, he was here.
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You now know the reason she returned! But it gets better!!!
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