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Sequel: Blah Blah Blah

Kiss and Tell


“Jonny,” I bawled, feeling my head loll slightly.

He had blood on his hand, evident he’d gotten a punch or two in, but what was more noticeable were the instant tears in his eyes when he saw my face. He sucked his bottom lip in and brushed his thumb under my eye to take some of the blood away.

“Fuck,” He whispered, shaking his head, “I should have known.”

I was quick to reply, clutching onto his shirt to keep myself up, “You didn’t know, its ok. I just- I.”

Beginning to cry heavily, shamed with embarrassment, Jonathan pulled me into his chest. I clutched onto him as tightly as possibly, feeling him shake like a rag doll. He brushed his hand through my hair and kissed the top of my head. I shut my eyes, letting myself drown out the noises around me.

The other stuff disappeared, just being placed by yelling. I heard Vince’s voice clear above the others, screaming profanities, when he was bombarded by 20 other male voices.

I pulled away and glanced behind me. The bar was a disaster. Stools were turned over, tables flipped and the people looked even worse. Brent had gotten hit, but his fist clearly did the most damage. He was shaking it out, but was being held back by Sharp and Keith to go at him for more.

Vince was being dragged out by the bouncers, until the police came anyway. Ladd was running a hand over his face in shock and confusion, as Emma clutched onto Kris, crying as heavily as I was. Danny was standing next to Jon, now rubbing my back comfortingly. Burish was also examining his hand, even though I’d sworn he hated me.

“I ruined your birthday,” I whispered, turning back to Jonny.

He glared at me, “Shut up, I’m not kidding, shut the fuck up.”

I did as I was told, and then a beautiful girl appeared beside me and handed me a towel and a pack of ice. I glanced up at Lindsay, who looked like she would cry any second, and took the gift. I thanked her genuinely and she accepted it. Maybe she wasn’t half bad.

“Leah,” I saw Sharp beside me, he pulled me into a hug as quickly as possible, “My God.”

I continued to cry, letting him attempt to console me. He pulled away, placing his hands on my shoulders and bending down to look me directly in the eyes.

“This wasn’t the first time,” he said, raising both eyebrows, “Was it?”

Biting my bottom lip, I shook my head and he let out a breath. I sniffled, glancing at Jonny, who was still trying to hold himself together. I could see the pure anger in his veins, but he wasn’t going to act on it more than he had.

“Can we get out of here, Jon?”

He glanced at me and sighed, “We have to wait for the police.”

“Can we go in a separate room then?” I asked desperately, “Please.”

He nodded, taking my hand and pulling me up to my feet. I started walking, surprised that I could and ignored all of my friends’ eyes. I saw Brent step forward, to say something, to hug me, but I only wanted to see one person. I watched the small blonde boy, stare at me in agony.

Without a word, I left Jon’s side and walked straight into Patrick Kane’s arms.

His hands went around me instantly, one supporting my head and the other on my back, and he pulled me close. I let him hold me as I cried, burying my head into his neck. He shook slightly, much like Jon had, as he clutched me tighter.

Though the bar had gone silent, I was completely comfortable. I didn’t feel anything but his arms, or hear anything but his heart racing a mile a minute. I also didn’t even notice Vince being shoved into the back of the cop car, hand cuffs on his wrists.

I just knew that I was safe, right here, with him.
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WOW! you're response for the last chapter nearly killed me.
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