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Kiss and Tell


“Come on baby!” I yelled as Patrick sped towards the net.

I had joined in with Lindsay, who, may I say was one of the nicest girls I’d met in my life. I had a lot to hold against her, for taking Brent, even though I believed I wasn’t done with him. However without her, I still might have been confused- wondering just what I wanted, or just who I loved. It’s funny, because without her, I wouldn’t have been able to get over the thought of Seabrook, I wouldn’t have been able to let myself realize that I was in love with Patrick.

She smiled as I cheered on my boyfriend. Danny, who looked sick to her stomach, was seated next to me, clutching the handles of the chair, staring wide-eyed at the ice. It was now or never, the boys would come out of this game with the thought that it was the best day of their lives, or the thought that they could have done this... or could have done that, Overanalyzing every movement of the game.

Her nerves planted Danny to her seat, too afraid to open her mouth, too sick to try and watch every movement. While I did the opposite, my nerves kept me up, on my feet, screaming and yelling at the boys. I couldn’t bear the thought of them losing, the thought of the looks on their faces. They deserved this, I knew it, and I also hated Philly with a passion and would love nothing more than to see them lose.

“COME ON!” Lindsay screamed.

I watched as Patrick spun towards the net and instead of passing, shot the puck. I didn’t see where it went, it was too fast, but suddenly, his gloves were off and he was speeding towards Niemi, hands in the air- as if triumphant.

Danny jumped to her feet, as did every other confused fan. There had been no goal horn, no light, no song. The players caught on, and the hawks were rejoicing on the ice. I looked at Lindsay, wide-eyed and we finally realized what had happened. Both of us began to scream and, obviously, started to cry. My baby had done it, he had scored the winning goal, he had won the Stanley cup.


The goal horn rang out and it was official. The Philly fans booed, probably way too loudly, but even with less of us- we were louder. The hawks’ fans had travelled from many locations to watch this moment, and we would not be quiet about it.

After a while, after they’d lifted the cup and everything, they brought out the champagne and let family and friends onto the ice. I slid my way to my boyfriend, whose smile was enormous. He opened his arms, once he saw me, stopping the interview with Cabbie completely. I wiped my eyes, hopping into his arms and squeezing him as tightly as possible.

“I did it baby,” he whispered, holding me up.

I kissed the side of his head, letting him spin me around lightly on his skates. I couldn’t believe how in love I felt at this second. How the thought of him succeeding made me erupt in butterflies. He deserved every second of it, everything he wanted in life. I was in love, completely and utterly in love.

“Congratulations,” I whispered back, as he placed me on my feet.

Cabbie was smiling, and I wiped my eyes again, looking at the interviewer. I have hung out with him before, with the boys, and I loved this guy.

“How does it feel to be dating the Stanley cup goal scorer?” Cabbie stuck the microphone in my face and I smiled, no beamed at him.

I reached over to wrap my arms around Pat’s waist, “I’m so proud of him.”

I was at a loss for words to be honest, I couldn’t describe the moment. All I knew was that Patrick was letting me lift the cup above my head and kiss the metal, champagne was everywhere, and Cabbie was just as happy with the outcome as I was. I looked at my blue eyed boyfriend and shook my head, this was the moment he’d waited for his whole live.

With Cabbie still filming, he placed a hand under my chin and lifted my head, pressing his lips to mine. I fell into it, kissing him back heavily.

He pulled away and smiled, wiping the hair from my eyes before kneeling down. My eyes went wide, my heart stopped and I watched his blue eyes sparkle. My hand went over my mouth and I began to cry heavier, watching as Cabbie’s eyes grew to saucers and he continued filming. Pat grabbed my hand, pressing his lips to it before beaming.

The guys stopped what they were doing, and everyone looked on in awe. Tazer was smiling, he’d obviously known, and Danny clutched him tightly. I ignored everyone around me and just watched the boy in front of me, he was everything.

“Leah,” he started, “This is the happiest day of my life, the day I’ve waited for forever. I’m happy you’re here with me, after all the shit we’ve been through, after the shit we’ve put other people through, we pulled it off. I’m in fucking love with you, but you know what day would top this day?”

I shook my head, now bawling.

“Marrying you.”
I nodded, burying my head in my head. He stood up and wrapped his arms around me, as the stadium burst into applause and pulled me up, off my feet, spinning me around. I never expected him, out of all people, to do this... something so romantic and so thoughtful and so... permanent. I clutched him tightly, kissing him roughly on the mouth.

As I was put down, the guys came to congratulated us, and we did what we should do on the night that they won the cup- we got drunk and we celebrated, like the big happy family we were.

Fuck you Philly; my boys are Stanley cup champions.

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The end!
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