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Kiss and Tell


The rink was chillier than I remembered it. It could have been the fact that I was the most nervous I’ve ever been, or the fact that I was scared out of my mind. Either way, as soon as I entered the arena and looked over the place I’d once considered a second home, a chill ran down my spine. The eager faces of the fans, most of them bearing Hawks jerseys, were nearly too much to handle.

Emma gave me a warm smile and we walked to the usual seats. I saw a few wives and girlfriends who had been in the picture while I was. Lisa, Adam’s long term girlfriend was practically throwing daggers at me with her eyes. I sat on the end, of course, next to Emma and a person who I didn’t know. There was no way I’d throw myself into the pit of doom- not unless I was invited in.

We sat, waiting for the game to start. I knew what Brent would be doing at this exact moment. He would have drove himself to the rink tonight, since his superstitious personality found it better than getting a ride. He would also be saying the same things to certain players, he did it every game, and lastly, he would be kicking around that soccer ball with Burish and some of the guys- it was routine, and even though I rarely ever went past this section of the arena- I knew it off by heart.

I sighed, leaning forward and taking a breath. Emma reached over to pat my knee both sympathetically and reassuringly. Her green eyes were telling me to relax and that soft smile was nothing but encouraging. You know what? I could do this, I could feel comfortable here. This was Chicago; it was the furthest thing from unknown. I smiled at my new found confidence and leaned back in my chair, sitting up taller- it was okay that I was watching a game; I didn’t have t answer to anybody.

Soon, the players began to skate onto the ice for their warm-ups. My eyes were drawn to Buff first, large and strong. Soon enough number 7 was clear in my vision. Once upon a time, I would cherish the moments where I got to watch him play, I found it extremely rewarding and even... well, extremely sexy.

As if on cue, number 88 slid into my vision, clapping Jonathan Toews on the back as he stretched. I laughed lightly, shaking my head, I could basically hear what he’s saying, making fun of something Tazer did. My heart sunk, it was the first time I’d laid eyes on him since I returned. In his hockey uniform, he was mesmerizing, captivating, you couldn’t help but watch him. Out of the uniform, he was adorable, sweet yet absolutely sour, mesmerizing, captivating and you couldn’t help but watch him.

I frowned, I hurt him... badly. I hurt both of them.

“Excuse me.”

Instinctively, I put my knees up to let the person pass. My eyes snapped up and I saw long, dark, perfectly straight hair. She glanced at me and gave a comfortable smile, with those perfect red lips. I couldn’t even respond, I was stunned that she was here; I thought I had gotten lucky. She looked ravishing, skin-tight jeans and a loose Seabrook jersey. She shuffled past me, saying hi to the fellow girls, and taking her spot and the other end of the line.

My eyes narrowed and I glanced at Emma.

“Does she always look that perfect?”

Emma chuckled, plopping a piece of very well buttered popcorn into her mouth, “Usually.”

I scoffed, shaking my head. Unbelievable. There were days where I’d come to games with my hair on the top of my head, barely any makeup and looking like hell. I was polar opposite of this girl, why had Brent changed his interests so drastically? She was nothing like me, and we were together two years, he was in love with me. I felt myself getting defensive and stuck up, I was being selfish- he was mine first.

The game started and I watched with excitement. I had missed this. I had missed the game itself, the team and the total atmosphere of it. I smiled, watching them do anything to get that puck past Luongo. I always felt a knot when it was Kane going up against him, they disliked each other, and Patrick always got a little bit of a step in his walk when he scored on the guy.

“Go baby go!” Lisa shouted, clapping loudly.

I watched as Burish past to Buff. Within seconds, Brent had the puck and despite the odds, he was going for it. He skated, and he skated fast, around Henrik Sedin and straight for the defence. I watched him whirl his way around, and shoot. Everyone stood and just like that, the red light blasted and the horn began to scream.

We all cheered, and then I heard it.

“That’s my man!”

I shot a glance towards the brunette bombshell and saw her practically licking her lips. Emma stepped forward to block my vision, no drama- right. By the look she was giving me, I could tell that this wasn’t the first time Lindsay got all hot and heavy over a Seabrook goal. I wanted to shoot her.

The final score was, unfortunately, 4-3 Nucks. I drove to the bar with Emma, ready for another hectic night out. I didn’t want to face it all again, but I knew that Jonathan wanted me to. I wanted things back to normal as soon as possible, or at least, as close to normal as it could be.
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