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Kiss and Tell


“You played great,” I smiled, handing Jon a beer as he appeared at my side.

He leaned against the bar, snatching the cold drink and drinking it, “It could’ve been better, and thanks for the beer.”

“No problem, Captain,” I joked, glancing over my shoulder, “Everyone’s here, eh?”

He looked at the crowd as well and he nodded. It was true; every single member of the team was at this bar. It would have been a picture perfect night a few years ago, but now, it was a nightmare. I faked happiness and brought my vodka to my lips, downing the rest of my drink. Swallowing, I motioned the bar tender over.

“So have you decided?” He asked, still leaning.

I frowned as the bartender approached, “Decided what?”

He shrugged, holding his beer casually, “If you’re going to make it a good night, or a bad night?”

“Vodka and coke please,” I said to the bartender, before turning to Jonathan and raising and eyebrow, “Am I the master of fate all of the sudden?”

He grinned, and shrugged his shoulders again, “You’re the master of your fate. Positive attitude, good night, all this negative shit you have going on, bad night.”

I rolled my eyes as I was handed my drink, “That’s not the way it works.”

He laughed, “Yea, it is. Go and talk to people, you’re acting like they’re strangers, Lee.”

I sighed, taking a sip and let it flow down my throat oh-so-naturally. My eyes scanned my surroundings; there wasn’t anyone here who I was comfortable talking to anymore. Sure, there was Emma, but she was snuggled up to Kris talking to Dunc and Sopel. Ladd was busy joking around with Burish who was not my biggest fan. I had run out of options, Jon was my only safe choice.

“Nah,” I mumbled, looking down, “I’m good.”

He reached over to pat my shoulder, “You can’t run away forever, Leah.”

My eyes flickered up and I found Sharpie, chatting away with Ben, Brian and Hossa. I grabbed my drink, as confidently as possible and pushed myself off of the bar. I ignored the smug, winning smile Jon flashed as I left. Without dwelling, I made my way directly to them, here goes nothing.

“Hey,” I smiled sweetly.

They all turned to look at me. Okay, regretting this. I took a huge drink.

Sharpie smiled, wrapping his arm around my shoulders, “Hey Leah! How’s it going?”

I let my eyes lock on Ben, who looked away, “I’m good, how are you, drunk yet?”

Brian started howling, that booming laugh of his, “Drunk? Sharpie? He’s unfortunately being a good boy today. What was it, two beers?”

Sharpie rolled his eyes and let go of me, as if he knew Brian’s outburst had relaxed me. He didn’t reply because... well, Campbell was right. I tried to cough up a laugh but my nerves were forbidding it. Damn this whole stupid situation.

“Wait,” Brian asked, giving me a swift point with his finger, “Are you getting drunk tonight?”

I shrugged, looking at my almost empty glass, “My third, we’ll see.”

“No, we won’t,” he grinned, shaking his head, “Hey! Can we have another vodka and coke over here?”

I blushed at the attention that had received. I watched the bartender nod and begin to make my drink. Brian beamed at me, offering a wink. We were okay. It felt a lot better, I felt less sick, and he didn’t hold it against me. Ben, however, casually made his way away from us and, of course, went right to Brent’s table. Whatever couldn’t win ‘em all.

Three more drinks later and the world was a little bit blurry. I could barely walk a straight line, but I wasn’t afraid to make conversation anymore. I’d managed to talk to a few more people and with energy and enthusiasm. I wasn’t sure if they wanted to talk back, but I really didn’t give them the option.

I walked back to the bar, “Another vodka and coke please?”

A large hand appeared beside me, “Uh, no, she’s had enough thanks.”

I frowned, looking at the big body who’d cancelled my drink. Even in my state of mind, I could recognize him. Even in my state of mind, I was nervous, sad and hurt- just looking at him. Brent was standing next to me, watching me, and I was frozen. He sighed, shaking his head.

“What are you doing?”

I tried to talk, “What?”

“You need to go home,” he told me quietly, raising his eyebrows, “You’re drunk, Leah and you don’t want to give yourself a reason to get shit from anybody here.”

I scoffed, “I don’t care about what anybody here thinks.”

He rolled his eyes, “Yes, you do.”

I turned around, completely cutting him out of my vision and lifted an arm, “Vodka and c-.”

He grabbed my arm and pulled it down forcefully, keeping his grip, “No, Leah. Stop it.”

I fought my way out of his grasp, “What do you care, anyway?”

“Don’t start this...” He told me, glancing behind us. I’m sure people were watching, “Not here and not now. You’re drunk.”

“I’m fine!” I shouted.

He shook his head, fed up with me. He made eye contact with someone and waved them over. I couldn’t even bring myself to look. I was stuck in a trance, Brent was talking to me... the first conversation in almost two years and I didn’t like the way it made me feel.

Jon came into view and Brent motioned to me, “Take her home.”

Jon’s brown eyes flickered to my face, “Le-.”

Brent grabbed his beer and gave Jon a hard look, “Now.”

He didn’t stop for negotiation, he turned and walked away.
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