Status: Slowly but surely.

Olive and an Arrow

  1. the sweet aroma
    ‘ I cant stand to be with you anymore, you make even the simplest things seem extremely difficult .’
  2. Over 10 years have gone by and your still mine.
    Alex Gaskarth [i]has[/i] come into the story now to comfort Aria. <3
  3. i've got nothing but love in this skinny frame.
    feat. John O'Callaghan
  4. Chainsaws and Sweet Dreams
  5. the only dreams that really matter are the ones when you're awake
    "i want to see everyone with their hands in the air. and if you don't have hands...then i guess just chill. nevermind that was [messed] up." -john
  6. it's either sink or swim to shore.
    "..pull me back to love."
  7. Lost and Confused
  8. to say they hit it off would be an understatement.
    this happened once before, you wound up at his door..
  9. Thinking of You
  10. i'll send a message across the sea
    :) the long awaited chapter.
  11. I'm Really Hoping This Isn't A Mistake.
  12. dodging the raindrops
  13. The Broken Pieces
  14. mistakes,
  15. Refocusing...
  16. if you hold my hand
    it's nearing the end..
  17. Ho Ho Hopefully