Little Black Sheep

Emily is your average eleven-year-old-witch, despite the fact she's the daughter of a notorious murderer in both the Muggle and Wizardry world. She's a smart girl, and knows not to ask her mother about her dad, but as time goes on, the question troubles her: Why did her dad go to Azkaban? That's not the only secret her mother is hiding. When Emily reaches her first year of Hogwarts, mysteries are revealed. She befriends Harry Potter, a thought-to-be bedtime story character, Ron Weasely, the red-haired boy, and Hermione Granger, the know-it-all. They stick together through the twists and turns they encounter in their first year. Emily will help them defeat an infamous villain and in return, they will help her reveal a secret from her past...
  1. Chapter One: Making New Friends
    Emily is worried about her first day and her mom somehow convinces her to go to platform 9 and 3/4. She finds a strange black haired boy there and follows him in curiosity. Why was he so different?
  2. Chapter Two: The Sorting Hat
    Emily has finally made it to Hogwarts and to make it even better, she already has two friends. The Sorting Hat knows who she truly is... what if he reveals her secret?
  3. Chapter Three: Visiting Hagrid
    Emily is settling into Hogwarts nicely with Ron and Harry at her side. Snape and Draco seemed to be the only exception...and the fact Hagrid was hiding something from her...
  4. Chapter Four: Midnight Trick
    Draco doesn't like it when Emily and Harry humiliate him and asks Harry to duel. Knowing he had a trick up his sleeve, Emily argues against it, but the boys ignore it... does she really want to have friends like that?
  5. Chapter Five: Trick or Troll
    Ron forgets to think before he talks and scars Emily's and his friendship, but along the way, Hermione is recuited because of one of the most unqiue reasons...
  6. Chapter Six: Tampered Quidditch Game
    Harry is the oungest Quidditch player in more than a century and is sure to be a target during his first Quidditch match against Slytherin...
  7. Chapter Seven: Tricked Reflection
    Christmas has arrived and Emily and her friends are at Hogwarts for their holiday. When Harry gets a paculiar gift from an anoynomous person and wakes Emily in the middle of the night bcause of a magic mirror...things tend to get a little strange.
  8. Chapter Eight: Discovery
    Emily, Ron, Hermione, and Harry have been looking for Nicolas Flamel for months...and he popped up when they least expected it.
  9. Chapter Nine: Tattle Tales and Dragons
    Hagrid was acting wierd lately and when Emily goes to see what's wrong other complications pop up.
  10. Chapter Ten: Creature of the Night
    When Harry, Hermione, and Emily follow Filch out to detention they find out they're having it in the Forbidden Forest. And there's something out there that doesn't belong...
  11. Chapter Eleven: Going Down Below
    Quirrell has finally broken down and Snape has gotten his information. Emily, Harry, Hermione, and Ron also discover that Dumbledore is gone. They take the matter into their own hands and go down below...
  12. Chapter Twelve: Under the Turban
    Harry and Emily make it to the last room to only discover it wasn't Snape...or even Voldemort. It was someone who was threatened and was felt bad for, but now he reveals his true self. Will Harry and Emily come back out alive and the Stone safe?
  13. Chapter Thirteen: Good Byes and Explaining
    Everything seems to be coming to an end. Harry leaves with his revolting unle, aunt, and cousin. Ron goes home to his huge family. And Hermione introduces her parents to Emily, the Muggle Dentists. As for Emily...she goes home and gets things straigh